KID’S HALLOWEEN PARTY IDEAS πŸ‘» Lily’s Scary Birthday! (DiY Decor & Games)

that’s scary last year I just follow you around in video ooh that is a great mass don’t know when
that Sun Goes Down which is in about 10 minutes it gets dark fast yeah so what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna spray Q up into three teams kind of scary listen I told the neighbors that if they
hear about screaming okay but you’re going to be together and you’re gonna
have flashlights and you’re gonna have a map but if any of you are too scared to
promise none of you are gonna get hurt no running and be so careful but you’re
not gonna get hurt if you don’t run you don’t need to run but no run I promise
there’s nothing that could hurt you okay there’s nothing you need to what’s your cheer what’s your name hey
do a cheer chance your rainbow Rhino Oh rose no kidding let’s take a picture let’s go to the haunted forest now I
think there’s something right there in the corner shine the light on the corner
right there show you the ticket poop right there we have to look in there

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