Kids Halloween Party Ideas : Costume Contest Ideas at Kids’ Halloween Party

Hi, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for your kids. One
of the ultimate activities you can have at your Halloween party is a costume contest.
This is great cause it’ll encourage the kids to dress up and it’s also a fun activity although
you have to watch out that the competition is not taking too seriously. There’s a couple
of ways of getting around this first of is always make sure that the children are being
polite to each other, no your costume is lame or anything like that. Make sure to nip that
in the butt if you see it, all the costumes are unique and special, and everyone is going
to be looking a little bit different. Another way to get around this is not just to have
one prize; you might have a couple of prizes and a word about prizes, yes I recommend you
having some prizes. But please do not subscribe to latest of trend of going super crazy overboard
on prizes or any other aspects of your child’s Halloween party. It does not have to be a
situation where every single kid gets a prize or these prizes are insanely expensive, they
can be very small items. I’ve seen jack-o-lanterns buckets with a little bit of candy included
not a lot, again you don’t want them to overdose at home on candy either. Or also I’ve seen
creative gifts like a new pen set or something to really encourage some creativity too not
to just candy. So have some prizes make sure that all kids get an applause at the end for
all of the costumes they put on, maybe have them all lined up and have people applauded
them at the end.

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