Kids Halloween Party Ideas : Halloween Party Drinks for Kids

Hi, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for your kids. So
with all that candy and excitement the kids are going to be running around, they’re going
to be sweating of course, add in the costumes they can also easily get over heated. Which
means you’re going to need a lot of things to drink at your party and there’s a couple
of things to keep in mind with what you have to drink. First off when you think about children
eating candy they’re already getting sugar that way if you add in a lot of sugar on top
of that with what they’re drinking you can very easily get the sugar overload. So watch
what children drink just as much as what they’re eating because again when you add in what
they’re drinking with what they’re eating you can get sugar overload again. Make sure
they’re having fluids regularly though you don’t want the children to over heat, we don’t
want problems, and they will not realize exactly how to hydrate or heated they become. Something
else I also recommend staying away from carbonated drinks why is this? Often times they’re sugary,
they’re at least healthy, and also whenever you’re adding in carbonation on top of a lot
of sugary candies you can get an upset tummy, recipe very easily. You don’t want children
getting sick so go with some other like more fun but less carbonated less sugary drinks
you might make a nice punch that’s low sugar. Have some ice tea with a little bit of sugar
in it but stay away from the super sugary and carbonated drinks.

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  1. You are a bum … It's Halloween … people want to have fun … It's Halloween … I don't care if I get a tummy ache you idiot.

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