Kids Halloween Party Ideas : Halloween Party Games for Kids

Hi, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for your kids. It’s
good to have several games or other activities for your party there are a couple of general
stand by games you can go with. Just a few which I’ll describe are a lot more available
you can either find online or in party books, one is a game where you take a string and
put it across and you basically put marshmallows through the string, you have marshmallows
attach to the string. You put the string through the head of the string with a needle or pin
will do this, you string it across, you have somebody hold a can or a container of chocolate
syrup, somebody else lies below, you’re going to need plasticine on the floor to do this.
The one person tilts over the can of chocolate syrup trying to hit the marshmallows as much
as possible and anything that trips off the marshmallow is suppose to try to go in the
persons mouth. Again you don’t want to play this game too much you’re going to have some
sick children in your hands but it could be fun. Other things you can do you can do storytelling
in the dark which is where you turn off the light you might have somebody telling a story
with a flashlight passing it around various items where there suppose to be things in
the story, lots of times fruit, cooked pasta, or even meats so you got to wash your hands.
Make for some creepy things where somebody is suppose to say like these are her such
and such organs and there a pair of liver wurst some thing like that. That’s a fun activity
another one is called reach in where you might have a pumpkin or other hallow object where
you can reach into it and your suppose to feel in and try to guess something that’s
in there, and at the end of the night that’s revealed, these are all a bunch of games that
you can play and they really don’t take too much effort to research just always have to
keep clean up in mind.

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