Kids Halloween Party Ideas : Invitation Ideas for a Kids’ Halloween Party

Hi I’m Matt Cail on behalf of Expert Village
I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for your kids. Halloween parties
especially one’s for children are not something you decide to take on at the last minute.
Your going to need a solid month to really prepare for the coming storm of all the children
descending on your place. This is also good to get invitations out early because if you
wait to long to send an invitations people are already going to have plans and your going
to be too late. So get your invitations out I recommend getting invitations out about
2-3 weeks for children, children social life’s are busier than they used to be but they don’t
compare it to most adolescence in adults. So you don’t need a full month I generally
lean against giving out invitations a full month ahead of time it’s easy for children
to loose things or to out right to forget things. There’s a couple of ways to deliver
invitations one of the easiest is making good ole traditional paper invitations and having
your child bring them to school. If most of the people are going to be inviting is there
classmates that’s great have them take them in, handle the invitations for everyone and
have them distribute them on there desk. So a downside to that children loose things if
children do that you may have your child follow up with there classmates to make sure exactly
who’s coming and who’s not. If they lost the invitation they can also provide information
again you need to make sure and have checks, otherwise you can have people who don’t know
whether or not they can come until the last minute when it’s there’s a lot children remember
to ask there parents for things.

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