Kids Halloween Party Ideas : Kids’ Halloween Party Decorations

Hi I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert Village
I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for your kids. What will a
Halloween party will be complete without some really cool decorations. This can also be
a great fun activity for you to have with your own children as you let them help setup
for the party so there not just having all the fun. There also helping you to setup and
there’s several things you can do to decorate your house on a budget. Which don’t take a
lot of time and again it can be a nice creative activity for you and you child. First thing
is cardboard paper cutouts using a basic template like a witches hat, a pumpkin, or even a black
cat, you can get these online anywhere. Make some tracing patterns on cardboard paper then
cut them out just basic dipsticks you can glue them together and automatically have
like a nice little cardboard thing to put on a wall or even have the kids hold maybe
some kind of Halloween wand, there fun children enjoy them and there very easy to make. There
more original than just cardboard cutouts you can get at the store which of course are
another option for your walls. Another option is spider webbing which kids love of course
should not do without supervision occasionally you get a kid that thinks this is cotton candy
and thats not good for you or them. You stretch it out you put it on the walls you have some
plastic spiders automatically your place has been criptofied. The only other thing to keep
in mind about decorations are that there are some decorations which are to much immature,
things like this no, there can be some children who take it to seriously who get freaked out
especially the younger the child the more less likely you should have anything like
this. Even skulls maybe a bit on the border for some kids when in doubt go silly and fun
don’t do anything to bloody or immature those are for the parties in later years.

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  1. wow i have to agree. this is kinda retarded….and if any kid thinks that spider webbing is cotton candy and tries to eat it then that kids retarded too…

  2. i'm sorry to say this but you suck! those things are not scary fun and cool make something big,space,scary,cool like that!
    but not like that! you made i will like cool decorations! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. @TheVampirewomen Um… It's not like I was bad mouthing him. I was just looking for decorations on here, and came across this. So I clicked on it and I didn't really like it. I admit, I had a Halloween party last night and I liked and used some of this guy's ideas. I was just playing around, so don't get all mad at me…. I don't do what 90% of other YouTubers do, like cuss at him.

  4. Ok I'm 11 and non of that chit scares me and like what the fuck it's to mature wel not for the kids who grew up in the geto O.O u wierdo

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