Kids Halloween Party Ideas : Kids’ Halloween Party Treats & Sweets

Hi I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert Village
I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for your kids. Candy is to
Halloween what trees are to Christmas it is intricately tied up with October 31 is a part
of October 31st. And for your party children are going to expect candy, but even though
your going to have candy on hand you definitely should have some. There a couple of things
to keep in mind about candy put a lot of sugar in kids and they can go crazy, depending on
the child sugar hives are a very dangerous and scary things. They’ll be bouncing off
the walls they can even hurt themselves or others and of course you can also have tantrums
and on top of that they can also get sick if they eat to much. There are some increasing
concerns about childhood obesity as well, all of those things mean that you should moderate
the candy. Not only your children have but the other children are going to be at your
residents for this party or at another place or whatever, but your putting this party on.
Moderate candy intake, I would recommend only a couple of pieces an hour and even that can
be pushing it. So you might consider not having bowls of candy where kids can take several
pieces and jam them down there throat and some kind of eating competition, it does happen.
You might consider handing out candy or otherwise rashioning candy you don’t want a kid to overload
on candy, it can make them sick and unpleasant, in general they won’t have a good time and
neither will you.

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