KIDS In SUMMERS – Rich vs Normal …| #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

Hey!!you are here.. We love to eat Mangoes & Ice creams in Summers Are you too like to eat these ?? so hit LIKE and get this video to 2,00,000 LIKES I am enjoying summers eating all these chilled items you too do so watching this video lets cook something oho.. all veggies have got finished now I need to go outside oh its too sunny outside have so much fun playing here its weird to play with the swings in summers Lets do that lets play here this ice cream is so amazing lets make an ice popsicle wow its so yummy can you drop me in the market?? how much you charge for it Rs. 50 I’ll give Rs. 20 Ok shift there shift a bit there why don’t you hire a personal Auto?? Wow.. enjoying a lot here sitting beside the sea shore don’t know why Mumma take me to Nani’s house every year in summer vacations and here extreme heat lets have fun on the Beach now its a real fun of this summer vacations its so much fun on its own drinking these drinks in summers lets pick these lemon and make Lemonade with it now lets put some ice cubes in it to enjoy a chilled Lemonade oho its not freeze anyway water is chilled lets use this only so hot out there I got tired lets sit in AC lets sit in that cool air of cooler oho no water in it ok lets fill it oh.. Power cut so thats all with my summer special video how did you like it?? if so then hit LIKE and I really have so much fun filming this video

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