Kids Party Places Long Island – Best birthday party place for kids in Long Island

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pardpardeftab720sl280 f0fs24 cf0 At White Post Farms, my dream
came true. a one of a kind kids party place
My Birthday room was decorated with painted animals of all sorts. ‘a0It was spacious
and beautiful and comfy to boot. ‘a0We got yummy pizza and drinks to start to day
My mommy knows how much I love animals.
‘a0 We got so close to so many different types
of animals, we bottle fed the animals milk and they ate from my hand
‘a0 We sat and held the softest sweetest animal
and walked into a wonderland of birds. They landed on our feeding sticks 2 and 3 at a
There was so much to do, i just hoped it will never end
‘a0 I just love White Post Farms. It’92s the
Best kids Party Place in Long Island I could ever imagine.
so what are you waiting for, pick up the phone
and call today to book your birthday party at white post farms}

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