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  1. This is strangely the cutest video ever. These kids already have such a knowledge of death. I feel when I was young a lot of dead facts were kept from me. I feel I wouldn't have grow up with an overwhelming fear of death if I learnt about the true facts of death from a young age.
    Which brings to me say, your channel has helped a lot with my fears of deaths/ funerals in general.
    Thank you 🖤🖤

  2. Caitlin My dear, I just found your channel, have already binged, and am thinking you’re AMAZING! 💜💜💜

  3. I absolutely love this. So glad you invited death positive kids on for tea in the afternoon (especially love that they are death positive girls )

  4. Why do i keep coming back to this channel? I am thinking of my end of life arrangements. this channel has answered so many questions and dispelled many myths and fears.

  5. Omg please do more of these! GIRL chillin with cool kids and talking about death AND at a tea party ?? this is the YouTube content I signed up for 😁😁 #fangsNbangs

  6. This video is adorable and god damn it my new favorite is surrealist head but you finally mentioned tree burial! Do you have another video on this or can you put it on your list of videos to make? I have been trying to find more resources about this!

  7. You’re really good at talking to kids, and I’m sure it helped that these little girls were so amazing! Wonderful video 😊

  8. Just bought "Will my Cat Eat My Eyeballs?" To read while i'm on vacation next week! Got some weird looks from my local bookstore, but meh!

  9. Is that why a lot of bigger people are big because they have a lot of bacteria inside of them? From the water in their bodies?

  10. This is a great vid and yes it is obvious the kids love you!!! I loved the part when she said grownups should talk to kids about death and your answer was right on.

  11. Hi Catlin, Lyla's question and your open mindedness made me feel confident to ask this:
    The other day my little nephew asked me about an uncomfortable and completely unrelated question about sex, from a sentence he heard in a song.
    Long story short, I didn't know how to react or what to do, and just evaded the topic with another one. So, should I openly answer those questions? What do you do in those situations?
    Thanks in advance 😊

  12. Oh my god they are so smart. Its an amazing concept when you talk to children like they understand, theyll understand! I see so many people talking to children like they dont have a brain in their heads

  13. I absolutely adore Lyla and Fauna! Two cute and smart little girls, unafraid of death! Kudos to their moms, you both are doing phenomenally raising them!

  14. Personally I'm just a lil delighted by how the kids reacted to Caitlin's sort of over-exaggerated requests for markers and play-dough. It's cute!

  15. You can't fool us. You're too drenched in death to be friends with kids
    Those were clearly really small, paid adults
    Or robots
    def robots

  16. Kids are way more savage and morbid about things then people give them credit for.

    P.s. I love your books/videos, Caitlin!!! 💞

  17. people with black hair and bangs are either mortician or KPop Fans 🤦‍♀️🤣 i wanna make my bangs be still

  18. "Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs" was mentioned in one of Zefrank's videos (as part of his Audible plug), Pets Talk About the Holidays 😀 EEEEE! When favorite channels collide!

  19. As a parent I have no issues being honest with my kids but I do have issues with them relaying that honesty at entirely inappropriate moments. Like to the grieving widow at a funeral…. yeah I have those kids. Sweet moment my eldest was trying to describe a blue yoyo to a blind lady and had a 20min discussion on the colour blue before she realised the lady couldn't relate. She fetched a blue candy and said "if you can't see it at least you can taste it". She was 7.

  20. Given that so much of our lives is now online, how does the internet and social media affect our memorials after death? What happens to our online profiles?

  21. You do a good theremin.

    And yes, adventure can teach you more than school, but school can build a foundation for adventures.

  22. This video was awesome. Both kids were awesome but Fauna had such a professional energy! I think its great to talk openly and honestly with kids about death.

  23. OMG, could they be any more adorable or precocious?! I just died (pun intended) when she pulled out her notes and casually mentioned her funeral preferences! 😂

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