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– You know what like a song you listen to on your anniversary. – [Parents] It’s our anniversary. Ay, – [Parents] Anniversary. (upbeat guitar music) – [Family] Hello! – Well, we could start with… – Yeah.
– These two? – These two?
– Yes. – Okay break it up. – Do you know how long Mommy
and Daddy been married? – No – Nine years.
– Eight years. – 12 years. – 18.
(laughs) – Nine. – That sounds right. – Today we are going to have
something anniversary related. – 0h man. – It smells fishy. – [Girl in White T-Shirt] Is this lobster?
– Lobsters! (cries out) – Dinner is served. (laughs) – Oh that is good. Ew. – All that? (laughs)
– All that. – Mac and cheese, potato salad. I don’t know what that is. – Breathe girl. – Surprise!
– Oh wow. – Is that mashed potatoes
– Yummy, looks just like it. – [Man in Gray Jumper] What is it? – It’s remember that one time I made you a French dinner
for our anniversary. I was trying to be Julia Child and make Boeuf Bourguignon. – You remember this? – I don’t. (Laughs) – It was when I wore
the French outfit too. (loud oohing) Just saying. – What was your wedding like? – Lot of food, lots of friends, lots of family. – Lots of dancing.
– Yup. – Mariachi. – We were half planning
our wedding rehearse, our wedding reception. – Rehearsal dinner. – Dinner right. And my family loves barbecue, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out that we needed to throw
some meat on the grill. And everybody was, let’s
just say, throwing down. – What is the hardest part
about doing the marriage thing? – Who controls the TV.
– The marriage thing. – Everything. – What is the secret to
keeping a long, happy marriage? – Never going to bed angry. – Yes.
– Think that helps. Never going to bed angry. – Communication. Talking. You gotta talk. – Why do people even celebrate it, and how did it get existed? – Do you think your birthday is important? Just like another year for
your birthday is a big deal, I think that anniversary
is worth celebrating. – But it’s not just for marriages. They do anniversaries for graduating college.
– That’s true High school. – We try to every year get this. – Every year on your anniversary? – Every year on our anniversary, she used to bring me Jone’s
barbecue to work at lunch time. – Way to his heart. Food.
– Yeah. – Good food. – [Girl with White T-shirt]
I need more lobsters. (laughs) – [Kids] Take us to Red Lobsters! – You know what like a song you listen to on your anniversary. – You know what today is? – [Parents] It’s our anniversary. Ay. – [Parents] Anniversary. (laughing) – Do you want to get married one day? – I don’t know
– Yes. – Yeah? Nathan…
– Yeah would you like to get married? – Yeah, Helena would you? – I said maybe. – Logan, do you want to
have a dinner like this with your girlfriend? – No. – Why not? – Because I don’t want to
copy my parents’ stuff. – I think you would
make an awesome husband. – Yeah
– ‘Cause you learned from the best. – Aw man, you’re a very good dude with a very good heart, so. – Oh by the way do we get cake? (laughing) – Hey!
– Mom and Dad’s anniversary. – Put it up y’all. Put it up.
– Yay, yay, get the water – Cheers. – Happy anniversary! I love you guys! – We love you too. – We love you too.

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  1. I really love this video. I hope the couple where the man forgot the meal work things out 🤞🏾

  2. Such a sweet vid. So many people typing trash about some of them. He didn't remember, he is so old, blah blah. Deal with your own crappy problems before judging others based on few minutes. My husband doesn't remember so called important days, but he is an AMAZING husband. Not everyone is perfect. The most important thing is being a loving, dutiful and responsible parent. Some of the other vids have adults bullying the kids who didn't like to eat anything. Such hateful and mean comments. If we can't control our negativity here, you can forget about wars and hate ending. Idiots!

  3. Me as a parent
    Kid : what’s the secret to a great marriage
    Me : always go to sleep exhausted 😉

    If u don’t get it you’re probably to young

  4. I love that they have mixed race couples AND mixed age couples. Diversity comes in many forms, all that matters is love ❤️

  5. I’ve never really had any people to watch on (web) series and I’m so happy that’s there’s FINALLY biracial kids 💕

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