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– I will scream. (pop)
(screams) (boom) – [Woman] Hello! – Hi! – [Woman] Jack do you
know what year it is? – What’s a year? – November. – [Woman] That is a month. – Christmas! – [Woman] That is a holiday… – It’s 2019 this year. Next year’s 2020. – [Woman] You’re the first kid
to have gotten that correct. – Do you know what a New
Year’s resolution is? – I’ve heard of it. – [Woman] It’s like something that you’re trying to be better at for the next year. – Uh… I try to stay off junk food. – To eat more candy! – To do everything my
parents say, and listen. – [Woman] What do you
usually do on New Year’s Eve? – Hmm… I don’t know. – See fireworks? – [Woman] Have you ever
played with fireworks before? – No! – [Woman] Do you want to? – Yes! – [Woman] Fireworks are
actually illegal in this county, so I brought you some
confetti canons to try out. – Okay. – So what does it do? This pops up confetti?
– Uh-huh. – Does it make noise? – It makes a pop. You go this way, then you pull the string. Do you want me to try one?
– Oh yes! So yeah, it’s kinda like a ca- a canon. – And you pull.
– Okay. (pop) (upbeat music)
(child’s gasp in slow motion) (pops) (upbeat music) (pops) – Cool, right?
– That stuff’s for dads. – Do you wanna try to do one? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – Always face it this way.
– Yeah. – Yeah. – Sure. – [Woman] Out, out towards us. All right… Three.. Two… One! – (laughs) Nothing’s happening. – Hmm… – Oh my gosh. – [Woman] You got it. – No.
– [Woman] No? (pops) (upbeat music) (slow-motion pops) – (slow-motion) Whoa. – [Woman] Okay, this is a sparkler. – What does it do? – It sparkles up. But it’s not going to hurt you, okay? Hold it away from your body. – I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared. (upbeat music) (fuse ignites) – Whoa… it looks cool. – It looks like pointy things
shooting out of a rainbow. – [Woman] Cool. (upbeat music) – [Woman] And now for the grand finale, we’ve got a big party popper. – It’s gonna get more extreme. – Wait, we can even do ’em? – [Woman] No, it’s really hard. It took me like, three tries. And this one’s gonna be kinda loud, okay? (giant pop) (boom) (upbeat music) – (slow motion) Whoa. Whoa. – I’m gonna jump. (pops)
(girl screams) (slow motion pop)
(slow motion scream) (slow motion yelling) – Confetti! (upbeat music) – [Woman] What do you think
about your fireworks experience? – It was fun! – Happy New Year, yeet! – 2020! (laughter) (small yell and stomping)

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  1. Not to be political but look how respectful we are of fireworks laws for safety. I wonder if there are other potentially dangerous things that could be similarly regulated..

  2. Hey guys, I love to sing and it would mean the world for me if you checked out my music, I wish you a beautiful day🥰

  3. Fireworks are illegal here in Ireland too doesn't stop people setting them off over Halloween and new year lol, happy new year guys 🍾🥂🎉🎊

  4. When I was a kid, one of those little party poppers exploded in my hand. I'm 36 now, and I'm still afraid of them. 😂

  5. I never feel so southern raised then when I see school age kids frightened by sparklers. I was literally a firecracker war champ before I could do long division.

  6. I’m curious to know how dangerous these things are. I let one off and was shocked by the power. Can they harm your face?

  7. Fireworks are illegal in that county?!? What glorious land is that?? I need to move there before my pets die of stress 😖😖😖

  8. When she said that the sparkler wouldn't hurt you I couldn't help but cringe a little bit. The majority of firework related injuries are done by sparklers.

  9. Ohhh…everyone’s sooo adorable n cute..😍😍🎊😘
    It kinda reminded me of my first time with sparkle with my cousins when I was 3. 🥰

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