Kids using a parachute at an outdoor birthday party in Fairfield County | Athletic Parties

One … two … three! LIFT! LIFT! LIFT! Silly face, silly face! Don’t go under. And come back. Okay, this time we’re gonna lift it, we’re
gonna hold on. We’re gonna take two steps in and two steps out while holding onto the parachute. Are we ready? One … two … three! LIFT! LIFT! LIFT! One … two … and come out … one two. Pull back. Do you think we can fit four steps in? Yes! Are you sure?

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  1. Athletic Parties brings all of the fun and excitement of a P.E. class to your child's next birthday party. We believe in creating a positive and fun environment for kids to learn teamwork, cooperation, and motor movement. Our Kids Party Entertainment is offered in Westchester, Fairfield, and Rockland Counties. #birthday   #parachute   #kids   #playing   #outdoors   #party   #freshair  

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