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It looks like a treasure map! 3 – 2 – This is Kids Fun TV! Before we get started, give us a big thumbs up! Subscribe below! There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the beach. Hey Kaden, where are all the snacks? I don’t know, I thought you were supposed to bring them. I’m pretty sure Jack asked you to bring them. I didn’t grab snacks, but I did grab these! Don’t you dare! You’re not the only one that brought a blaster. Jack, catch! I don’t think so! Betcha can’t get me! Drink up me hearties. Black Pearl… Is that a real pirate? I don’t know, do you think? Oh my gosh, I think it is. [Snoring] What’s in his hand? It looks like a treasure map. Let’s wake him up. Buccaneers… Yeah, let’s blast him. Three, two, one! Kids these days think they’re so funny. What are you doing in these parts? Who are you and why are you sleeping in a tree? This is my jungle I think he’s crazy! Are you a pirate? Duh! Haven’t you heard of me? The only pirate we’ve ever heard of is Captain Jack Sparrow. Then you have heard of me. That’s you? What’s that in your hand? None of your business Hey! You give me me map, right now. Let’s get out of here! I think we lost him! Yay! Let’s look at this map! It looks like we have to go to Alligator Point to get the treasure! We go that way! Looks like we go passed mangled tree. There it is! And through Sherwood Forrest! We go that way! I wonder how much gold is in the treasure box? Two hundred and thirty two billion dollars! Now where do we go? We go to… Greenest Meadow… Those dirty rascal kids… they’re gonna swab me deck! We just passed one-eyed-rock. That means we’re almost there! Treasure!?! That’s so exciting! We’re all gonna be rich! Wahoo! We’re gonna find the treasure! Now through spooky staircase… We followed the treasure map! I think this is it! The treasure is hidden under hanging palm in a cave! That way! We’re so close! We’re here! It’s right over there! We did it! There’s so much treasure! Oh! I get gold! I get 100 dollars! Gold! Seashells! I wonder what I’m gonna buy! Some jewels! What are you doing with me treasure!?! I’ve got you trapped now in this cave! The pirate! What are we gonna do? How did you get here? Hand over me treasure right now. You will never escape. Never! Bring out me treasure, or you walk me plank! Oh no! Goodbye beautiful necklace! Goodbye treasure! What’s with the secrets and the funny business me laddies? 3 – 2 – 1 – Go! Give me back me treasure! Jasmine, catch! Me treasure! What are you doing? Leave us alone or we’ll throw it in the ocean! Please! I beg of you! Maybe there’s another way? I’ve been waiting me whole life for that treasure. What do you propose? Why don’t we just split the treasure? Guess that’s better than losing me treasure to the ocean. Hooray! What are you gonna buy with your share of the treasure? I’m gonna buy Disneyland! I’m gonna buy a unicorn and a dolphin! I’m gonna buy shaved ice for all of you! What the heck is shaved ice? Shaved ice is the most delicious thing in the whole world! Let’s go then! 4 shaved ice please! Mmm! This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Drink up me hearties. Yo, ho You guys want to hear a pirate joke? What’s a pirate’s favorite letter of the alphabet? A? R? You think it’s the arrg (R) but it’s really the sea (C). Not Little Miss! She scares me out of me mind! I’m outta here. Her mom did not teach her how to share. Ew, there’s a bug on your lips! Give me back me treasure! Not Little Miss. She scares me out of my mind The best thing I’ve ever eaten ALOHA! Make sure to subscribe! And give us a big thumbs up if you like it! Comment down below what video you want us to do next! Bye! Aloha! Kalia, say make sure to subscribe and like the video. Say and like the video

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