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Didi this Diwali will you wear traditional clothes? I am going to wear this Indo-western complete backless Advantage of being elder can wear of your own choice Why you asking? You will wear of mom’s choice you are just a kid wait! I’m going to mom and ask her clothes of mine choice You and of your choice…..Go…Go Anantya Dear, these clothes Do try it out Okay mom Happy Diwali in asvance So, Today’s video is Diwali ‘Kids vs Teen’ 3,00,000 likes will be my Diwali gift for the video By the time you enjoy the video By that time we will enjoy club factory Diwali sale Bhaiya this one lollipop pleases…. free free chocolates How much does it cost? Dear of Rs/- 50 But I have only Rs/- 20 Now have to arrange from some one Are you going to buy chocolates? Yes You give me Rs/- 30…I will get it for you it’s okay Take your chocolates But these are four One from my side as a Diwali gift Thank you Anishka , let’s go for Diwali shopping Now you remembered about the gifts If you go now …will return at next Diwali it’s huge rush outside that means have to manage with the old things Again new phone even Chameleon do not change it’s color as you changes your phone that also branded But chameleon won’t get the offer of Rupee 1/- But w’ll get But how? from club factory super Diwali sale Only will get phone? Wow.. That’s sounds awesome…got lottery in Diwali Wow So many crackers Which one shall I take I think should take all along Take these two Fuljharies for you Look this one ….it’s real bomb Don’t come near when I will burn these Else you too will get blast with these bombs Now my bomb will get blast Told you that don’t come near see now got blast Diwali means yummy-yummy sweets okay will have these and then will have food Because food is also yummy Yummy… will have this one Wow chocolates after sweets…It’s so yum Don’t eat you will put on your weight Anything for one ladoo I am warning that it has hot sugar But Diwali comes annually Eat Eat nothing happens I’m telling…w’ll have to do lots of exercise Anything for just one ladoo nothing happens…Eat…Don’t eat…Eat Eat fast I don’t want to eat Helo! papa you told that you will reach soon to make rangoli So, when are you coming? Dear ask your mom…I’ll be late It’s okay By Mom please help me in making Rangoli no dear I have lots of work..You go Okay Aunty! My lovely Aunty Please make rangoli…See how beautiful colors I’ve No I’ll give you colors..Please I’ve to go to greet Diwali to my friends okay Now will have to make my rangoli myself Dear, Making Rangoli? Shall i help you You? Dear! I’ve been an engineer..have made lots of rangoli Will show you right now It’s okay Okay… give…. Take dear…It’s done Is this Rangoli? You just leave… but it’s nice Now you see my Rangoli Let’s see My rangoli is ready now will just place diya and then it will be the best one Lol…Got the award for your Rangoli Gobar Rangoli Of The Year Anantya! Papa..Gifts…Thank you Where are the crackers? Dear all these gifts I’ve brought for you only No I don’t like these I need crackers……crackers….. Okay let’s go Thank you papa for these crckers you liked it? Yes..Let’s keep it and will blast it in the evening Now what shall purchase? purchased kurta for mom….candles for home storage box for kitchen wall stickers and headphone for Da’ad wow you purchased it for everyone but nothing for me? Yes….pink suit for you Thank you Didi but all you pocket money would have gone purchasing these No because I’ve purchased it from club factory super Diwali sale Oh! Your ear rings and suit is so pretty You might have purchased it from Mumma Mumma.. Yes! Beta Heo! uncle…Helo Aunty Mumma can I go and burn crackers with my friends? Yes Dear you go and play safely Mumma Shall I go to grandpa’s house? Just wait..Once meet uncle after that you go Okay Mummy Shall I go now? Just meet Chachi first and then u can Too much love for Aunty haan…. Mummy Now…? After meeting Aunty You are here only….?? Now why should I? kept on waiting and now it’s 11:00 O’clock I don’t want to go now No problem…You can go next time Hope you have enjoyed the video I had my Diwali gifts

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