Killer Marriage Tips

Hey good morning everybody this Pastor
Carr. I’m glad you’re here today. Next Sunday we start our Family Help Seminar
with Dr. S.M. Davis. I what to encourage you to be here and bring somebody with you.
For the 35 years I’ve been pastor here we’ve always tried to emphasize helping
families. This morning I have two friends who want to come and share with you some
of their unique insights into marriage. Thanks Pastor. Hi, I’m Kenny and I’m
Dominic and marriage is something we’re both super excited about and something
we can have a lot of wisdom – – isn’t that right Dominic that’s right and we
got some killer marriage tips here that’ll knock your socks off
that’s right let’s get started tip number one finish your wife sentences
for her it lets her know that you know where she’s going with this particular
thought or sentence it says I know you I love you and you’re predictable but in a
good way Hey, what do you for…dinner tonight? I don’t know. What do you want to do? I could go for pretty much anything. Me too. We have a gift card to…Redrobin. The kids love the burgers there. *Sigh* Ok…alright…I’ll talk to you latter. Bye. Kenny, you will not believe this…your
sisters getting married and want’s me to do the wedding. *Horror Music* Tip two when you’re on
vacation have fun but make sure your wife knows how much
this thing is costing absolutely now remember having your wife feel guilt
can actually be a good thing yeah because guilt is actually an
acronym for good financial stewardship No it isn’t. I’m pretty sure it is. It’s not.
It is. Not even close. It is. No. It is. Alright, I got the plane tickets! 500 bucks a piece but I got ’em! It’s so stupid! I can’t believe it! Fifty bucks for a tank of gas! that’s as much as we paid for
this car! Does it really matter? of course! Mom called today. That was a fun conversation. I haven’t talked to her in a while…thank you. $75! Tip number three. It’s
important in an argument to take the time that your spouse is speaking to
come up with what you want to say next it goes like this
you speak and then while she’s talking you think and then you speak again
that’s how the killer comes back happen Oh, hey! I just remembered! We need to get an anniversary present for the Carrs. What do you want to get ’em? Well, it’s a big anniversary, so I want to get ’em a big gift. It’s a big deal. The biggest thing we’ve got is your
mouth. Too bad we can’t give that to them! Tip number four. Surprise your wife with
a weekend getaway for you and your buddies so that your wife can see that
you’re taking care of your needs and by taking care of your needs it helps give
you the ability to take care of her needs. Hey, Savannah, I planed a quick road trip with Ian so I’m going to be gone over the weekend and I’ll see you when I get back. Hey! Get back here! I need to talk to you! Hey! Putting your children in a timeout works most of the time. Tip number five, putting your spouse
on timeout can also be effective it’ll help her see things from different
perspective preferably your own yeah and if you get any pushback I’d let her know
you’re starting to act like the children *Laughs* Did you seriously spend $40 at Chick-fil-A today? Um…yeah, yeah…I was… I can’t believe it! That’s it! Your in a time out! What? Come on! Your as bad as the kids sometimes! Come on! Your not serious! I can’t believe you would do that! Tip number six. When your wife comes to you and says she wants to buy something make sure you respond with the sound of
a cash register. Hey, Dominic, headed to the store need some new shoes and possibly new dress so just to let you know. Chi-ching! Tip number seven.
always be transparent… Oh no! Stop! Stop! Your killer tips are gonna kill kill a marriage.
They are pretty horrible. They’re terrible. I think what we all need is to attend the Family Help Seminar. Well, I think you’re right. I know I’ll be
there January 6 to 8. I’ll be there, but I think first I need to go to the doctor I
think I ruptured something. Your fine. That last tip was pretty ugly.

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