Killin ES Blue Ribbon Celebration

So what is the blue ribbon, and why did we get it? EC Killin elementary school is one of three schools in DoDEA recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School Students and staff recently came together to celebrate this momentous occasion So ECK was chosen out of a hundred thousand schools 342 were selected to be the National Blue Ribbon School We are one of three Schools up from DoDEA one was chosen in America one was chosen in Europe And so we’re the one for the Pacific, the last one in the Pacific was chosen in 1996 so we’re very honored to be the blue ribbons recipient for this year A lot of the community that we run into, especially in the second grade where we have a lot of parents that get involved in the classroom and For us the teachers it was a recognition that Was more of a surprise, but the parents keep telling us, you know this is well deserved, we wouldn’t have expected anything else, anything other, so we’re like wow, well we appreciate that. Thank you As an educator being here at EC killin and being a part of the whole Blue Ribbon process just seeing how focused everybody is on the process of collecting data, discussing better options to how we can achieve more in our school, how our students can achieve more, how our teachers can grow and that’s one of the big things is we want to make sure that our teachers develop professionally and we’re getting that here, we’re talking about it. we’re not going after teachers and saying you need to work on this, it’s more the teachers are always coming up with new ideas, and they want to find out how to improve and we continuously see that here at EC Killin, and we fortunately we got recognized for being a high caliber school. reporting from Okinawa i’m Chris Provan

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