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Listen, listen, I
mean, what can we do? [LAUGHS] And this is serious. What can we do to
prove to you that we weren’t dating at that time? And part of the reason–
– Right. Why does it matter? Let me– Let’s move on. It matters to you. It does not matter to me. They asked me a question. – OK–
– And I answered the question. It doesn’t matter. You’re married now. What difference does
it make when you dated? She asked me. Because you’ve
been salty for years. Not because of that. [CLAPPING] Not because of that. What is it then? The problem was,
like, she said that was the first time I met her. Actually, that was the
second time I met you. That was shady. So wait– OK, wait, wait, wait. No, you have got to hear this,
because this is almost crazy. OK. [LAUGHTER] The first time I met
Kiawah, I had no idea who she was, nor any of these Scotts. She sold adult toys,
and I bought them. And how some kind
of relationship came from that, where she
feels like now I’m shady, because your next encounter,
I met your husband, I have no idea. But that’s what she’s
making this correlation to. And is that why you think she
shouldn’t be around your son, because she purchased sex toys? And when I met him, I didn’t
know that was her ex-husband. The connection is
that my brother was married to her
sister-in-law at that time, which is Kimmi’s friend. Of 13 years. Right. They lived in Huntsville. We lived in Michigan. We went down to visit. She was actually
selling the toys. Kimmi showed up and bought toys. But I didn’t know who Kimmi was. No. Nobody did. You feel like his
brother introduced them? The person that
hosted the party did. But that was my friend. And her friend– I
just wouldn’t introduce friends to hook up with the ex. To me, that’s just– [CROWD MURMURING] So–

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  1. Kimmi knows her and Maurice were more than just so called friends. That's why she so hung up on that topic. The guilt has her. Friends yeah right. Just wait till he finds another so called friend more his age, Cuz she is older and looks way older than him. Let's see if she doesn't hold a few salty feelings for awhile.

  2. Can she just admit that she is still in love with Maurice? I mean, it would make things a bit more believable as to why she STILL in her feelings.

  3. I hope all of these marriages arent ruined after this show is over. I dont believe all of this drama is going on in little bitty huntsville.

  4. The ex-wife is clearly still hurt over their failed marriage. At this point, what difference does it make when Kimmi and Maurice started talking?? You have a whole new husband to tend to but you're still getting emotional over an ex??

  5. Side eye to Kimmi and regardless she’s the one showing hostility throughout – her passive aggression not so passive now – something still doesn’t add up because at no point is the X shouting or shouted she’s hell bent on trying to make her look bad but coming off as the bitter one – Maurice looks guilty of something and they spent two seasons deflecting

  6. I'm SO confused by these past connections. So Tisha is Marsau's 2nd wife?!? 😞 However, in my opinion, there's a lot of info that's being swept under the rug 4 the sake of ………… This display of behavior by Kiuwah doesn't add up. 🙄

  7. I believe Kiawah knows what she knows as a woman. She all but said they were together before the divorce. She didn't make a huge deal about it on the reunion tho.. Kimmi had no business in a "friendship " with a married man period. Most women will not forget that and will not apologize so she can get over that. The only person Kiawah needs to sit down and talk with is Maurice. Maurice should have stayed in Detroit while his son was growing up. Monster doesn't want to stay with him and Kimi and no judge is going to make him, no judge Is going to take the boy from his mother and now Monster is at an age where he can speak for himself.

  8. I think it's messy this was not played on the show!!! It gives a bit more clarity on why the ex doesn't have any positivity towards Kimmi.

  9. Kimmi knows damn well she did not care about the status of his situation when she met him and now karma is here. Don’t feel sorry for this lady at all! The ex wife doesn’t want him but she just doesn’t respect their relationship! And Kimmi is always so hostile because she know she was wrong. That lady ain’t salty but she like ew y’all is trifflin

  10. I see why Maurice divorced this chronically offended [email protected]$h. She has got to be the most unhappy, always pissed-off negative Nancy, that I’ve ever seen in tv. She has got to get a better therapist and learn to let stuff go, and stop pulling crap out of the air to use as something she has to be upset about. Her face is in a permanent scowl, and I’m shocked she found another man to put up with her incessant BS. Who would want to be around that hag for very long?

  11. I had a x wife been x wife sometimes you have feelings for your x.boy friend or husband But it not love …… believe me it not ….. I think she is jealous because he is a different man….. treats Kimmie maybe better than did her….. she might think what am I brown gravy and she roast beef and also she likes to feel she got him by balls also. She is in control of his child…….

  12. Something is not right. Kimmie is the hostile one. Words is not going to make Kimmie’s whole persona change when she sees Kiywa.

  13. Why would Maurice buy a house for His Ex and Her Husband besides the son don’t want to come and live with Maurice unless Mama stay in the same house

  14. Egypt was so classy to go sit directly by that messy kiuwah to tell her to "let it go" but we can all see that still to this day kiuwah is a messy hateful heffa

  15. After watching Kimmi argue with Maurice about Kiuwau (my apologies about the spelling of her nice unique name) in front of Monster (please call this child jr), I don't blame Kiuwau for having doubts about her son's stability in that house. He's a human, not furniture. Maurice moved away. He should move back or continue co-parenting from a distance. After watching one season, I see how Maurice' main focus is on getting his son under his roof and everything else last. Why is Kimmi having issues now when he's been so vocal about his priorities??

  16. Well if the friends introduced them she should be mad at the friends. This couple is married so she needs to move on and focus on her husband.

  17. Kimmie may have a reason to be offended by this ex comments but she needs to be true with herself that there is some inner issues that needs to be brought to her husband which is making decisions with the ex without consulting with her. As far as the wife being hesitant about sending her son..I agree especially when Kimmie talked about his mother in front of him. She is not so innocent.

  18. Kimmi it does matter!! If you’re messing with a man that’s still married, the ex wife has a reason to not like you.

  19. There are ALOT of details missing. Because it comes across as you think they were fooling around because they knew each other prior to the divorce. Hell if you live in a small area, everybody knows everybody.

  20. 💕Sometimes you can't be upset as❤ to why things didn't work out in a relationship.🌹 You don't know what God has in store.🌺 Just know when it comes to God's plan. He is just getting ready to upgrade you ❣

  21. Kimmie was not with that man when he was married. I'll be offended as well especially on TV with you making assumptions based off no FACTS!

    People forget diverse is a process, you separate.. people be living in separate home doing them. Ut screaming hes my husband be but you forgot to mention yall are separated living in separate home going through a divorce. She need to mad at the friend and her Ex husband

  22. Her current husband should be worried. It’s clear she isn’t over Maurice. She so focused on kimmi when needs to focus on her current husband.

  23. Now I have a a better idea of why the ex wife has a issue with Kimmi. The way Kimmi and Maurice got together was not at all respectful to what happened with Maurice's marriage. The friend was shady for introducing one friend's ex with another one of their friends. When you think about it that was foul.

  24. So yall mutual friend introduced yall and he wasnt divorced and now yall married girl bye u been messing with him and thats why he moved all the way to your hometown period

  25. Maurice, you have been a hands on Dad when able to your son which will always matter, but remember one of your marriage vows "cleave to your wife". Jesus is Love

  26. They should to add another couple to the show…… Grow, grow ,grow…… I could see this show expanding to different states….. Just like the Real Housewives franchise…..

  27. I don't think she still in love but she is definitely bitter. It seems she didn't get a chance to fully close that chapter with Maurice. Maybe she wasn't done with her marriage but he meet someone during maybe the time of separation. So since he moved in and was happy she had to move on but never healing herself. Her body language said it all.

  28. His ex has to get over how it ended. She had no control over that so she uses what she has control over…..their son. I don't think she's even happy in her marriage. It seems like it was done just to show she could get someone too. Yes, Maurice moved on. Yes, he went and got a fly older woman. Yes, he lost a bunch of weight since the divorce. Move on. He has and this tug of war is only affecting the son…..and her.

  29. I’m confused didn’t the Ex Wife cheat on Maurice?? I thought I remembered that being said in a previous episode. If so why is she judging Kimmi for allegedly doing what she actually did??
    Also, I think the Ex is still in love with Maurice maybe her own marriage is rocky especially since monster said he thought it would be a good idea that his mom ( not the step dad zave) move in with Maurice if she moves to Alabama. Sad something is not right about this whole storyline.

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