Kimmi Wants to Know All About Maurice’s Wild Night | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

Whatcha all do all night? When y’all came back to the
lobby, we were already here. That was, like, 3
o’clock in the morning. You know what, Kimmi? It’s all a blur. So you’re trying
not to tell me? Actually, I just– I don’t remember as much. Oh, my bachelor party was
as clean as it could get. I doubt that. Well, how are you
going to doubt it? I doubt that
’cause I know him. You’re a dancer, babe. Did you dance with girls? I’m not sure. Did I– did I dance with girls? I’m not sure if I
did or not because– So if a video
pops up somewhere, then what’s your answer
going to be like? It’s so hazy. Hey, why you don’t
want to tell me? All right. Uh, we did a little
drinking by the pool. They were giving me, like,
you know, good marital advice. Hey, really? Take it to the good part. This sounds really lame. Yeah, OK, we went to
the spot, to a club. People started throwing money– At you? For dancing? Not at me. I think that they were
throwing it for somebody. They were celebrating something. And then everybody’s
throwing money. So I grabbed some and
threw some with them. And then for some
odd reason, people just started dancing on me. On you? Or with me. I think they struggled
to have a good time because they’re a little lame. [LAUGHS] And in their effort
to have a good time, they drank a little
bit too much. And then that’s when
the touching begins. And that’s what I
think went down. I kind of danced a
little bit, I think. Maybe you danced a lot of it. And I guarantee you, a video
is going to pop up about it. But that’s OK. We’ll see it when it pops up. If you’d rather me find out
that way, then that’s OK. I did a lot of
dancing last night. [LAUGHS] Now you come clean. I did a whole lot
of dancing last night. It just came out as
the music came on. I was trying to resist. Now you come clean. I’m telling you all– [INAUDIBLE] try to resist. But it was like, the inner me
just started coming out, bae. I knew that you did. I was like, why
am I doing this? And then I just couldn’t stop. Come on. We got up and get ready and go. All right, cool.

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  1. I don't because you get to see what you can take or not take,you get a real feel and if they haven't changed the love and laughter in 7 years of being together then you should marry that person!!

  2. He’s afraid to tell the truth? She’s questioning him about HIS bachelor party? Ok. What else is happening here? Either you have trust or you don’t. And if you can’t trust a person before you Marry him, then why get married? Lol 🤣❤️

  3. I love their relationship. they seem so comfortable and happy with one another. who cares if it took 8 years to get married. they are doing it now and it doesn't seem forced. it appears genuine on both parts. they both want this. blessings to you two!

  4. Kimmi is too old to be drilling him about the bachelor’s party. After 7 years she should know his personality and trust the man. She is acting like a jealous teenager and he is acting like a boy. What is the big deal? He is a grown man at least in his late 30’s, let him have fun!

  5. Who cares if they dated 7 years? They were on their own time frame which worked for them. I've known a couple who were together 20 years before getting married and now they've been married 10 years. That additional 20 years didn't hinder their love. Some people get married quick and divorced just as fast. Let people do love on their own timeline and not what's comfortable to you.

  6. This was hilarious… the very thought of video?! He admits EVERYTHING…

    He did fine. If the video was the worst of it, I doubt she'd have been mad in any case…

  7. Omg…that was too funny, and entertaining. She's more of an level headed mature woman. Who knows that fun/space between is needed with each other.

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