King Library Marriage Proposal

Shelby: What is happening? What is happening? Friend: Go! Shelby: What is happening? Shut up. Friend: Go! Shelby: What is happening right now? Shut up. What is happening right now? Shelby: Shut up. Sam: Four years ago when I asked her to come here, I thought how can I really impress this girl. Sam: Everyone asks the girl to go to dinner, to the movies, to the bars to get a drink. To me she was a little more important and special than that. I thought it was only appropriate to bring her back here where it all started. I just couldn’t think of a better place to do it. This is, to me, where I actually fell in love with her. Sam: Will you marry me? Shelby: Oh my god! (smooching) Shelby: This is actually where we call our unofficial first date. We were both in college. We met working at a restaurant here. And he just asked me if I wanted go study at the library. Which ended up being the worst study date because we didn’t study at all. We just talked the whole time. Shelby: Oh my god …Ohmygod. Shelby: Oh my god. Seriously? Sam: You still haven’t said “yes” yet. (laughing) Shelby: Yes. Sorry. Yes. Yes. Sam: A little late on the “yes” there but I knew instantly that she was saying “yes” inside. I’m just glad she did say “yes.” And I’m glad it all worked out with the surprise, and … I love you. Shelby: I love you. Shelby: This is surreal. Sam: I’ve never surprised you in four years. Shelby: Never. Never. (laughter) Shelby: This is my fiancé. (giggles) Shelby: I kept saying “oh my gosh” the whole time. Sam: You’re still saying “oh my gosh.” (laughter)

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