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  1. Thank you for making such an amazing game! Despite some of its flaws, it is truly a great game! The game filled a void in the medieval and RPG genre, there is really nothing quite like it!
    Really looking forward to a sequel or other projects by you guys!

  2. Truly a Masterpiece. You guys really made the best game one could ask for. I was a fan of RPG since childhood but always thought something was missing. Because of you guys i could gladly say that i have played the best and the most realistic RPG of my life. A game I will never ever ever forget Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

  3. You deserve all this credit and more such a great game. I can’t say enough at the pure joy I get from the realism of this game.

  4. I love this game so much. I back it back in 2015/16 and it was money well spent. The one thing I wish would come as future DLC is another story based on a character you create. Another survivor of your home being destroyed. A pilgrims story into surviving the hardship of having everything taken away from you and you have to start a fresh in a new town as one of the poor.

  5. Great stories with humble beginnings. Well done Warhorse Studios! Just like CDPR showed the gaming scene in past years you made a fantastic game and started to tell us your story, your vision, your world in a magnificent and genuine way. Thank you for standing your ideals and project. It's not an easy thing to endure hardships and push even further but fear not fellow developers. Hardwork, dedication and bold ideas always pay off in the end. Gamers no matter what the big shot developers and publishers of greedy scene of gaming think of us: ain't fools. Just like me many of us appreciate such work, become players first of your games and then by time a strong bond binds us each other we become your messengers. We take care of each other. Many of big companies lost that touch with the players and think of us just numbers, digital identities, cash cows. But in the end they fail miserably. Just like Bethesda, EA, Dice, Bioware and etc. Leave greed to others and keep up the good work fellow friends. A big thanks for such a great game and language support god bless you'll. Greetings from Turkiye!


  7. Hello I just wanted to comment that I have buyed the Bands of bastards DLC. But somehow I experience glitches I never had before for excample was one of the bowman unattackable, like for example Racek Kobyla is. Also in the fights it sometimes happens that the opponents swing at me, standing a few feet away from me, and during the swing with their weapon they weirdly slide to me in a weird way without moving, so they are in the range to hit me. Also since when is a simple guard with a sword strong enough to hit me so that I simply stumble backwards until I literally fall down the hill and die? I dont know, this is a fantastic game, and it is definetly ones of my favorite ones. (Even more then Witcher, let the hate wave begin. XD) But since I installed BoB I realized that.

  8. Getting pissed with Father Godwin is probably the great est scene in any game. It was the funniest thing ive seen in a long time. Also…Do a Vlad the Impaler game. Seriously. Or expansion? You are the only ones who could do it well. Basically KC:D again 😀 You could even reuse all the assets.

  9. Almost one year since I made my first steps in Bohemia and it feels like it was just yesterday. Thank you for the best game experience I've ever had. I have already play Skyrim and Witcher and I realy love it but your game catched me since the first frame. IT is better than anything. Thank you for the best game in the World

  10. Wait at 0:34 there is actually a man being gutted in public! How did I miss that? Fuck, now I wanna play the game again!

  11. this game is truly a masterpiece wins game of the year in my eyes

    Well done lads cheers to Henry and Radzig's subjects! . . . . and Sir Hunush too XD

  12. Длс "Из пепла" интересное дополнение, но было бы еще лучше если бы можно было построить все здания из книги и что то другое мельнцу и т.д. и добавть нападения разбойников. Как то развить это длс. Буду признателен за ответ.

  13. Great game, for me would be better in third person but in first person I enjoyed a lot play this game. I always defend this game againts the hordes of progresist and Femina is.

  14. I love this game some much it's so much fun and cool I've lrtly played it for so long started ng like 7 or.more times it's kinda hard to do anymore xD

  15. West Slavic countries making very good games <3
    Poland 🇵🇱 – The Witcher 3, 2 and 1
    Czechia 🇨🇿 – Kingdom Come, Arma 3, 2 and 1

  16. The dude in the white plate at the start… I just realized it was the guy we tried to trade ransom for Radzig, it is the dude in purple clothing’s bitch!

  17. guys can you please continue Henry's story i love the dlcs but I really want to get revenge on the man who kill Henry's step father and if Henry gets his sword back wright me back if you can thanks

  18. Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us next, after the story is compete. Fingers crossed for Napoleonic wars.

  19. Could you imagine creating games like Kingdom Come Deliverance for different countries and times?
    Somewhat like what Creative Assembly is doing with Total War?

  20. I usually think to myself, even for AAA games, game costing more than $50 is kinda too pricey. But this game, broke it.

  21. This was 2018’s most underrated game by far. If it would have been released in the state it is now it would have been reviewed like a realistic Skyrim

  22. Please let there be an Act 3, I need more, I've been playing and recording since release and I'm getting close to the end

  23. Všimli jste si že Vaši skvělou hru hrají vesměs jen cizinci neboť spousta Čechů na vás zanevřelo kvůli absenci českého dabingu který i po roce od vydání jste nebyli schopni udělat. Je to fakt škoda a ostuda zároveň kolik Čechů vám pomohlo na kickstarteru v domnění že hra nakonec bude obsahovat cz dabing a vy jste se odvděčili neustálími výmluvami a arogancí. Díky tomuhle pak vzniká ve světě fakt že jsme hloupé české stádo co se sebou nechá manipulovat a nemáme už ani špetku české hrdosti. Mělo to být přece naopak český dabing anglické titulky nemyslíte. Je to opravdu smutné. Dane věřím že si fajn chlápek ale prosím Tě o jedno příště aspoň nelži sám sobě a neprohlašuj že jsi patriot. Jinak uznávám respekt protože hra jako taková se povedla ale co se týká Českého dabingu je to smutný příběh.

  24. I love this game long may it continue I'll legit cry if you guys dont keep making historical games.

  25. Make a game about part 2. Or feudal Japan. Or even 1700s America. You're top knotch in this kind of game genre!

  26. My Lords I must say with all reverence & respect, we you’re loyal subjects henceforth do request a Sequel!!!!! Or a realllly big DLC to rival the game itself!
    We must know how the story of Henry ends!
    This game got me back into gaming after a near decade long hiatus. I bought it just off the cover picture without even doing research during a trip to get my 8 yr old son a few games – I now play more than he does!!
    Haha… love this game with all my heart…

  27. my mate said you guys should make a game like this but from a vikings point of view, coast to coast raids and cities

  28. Y para cuando lo van a optimizar de verdad, porque pésimo rendimiento da pena y coraje haberme gastado mi dinero en algo así.

    And for when they are going to optimize it really, because bad performance gives pain and courage to have spent my money on something like that.

  29. I hope the next game I could:
    1. Get married with all kinds of female, can have polygamy (more than one wife, or make lovers outside of the home and have bastard), and can raise 1 to 10 kids(They can die, be crippled, be stolen by slaveholder when growing up and other normal accident, and with numerous education policy and fun event between a father and kids )
    2. Design and build a house and a castle, or dig a cave for me at all the place in the game map (it would be costing).
    3. Become a lord, merchant, mercenary, bandits and all the carrier in the middle age
    4. Raise and command a big army, like total war series, or at least like mount & blade series
    5. Run business(like a tavern and craftsmanship) with changing the price (war has begun, armor, weapon, and food should become expensive), and with the unlimited task(like GTA5, such as bandit attack and loot your store, I need to get my merchandise back)
    6. Join all kinds of guilds.
    7. Cancel the lock on the enemy at the battle, ( for many times when I was 1vs 3, enemy sneak to my back and don't attack me, which is nonsense, so I hope I could fight like the mount &blade)
    8. Spear weapon on the land and horseback
    9. More wild animals, like poisonous snakes, tigers, bears, wolves, and they will attack you and NPC.
    10. Have rights to join Sigismund or the empire( when not played as Henry)
    11. more interesting scene, such as when play dice with a citizen, when I won 3 times, he should have the possibilities
    12. Change history and become a king, and can negotiate with other nation.
    13. design of all kinds of the policy after becoming a king
    14. add kids in the village as npc

    All in all
    I just want a game that combines the advantages of mount& blade, GTA5, total war, Fallout 4 and The elder scroll. I want Kingdome Come should be as realistic as possible and looks epic.
    I also want to be freer.

    I really like Kingdome Come, I just hope it could be better.

    To do this, lower graphics quality should be optional, and it is acceptable to me

  30. I had a lot of fun playing this game but it sucks when your console because of the lock picking xD so many chests I wanna loot

  31. Loved the game, guys. Thank you for making a modern game with integrity, devotion to historical authenticity and a pure and unreserved essence of originality. A truly unique game and an utterly unique take upon the RPG genre, which I would say is ‘genre-redefining’. Yes there were bugs but nothing is perfect and I saw past that to glean the true beauty of what ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’ was and still is.

  32. What would make this the game of the century would be if we were allowed to go to war and create kingdoms a la warband

  33. it looks like fishing was going to be implemented but you abandoned it? is this going to be in a future DLC? i see fishing poles and NPCs fishing. i'd love to as well!

  34. When will we have the honour to play the rest of the game, with sir Capon etc… I want to know the end of this beautiful story !!!!! 😀
    I love this game, it's probably the best game I've ever played ! Wonderful !
    Thank you so much dear devs ! 🙂

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