Kingsley Has Dinner With The Lyons | Season 5 Ep. 7 | EMPIRE

– Hey, Jeff. Welcome, man. Didn’t mean to start without
you, but the mashed potatoes get cold quick. I didn’t realize the
whole family would be here. Well, you better
hurry up and make you a plate, because we don’t
have servants around here no more. Did y’all know your brother
was getting married? Oh, you finally sacked
up and told her, huh? Yeah. Uh! We’ve been there, man. You late. Yeah, I’m telling
you something. I’m not sure I’m ready to
see my son marry a dude, but I have to say,
Ca’s a nice guy. Dad, shut up. All right? Your ass gonna be sitting
there like everybody else. You telling me to
shut up, I’ll stab you in the neck with a spoon. Shut up. You mean to tell me
I’m the last to know? I saved the best for last. Pass them away. So don’t nobody
want you putting them on blast on your social
media or whatever. Uh, first of all,
I am an influencer on the social media, honey. I change and touch lives,
if you hadn’t noticed. I have checked out
some of your posts. Very savvy. I think you’re appealing
to an untapped audience. Thank you. Jeff, I wanted to
ask you a question. You’re a tech guy. So why Empire? Well, I have to
credit my mother. She– she raised me
on the Empire sound. She loved it. She called it the new Motown. Sounds like your mama
had a good grasp on music. What happened to you? Greens good, aren’t they? [laughs] Delicious. What about you, Lucious? Why Empire? What do you mean? Well, I read all the articles,
seen all the documentaries. Used to be a street
hustler slinging drugs. Yeah. Yeah, we did what we had
to do back then, man. You don’t feel
guilty about it. Those drugs ruined a
lot of people’s lives. Yo, man, he’s up on that. No, no, no. It’s all right. Actually, I’m really
happy for Jeff, that he’ll never know what
it’s like to live without. But I had three
children to raise, so I’ll make any
excuses for what I had to do to make sure they ate. I’m not going to
apologize for that. Damn right. But when this is over,
when we finished with meal, I’m going to take you into
the studio with my boys, if they’ll come, and
I’ll show you what came out of all that struggle.

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