Kingsman: The Golden Circle – The awkward funny dinner scene

Come on, JB.
Give it a rest, mate. Stop scratching the door.
I’m gonna get the blame now. There you are. Happy? With the decks and all that. Shit, boy! What the f… Do you reckon, JB…
model material? I must say, you’re really
not as I expected. Well, thank you very much…
Your Majesty. Eggsy? Is that you, mate?
What the fuck is going on here? You a gangster now or something?
Is that Tilde’s mom and dad’s house? Tell you what. Whatever
you’re doing, I want in. – Put it down!
– Why? – What? This?
– I said, put it down now! What’s wrong with it? Shut it! Fucking shut it! – Eggsy.
– I beg your pardon? Shut it! Shut it now! All right, mate.
Chill your boots. Eggsy, what… ? No. My God, no. I’m so sorry.

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