KISS, MARRY, CRUCIO! (Harry Potter Kiss/Marry/Kill) ft. Brizzy Voices + Christine Riccio

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  1. Hi starfish!! In this video I was REUINTED with my fellow Ravenclaws Brizzy and Christine to play one of my favorite games KILL MARRY CRUCIO!!! If you like when I play this game on my channel give this video a thumbs UP so I know. Also make sure you check out all of our channels to watch ALL THREE HARRY POTTER COLLABS! I always have a blast when I'm with these girls. OKAY THAT'S IT FOR NOW LOVE U GUYS

  2. …Gryffindor pride y'all!Where is my Gryffindor brother's and sister's at!?(Ravenclaw pride to all thou I'm not one but there us some in my family so…)

  3. At 11:07

    Tessa: "I feel like I should marry Draco because of my hair"

    Everyone: "Marry Draco"
    Me: Draco please reject them

  4. Here is a joke….

    There were three boys playing hide and seek one called "shut up" the other "manners" and the last "trouble"

    Shut up hid in the police station.

    Manners in the trash.

    and trouble was seeking.

    "Hey kid whats your name?" says a police officer

    "shut up" said the boy

    "exuse me where are your manners?"

    "manners are in the trash!"

    "are you looking for trouble?"

    "no troubles looking for me!"

    And your really want marry Percy cus of his name?
    Btw you know Jason is dead?so they burry him at camp Jupiter Christine

  6. For Sirius, Luna, and Slughorn here is my guide

    Sirius: 💍 I would be Mrs. Doggo

    Luna: 💋

    Slughorn: 💥

  7. Ron wasn’t happy when I said kiss hermione crucio Ron and mary myself. Hermione got annoyed and begin her long line and laugh because of Ron’s face

  8. Question: 101 x 338

    Ravenclaw who doesn’t understand: *literally dies*

    I’m a Gryffinpuff ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  9. In the order of the phoenix Uncle Vernon asked Harry what the ruddy hell are dementors ?! Aunt petunia replies saying they guard the wizard prison Azkaban.When Harry asked her how she knows that she replies saying I heard that terrible boy telling her about them years ago

    At the time we all thought that terrible boy was James but in deathly hallows we find out it was SNAPE

  10. I wouldn’t crucio Harry or Luna, because Luna just looks so innocent and harmless, and Harry has just been through so much throughout all 7 books and 8 movies.

  11. *I'm the middle of a sleepover with harry's parents and voldemort and snape*Snape:sir we should play a game
    voldemort:how about kiss, marry, ARVADA KEDAVRA!!

    And that's how it all starts

  12. Brizzy: Marry Lucius for his money
    Christine:than cut his hair while he’s sleeping
    Me: are you sure your both Ravenclaw that sounds very slytherin to me

  13. I got a pikmi puffs ad in the middle of the video and a girl sniffed it and I was like "Wouldn't she just get sparkles up her nose???" (I also thought it was about pigmi puffs lol)

  14. Ok but like- We're not gonna talk about the fact that they Crucioed Snape? ;U; My sneaky mans has been Crucioed and I'm sad about it lmao

  15. Reply with your favourite Harry Potter pick up lines . Mine: Wow, when i said "accio hottie" i didn't expect it to work!

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