KJ Apa Gets a Scare from ‘Archie’

it’s so nice to meet you. You sent– Nice to meet you, too. –a very funny– and can– I’m going to share it. Yeah, go for it. You sent a birthday video to me. Is this the illicit
version, or the– It’s the version. OK, cool. Yeah. It’s the whole version. All right. If it’s illicit– I liked it. OK, good. All right. That’s why I did it. I knew you were
going to like it. Let’s see it. What’s going on, Ellen? It’s KJ. I hear it’s your birthday,
so happy birthday. I hope I can meet you
one of these days. And yeah, I hope you have
a really special day. [LAUGHTER] I– [CHEERING] I don’t know. I need to tan my ass. I think I’ve got a
really white ass. I’m good that they– They blurred it out, though,
for the thing, right? I assume you knew that that
was going to reveal that. That was not– Immediately after
I did that, I knew I had the best video
out of all them. You did. Yeah. You did. In my mind, I was
thinking, I didn’t want to just do a normal video. And I remember being
outside on my balcony naked. And I was facing my friend,
and looked at my reflection. And I saw my ass, and
I was like, perfect– Ellen. I should do this for Ellen. Right. And that’s how it came about. Yeah. That’s most people think
about me– when they’re naked on their balcony, right? [LAUGHTER] Well, thank you for that. No worries. This is your first
time on the show. We have a tradition of showing
shirtless photos of anyone who is on for the first time. OK. So we must show them. [CHEERING] So the question to you is,
how often do you work out? I work out as much as I can. I love to work out– if I can, twice a
day, once a day. Well, you look good. You look– Thank you. You look healthy and good. And it’s so weird, because your
accent on the show is American. And I don’t think
people, until they hear you speak like that
you’re from New Zealand. It can be a shock
to people sometimes. Yeah. You have such– Well, a lot of people
think I’m from Australia. Yeah, it’s a very close accent. Yeah, but two very
different places. Very different. All the time, at
least once a day, I get mistaken to be Australian. You sound like you’re
angry about that. Well– Like, that’s a competition–
like, you like New Zealand better than Australia. I do. Yeah. I do, definitely. All right. Just settle down. My wife is– Sorry. –from Australia. Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry. I will fight you on this. Although, I’d love
to go to New Zealand. It seems like a beautiful–
it just looks incredible. Yeah. Yeah. It is. It’s the most beautiful
place on earth. Yeah. Well, Australia– And nothing can kill you there. Yeah. Well, there are a
lot of scary things. There is. But nothing can kill– Yeah. See, in Australia,
your wife will tell you that there’s a lot of spiders,
a lot of poisonous creatures– Right. –that will kill you. But in New Zealand,
there’s no predators. Nothing can kill you out there. That is not true. There’s– There are things that can
kill you anywhere you go. No. [SHOUTS] Oh! [BLEEPING] [CHEERING] He’s lucky, man. He’s lucky I didn’t
give him one. He is lucky. It’s going to happen someday. How long was he in there for? The whole time? He’s been– for a
week now, I think. [LAUGHTER] [BLEEP] [INAUDIBLE] I thought that was bad karma. I thought, oh, that
water’s going in my face. Can you imagine? The timing is like– Oh, my gosh. Oh, boy. Cheers. All right. Cheers to that. Cheers to that. Cheers. All right. We’ll take a break. Nice. We’ll come back and talk to you.

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  1. super glad to see him branching out away from riverdale. Hope to see the rest of the cast in different projects 🙂

  2. Wait… He's from NZ? when he started talking at the start I thought he was australian… Oh well I'm from NZ so I'm all good

  3. Arohamai k j..it’s awesome how humble you are and always knowing where your home is❤️❤️much love from Aotearoa (New Zealand)

  4. Im pretty sure earthquakes in New Zealand has killed a lot of people and a volcanic eruption that happened recently. New Zealand is gorgeous but, it's an active place! I know this, im from New Zealand!

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