I think I stepped in pee who peed All right, there are some madness going on out here. What happened? I went to the post office, and we got two huge boxes this one is for Klai’s birthday This big one right here. I had to double check this one. From who? It’s from our favorite fan! Raisin! No Good call, good call. Stephanie from awake after midnight! Wow! Open it up. Oh and more ice Think he just stopped to your party yes, my God. Let me say. Thank you And this one is from her as well. What are you saying? Yes? I think that’s enough information e to the man insane What is ask for her birthday? Talk that’s like an amazing disguise Holy cow. Thank you. Stephanie. Thank you so much, and this is honestly doesn’t get me perfect over birthday part. Yeah Okay, what is this? This is the projector that we’re using for our? Movie night we just need to find a DVD player There’s a lotta little brainy button things in bagga-t, okay. We put party champion here. We got candy and lots of jars We got gummy worms, Reese’s pieces taffy peppermint pattie peanut butter M&M sour patch kids Gummy peaches with next on next our dark chocolate salted caramel. Oh yummy Okay, will goes in there ready. Oh Thank you my favorite What’s your favorite here this one coming shit? Yeah out of all of these you’re saying gummy peaches are your favorite? Oh, yeah It’s a lot of candy. What’s before my birthday party, which is my 14th birthday price And what we are doing are doing a movie named a lot the prints are going now. We’re going to do chick Or just barely well then this one can be for live research these are talkies one of my favorite snacks, and I introduced it to my mom and now she You like to try one ah well? He did gopher. Lord you have to continually eat these cross a branch a very soft, so I think it was yesterday Or the day before I was not necessarily seeing more I was cleaning out the backyard and there were some Warheads extreme sour and so I just decided to eat the bag and so now my smut mouth is ripped up It’s like different colors too, so this might hurt oh phone really nerd smoke Stop the spicy it hurts my tongue Clay loves to throw parties like I love to throw parties, so when they have an even birthday. We’d throw big parties This is her 14th birthday, and she’s having a movie party for a friend so as a thank-you gift We are going to use to do that so anyways I don’t know that was like a normal thing like a party favor or if people stop doing that after like the age of 10 You never know right, but it’s always fun to get something on a party even though like you know people bring good Wow Clay loves the Ice I keep it weird Kettle corn who’s hopping with that you look like all of this awesome is going to go out by letting that point It’s out by hey guys we have guests here Hi Twice smiley from our specific family And I wouldn’t seen you at you enough for a very long time well blossomed It was a marshmallow challenge, or yeah, where’s my dad our stairs it was it and her party yeah, the unicorn party cake Yay, they were taking candy, not about energy Okay, so popcorn on this side buy this shit hello video yeah yeah, yeah, oh slippery And I shouldn’t be touching just give them like Apple. Oh Yeah, oh, well, okay. I know died on bed. Okay, so some of the press all up we have other friends This is sydney and what Olivia. I love you school. I like your shoes a lot more. We’re just Out in the back just getting stuff you can come thanks for coming, so I come to know right? You guys can just go out fast you want and this is Uncle Richie. Hey, what’s up? I’m uncle Richie from the ruckus land. You know it That’s our channel. Come check it out. It’s Gonna. Go check matter happy birthday I hope you can turn 32 today is a good number 32 Exactly hurt. Hey, do we have another friend makayley? She’s a good friend suture and Cool here comes the hordes of girls everyone say hi Hi, I was like the only one who sent me straight off real camera to make giving a very very clear gesture That’s amazing recruit. It’s very nice if I could only afford 17 if you wonderful party Ball No inside their hair hair, that’s all accounts who died it Never ever ever had a boyfriend Dora you got to move blanks it Okay, we are playing to eat game. So everybody chooses a signal of some sort you can do here. You can do nose no, Gang signs I’m just kidding this another gang section. No gang signs or flipping off people so you can do some kind of like Pad tap your hands together. Whatever it has to be upper body and a little visible But the bigger it is the easier it is to get caught what are you doing? What’s your sign? just kidding Dope um Did you find it? Yeah? It’s gone gone Come on in girl thumbs may we’re going to light this candy table in the dark with hopefully you could light up Adieu my party no have it stuff like uber stuff Wow, do you want it to be a Youtuber party? True yeah, because play has lots a YouTuber friends as my friend if you want to youtuber again Okay Back you be children of the crazy Laura hey look at this clueless. Yeah, I just lit up your life start getting ready play everything around Thank you. Yes, if you have a phone turn your light on home All right, if you guys want to come we’re playing right here. Clay. We do not have a cake today I’m sorry and quite a cheated money, so this is what we’re gonna Do we’re gonna handle coming peach with a sour patch ready? We’re happy birthday Now eat all of the pigeons one day long we know your mouth look at the morning Hey, all right, you kids grab your lighting crazy girl What did you get oh a Bowl full of talking for the birthday girl? We finally convinced the tanners to come in hang out. I’m just kidding for Clay fright. We’re so excited. It’s been like a month It’s so long does that but we’re gonna hang out way more way more Now that once school gets back in then we can have all wrong more time hang out And we can like just your kids and not do anything and go to the same place You won’t touch it so JJ. Said no you might? I have a curfew. That is rude I was nobody you’re here though me too. I’m so glad we go make it hey, and he’s about to say And hi Mayor castle oh Okay, there is no puking around unless I get it on camera You’re eating My chips look at you a wolf rethink the choices good choices people water. I think I stepped into you Tomorrow, I’m just wedding. What is your poison choice? You ain’t all you’re useful ready jockeys and Candy you got the nacho chip Room mistakes except I didn’t want to burn your face balls As your eyes said milk and more talking and more talking like I’m farting – it’s like that’s stealing my soggy You’re not reminders anyway, and everyone’s talking You know you have to Okay, we couldn’t open gifts while our friends were here because they just had so much fun. We forgot to stop and open Yes, okay, so so I got this from my lee from our spastic family what I’m going to use a manual – what is this – this is from Kaylee, and she gave me ten dollars and two of these bracelet? You’re just broken. No is it your time? To fix it I used to make those all the time just gonna I’m just gonna keep this net this thing because I love this color stripping my blanket. Thank you guys. I’m very sorry I don’t know who gave me what oh That is a really cute. I know they could all see my makeup You’ll have your eye and this nail polish remover strawberry Mmm. Thank you person who gave me today. Oh This is a good scratch a month. Yeah You’re gonna have to play happy birthday bean boozled March at hundred Grand Reece p.m. Monocle neck oh snicker. Oh, I love these things thank you, whoever gave me this one has Amazing handwriting. Thank you Dear Clay thank you, so much for inviting me to your party and happy birthday Now that I have been wrong I love these kind of headband so so cute. I’m gonna make sure wear one of these Thank you, scylla No should be a regular bag hey, you don’t even have bags like that poured all along See we crm. Gave you those because I want some oh I got a letter boom Jada and Taylor. Thanks for being such a good friend to us We hope that all of your birthday wishes come true all thank you That is super pretty and you I’ve been looking for these simple necklaces – that’s funny you born gay Thank you, Jada and Taylor and told everybody Richie. You’ve never had so many girl things in your life. Oh You’re painting – oh that is really cool You paint um what page in that color because that color? Thank you Whoever gave us anything usual on a paper well What I’ll do three blood charges, thank you Like you know oh I need that that should be mom’s birthday gift. They meant to actually give it to mom London she’s a superhero optimism a puppy to say sorry that you needed a little bit of love And I got you a little bit of that You can use it make up like a little bit of a super nanny. I wanted everything but better the lower bottle above Okay, I’ll drop this perfume that is super strong just for you. Oh, that’s pretty oh Gosh that girl’s got better make of an idea I should for a party for myself and see what May contribute their writing in China me too sinful colors Oh, let’s give mom a pedicure Get a cookie be nice. Do you need not I do dad can I get? Okay I Actually been meeting earrings because Susan is now mine. Yeah, oh so awesome is our way to Thank you everybody for all these amazing present You have a good birthday. Yeah, oh it was worth all that long and horrible effort, I mean good at Improv bedtime yep, and I’m not tired. Yeah, well you’re going to be. What do you say? I think I’m thank you guys for watching bye Chris, and thank you guys so much for coming to everything and Thanks for watching you want adventure ha ha

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