Knott’s Peanut Celebration 2020 Opening Day at Knott’s Berry Farm NEW SHOW, TREATS, & SPIKE!

Hello Bloggineers. Welcome to season 8 of Look Who’s Traveling. Today we are at Knott’s Berry Farm for the Peanuts Celebration, and we are going to show you the fun things you can do here. The first thing you gotta do is pick up this map, which shows you where are the locations are for all the special attractions, shows, everything. And… The doclet icon, which is also spread out there. That’s Matt and where you can find of all the specialty food offerings And Here’s one of Charlie Brown kicking the football Lucy psychiatric help Stan and yuck. I got dog germs By the way, we’re now official Knotts anniversary ambassadors. Just like Chloe in real life Now let’s go celebrate the peanuts first we’re watching a brand new show for 2020 called happiness is We’re joining the Peanuts gang along with their friends as they perform a medley of popular songs about the true bonds of friendship Now what stops Birds idea the sky cabin has transformed into Woodstock’s nest during the peanuts celebration And Up we go You get to the user you can get a great panoramic view of Orange County from here What goes up must come down Now we’re going to get some of the delicious seasonal food offerings We’re going to try one of the specialty items the sloppy joe burger which is located at the boardwalk barbecue inside the sloppy joe burger is Right onions. It’s ground beef bacon and cheese This is my first time eating a sloppy joe burger This is gonna be messy Let’s swap meeter burgers pretty good It’s unique and since there’s no patty and then I like them the sweetness of the beef mix it’s kind of sweet in a way, but then it’s also savory and then it has great texture because of the bacon which makes it kind of chewy and then jeez the Onion bits which makes it crunchy So This is a good specialty item brother is chomping on the corn and speaking of chopped beware of the kite-eating tree Linus and Franklin are ready to challenge us with some of the routine is games this side of calico They’re demonstrating how to play the prairie egg. Relay race I’m going head-to-head against brother. This is about family. It’s gonna take some skill Thank you time They still have the courses button they also added the pigs which is This animal looks like a cow because of these spots, but it’s actually a dump so The name for it is a County And this is also where you can take a photo with pig pen We’re heading to the next attraction And finally we And here comes our instructor, mr. No Step number one is to put us in a center interview central entertain a light circle is about a big event Now he’s showing us how to draw Snoopy snapped We’re putting final touches on our character Brother is asking mr. Knoll for his sketch and there’s our completed artwork except nice. We’re gonna fill in my note Otherwise, I think it looks pretty good Outside my mouth in the room And then I tried to draw I’m thinking of a dog And I got no strong We’re heading to pick skin peanuts to see an exhibit from the Charles Schulz Museum inside the town hall is a little museum on football and we teach the museum every year because last Rose slightly Brown trying to kick the ball. Well who’s been holding it now Lucy will pull the ball away In the air Brother is watching a cartoon on the screen We’re blasting off with Charlie Brown Lucy and Snoopy as the world’s most famous beagle becomes the first dog on the moon This is a silent disco as only Snoopy’s brother spike can throw We’re welcomed by the MC alone with Lucy and Sally Let’s get this party started We got to meet Lucy but where is spike, oh there he is we found him in calico square You can see Pigpen as a guest star here playing the washboard These are the subscribe button and remember to look for your own adventure

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