Know Your Bro with the Jonas Brothers

-The three of you
are very close, but I wanted to see
just how close you are in a game we call
“Know Your Bro.” Now, here’s how the game works. One of you will wear
noise-canceling headphones while the other two answer
a question about you, okay? Then you’ll take
the headphones off, and we’ll see
if your answer matches. If it does, you get a point.
Make sense? -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Okay, here we go.
Let’s do this. Nick, the first question
is about you, so please put these on. -So it’s about me?
-This is about you. Okay? But you can’t listen. You can’t hear
what the question is. -Okay. -All right, let me see if you
can — Is it loud? Good? Good? Good? Okay.
All right. Can’t hear you. -Baby shark? -All right.
It’s not baby shark. It should have been.
It should have been. Here we go. All right.
All right, Kevin and Joe. All right. What would Nick say is the thing you’re most jealous of him for? -Oh, he took batting practice
with the Dodgers. I thought that was pretty cool.
Pretty jealous of that. -His shoe collection.
-Okay. Really? -Yeah.
-He’s got a good one? -He does have an amazing shoe
collection, yeah. -Really? And you think
that’s what he’ll say? Like, “Oh, you guys
are jealous.” -Like, he has so many shoes. -You go visit his house,
his, like, closet is filled. -Really?
-Yeah. I think — Yeah. He has more shoes than Priyanka,
I’m pretty sure. [ Laughter ] -Okay, everybody.
All right, all right, all right. Pause. Ready? Nick, we have —
The question that I asked your brothers — I said, “What
would Nick say is the thing that you’re most jealous
of him for?” -Oh. -What are they jealous
of you for? -What could they have said? Like, clothing
or, like, a thing? What? Anything.
-Could be. -Maybe, like, performing
at The White House a few times. -Whoa! [ Laughs ]
Not to brag. Clang! Clang!
Not to drop anything. Wow! Excuse me? Just performing —
Just humble — “I guess I performed
at The White House.” -Okay, sorry. -I mean, yeah.
-All right. This is for Kevin. -This party playlist on here
is great, by the way. -Isn’t that
an insane song, right? Oh, you hear it? All right.
So, Kevin’s going for it. Okay, he’s — All right.
Ready, Joe? -Yes. -Nick, what is the worst thing
that Kevin ever did as a kid that your parents didn’t know
about at the time? -Oh, wow. -I mean, he snuck out
a few times. -Yeah, I think he, like —
Yeah, he snuck out a few times. -And got away with it…I think.
Well, until now, I guess. -And what did he do? -He had had
a couple beers before 21. -Ooh! -Whoa! -Scandalous.
-Scandalous. -You think that’s what
he will say? -No. And he bought a pack of
cigarettes or something. -Oh, yeah, it’s getting
worse and worse. -It’s getting worse and worse. Let’s stop there.
Let’s see what he says. -I like this game a lot. Okay.
You want to pause the — Ready? Kevin.
It’s a good track, right? -That song is intense.
-I’m dropping it next week. -It’s awesome. -Kevin, I asked your brothers,
what is the worst thing that you ever did as a kid
that your parents didn’t know about
at the time. -Ooh. Okay, worst thing
I did as a kid that my parents
didn’t know about? -No. They might know
about it now, but — -Yeah. At the time? I brought Joe to a tattoo parlor
when he was 13. [ Buzzer ] -That’s it.
That’s what they said. They told that story.
-That’s exactly what he said. -Really?
-No. You brought Joe
to a tattoo parlor? -I wanted to get a tattoo. I was turning 18 soon,
so I was still like 17. I wanted to get a tattoo.
-I forgot about this. -I brought Joe with me —
not to get a tattoo. He just was accompanying me.
-Yeah. -And they, like,
put the stencil on so I could see what it looked
like, the whole thing. And then my parents found out,
and let’s say that was — I didn’t get tattoo
for a long time after. -Yeah, absolutely.
They said, no, you snuck out. -There’s been a whole bunch
of other stuff. -I think you’re, like,
the troubled Jonas, yeah. -But I can hear what they said?
-Watch the show. [ Laughter ] -You got to watch the —
All good stuff. All good. All good. Funny stuff.
Okay. All right. Ready? -Uh-huh. -What was the wildest thing
that happened at Joe’s bachelor party? -Ooh. [ Laughs ] -Dude, I won’t tell anybody.
-Where do we start? -Yeah.
-Okay. -Do you have one? -We’re going to
air it out, right? -Yeah.
-Just go. -We had the cops, on the first
night, called on us three times. -Really?
-True story. -We…
-[ Laughs ] -Joe ripped off his shirt
in a nightclub, proceeded to rip off two of his friends’
shirts in the nightclub. He took the cardboard box
for 1942, the tequila, and somehow cut it
into a bandana. So it just said “1942”
across his forehead. And he wore that
on a boat all day long. -All right. Let’s see if he —
Joe. Joe. -There we go. -That’s pretty good, right?
-That was a long time. What you are guys talking about? -Joe, the question I asked
your bros was, what’s the wildest thing that
happened at your bachelor party? -[ Chuckles ] -They went there, by the way.
-Okay. -That you remember. -Oh. Or maybe that
you don’t remember. -Yeah. -I’m trying to see if
I remember anything. But I’m pretty sure we got the
cops called on us three times. -Oh!
[ Cheers and applause ] [ Ding ]
You got the match! That was it. You got the match. But I also want to say,
while the headphones are off, how is the year 1942 for you? -Oh. Whew. Strong. -Give it up for the
Jonas Brothers, everybody! Thank you for playing.
-Thank you.

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