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  1. Seeing GiGi in those videos makes me realize how young she really was and that her life was just starting along with the two other girls on the helicopter. Very sad.. :((

  2. Gigi was daddy’s little girl and athlete’s. You can tell they had such a beautiful relationship and they left this world together!. Rest In Peace Kobe and Gigi!!

  3. I love how Natalia is smiling and has such a positive attitude through out the whole program. She honestly inspires me so much without ME even noticing how much she inspires me. I can’t imagine what all the families are going through right now especially Lexi… R.I.P. to everyone. ❤️

  4. A lot of stuff has happened once 2020 started …. but this is the most shocking thing let’s be honest ! This will be in history books and our generation will always remember. We will miss u Kobe and others including GiGi😞👌🏼💜💛

  5. This was a beautiful memorial. Vanessa is a strong woman. I really wish Kobe mother would have spoken she was his first love God bless you MRS. Bryant his mother. I can't imagine her pain also loosing her son and grandbaby. Blessing to them all

  6. Vanessa is nothing more than a GOLD-DIGGER! The DESPICABLE PARADE of America HATING SEWAGE that "floated" across the stage at Kobe's memorial service was more than REPREHENSIBLE! Kobe's best friend was America HATER Jimmy Kimmel! Nuff said……….

  7. I don.t understand how there was NO MENTION OF HIS MOTHER ??? Who raised him for the 1st 21/22 yrs of his life? Regardless of what…..respect should.ve been given to that lady..his mom!!

  8. Kobe’s parents were not mentioned at all and that bothers me. Kobe came into this world because of them. My heart goes out to joe and Pam, as well as his two sisters. They are in pain just as much as everybody else.

  9. Vanessa should have included pictures of his parents, sisters and family. He was more than just a father and husband. He was a cousin, uncle, brother and he was a son. I feel like his parents and sisters all got disrespected. I can see the pain on they’re faces, when the camera zoomed in on them.

  10. Salute to shaq for acknowledging Kobes Parents and sisters who lost their son and brother granddaughter and niece along with vanesssa and the girls.

    We didn’t get to hear it. But his mother raised him right.

  11. So sad i feel Kobe was was for sure a strong person and very wise for his age yes he died at 41 years old but in his mind he was much older and he really did live life too the fullest. He was a head of his time. And his little girl was very strong for her age like him so sad

  12. wow vanessa’s look at 2:27:04 is a look of extreme pain and sorrow….i can’t imagine what she must be feeling…this is so sad man

  13. i just wish she was not suing the helicopter company. it will not bring back any of them. i wish all the victims had also had a chance to say something at the memorial. everyone counts.


  15. I'm so surprised that kobe's mom or father didn't even think of speaking some last words for there son man even his sister's. For whatever reason ok but damn I mean they didn't have nothing? They must hate the camera and lights…but damn Vanessa is his wife of course I would expect that but the ppl that brought him in this world or his siblings couldn't even say a word. Estranged is in full effect here as they say he wasn't always in good standing with his parents but yet is his sister's in the same boat? We may never know smh.

  16. Kobe was one of the best life philosophers in sports history. Even in death, he teaches us to love everyday and take nothing for granted

  17. not one mention of Kobe Bryant's parents no acknowledgement of them or his two older sisters they were not allowed to speak nice going there Vanessa I mean Santa Merto

  18. I wished you all had turned the comments completely off, so some of us could just appreciate the memorial service WITHOUT all of these negative comments! Rest in power and love, Kobe, Gigi, and all the others!

  19. RIP Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant for all of us we are all mamba for life for the great Kobe Bryant he's watching everyone even his team mamba forever

  20. These people should not have been in that chopper, it was not ideal flying weather. who made the decision to fly that fateful day. Did KB tell everyone to get in the Chopper, get in the Chopper now!

  21. I was one of the lucky ones to be there that day. Kobe was my idol growing up for the last 24 years and I couldn’t stop crying. Seeing Vanessa display amazing courage and strength giving that amazing speech about her loving daughter and husband. MJ displaying vulnerability and Shaq’s sharing great stories during their dominant time together, it was a once in a lifetime event to be. It meant so much to me as someone who idolized Kobe growing up in Southern California and I’ll never forget it. RIP KOBE & GIGI 💜💛

  22. She was my best friend and he was like my 2nd dad. Her mom will always be like my 2nd mom and her 3 sisters are like my own


  24. Prayers with Vanessa, his children, the other families affected and all who are mourning. A true hero & a true tragedy…our world will forever be changed. #RIPKobeAndGianna 💜💛💜💛

  25. It was a moving memorial to Kobe and Gianna. All through Vanessa' eulogy the camera panned over towards Kobe's parents and sisters. Through the whole entire memorium
    no one acknowledged Kobe's parents. Why? Without parents Kobe wouldn't exist. I'm listening to Vanessa's eulogy
    not once did she publicly announce his parents and sisters.
    Whatever happened between Kobe and his parents, doesn't
    give her a reason to remiss his parents. I acknowledge his mother, father, and sisters for the strength they showed the world under the humiliated circumstances they were in. Pam Bryant only you know who your son is. You brought him into this world. Pam you're really hurting because no mother wants to see their child precede their death. Vanessa should have understood how you feel because she too preceded Gianna's death. If you and your husband hadn't conceived Kobe he wouldn't have been her husband. I know your pain because I preceded my daughter's death. My condolences and my heartfelt sympathy go out to you and your loving husband who taught Kobe everything about basketball. Michael Jordan he really didn't need to know your moves Kobe was just a humble young man. Mr. & Mrs. Bryant I know you wanted the best for all your children and both of you raised very talented children. Shame on Vanessa, but forgive her because she doesn't understand how you feel. You're a Queen and Kobe was very proud to have parents like you. God bless the both of you and your daughters. May you get through this grieving process through the strength of the Lord 🙏🙏🙏

  26. Beyonce I would have sat there and comfort Vanessa. I didn't see the point of you singing with a full fledged orchestra in a
    stadium of 20,000 people at a memorial service for Kobe & Gianna. Alicia Keys appropriately played a concerto on the piano. The concerto that Kobe really loved. She did an excellent job!

  27. Vanessa has to be the strongest woman I’ve ever seen. This was all beautiful. Beautiful artists for this beautiful memorial. I can’t stop crying since 1/26/20. This memorial got me crying right when Beyoncé came up. I can’t imagine…Vanessa, Nana, Bibi, and Coco we all will continue to pray for you, you all are so beautiful inside and out, you are so loved form around the world. Kobe & Gigi will forever be with you and in our hearts, their legacies will forever live on. Thank you for sharing this time of grief with the world Vanessa, we love you all. Mamba & Mambacita forever. ❤️ 💜💛

  28. What a beautiful, heart wrenching, warm, loving, happy, celebration of Kobe’s life, what a memorial! Kobe, and Gianna would be proud. The Kobe Bryant family oozed love, warmth, and happiness, that’s what’s it’s all about. God bless families all over the world to take from their example.

  29. This would have been the perfect and most beautiful time for Vanesa to acknowledge Kobe's Mother and Father and really show what it means to FORGIVE !, she admitted her imperfection's, but clearly isn't willing to accept her father and mother -in-law's, sad, I'm really sorry that she didn't use this time to build or rebuild the families relationship !, without Kobe's Father and Mother, there would have been No Kobe !. They Are Grieving just as much as her. I'll Pray that Self will be put to rest and this family will learn to Love Unconditionally !!. My heart goes out to them all, including the family of the other's who died as well.
    May you be blessed by Randy Skeete : Looking into The Mind of God. Walter Veith : 2018 – Exposing Jesuit Deception

  30. I'm going to say this and I don't care who disagree I get tired of hearing comments and reading comments and hearing stuff on TV about how Kobe didn't get along with his parents at the end of the day his mother was his first love and his dad is is going to always be his dad and who don't have arguments with their parents who don't disagree with their parents and their parents disagree with them everybody have problems in families but at the end of the day that's still his parents and it wouldn't be no Vanessa and no Gigi and nobody else if it wasn't for Pam Bryant his mother. And how we know how good Kobe and vanessa got along behind closed doors??? we don't

  31. I feel like they should have at least acknowledged his parents and siblings but it was a beautiful memorial and my heart goes out to the Bryant family.

  32. Imagine for a moment if Vanessa was pregnant with a boy right now after Kobe just leaving here… Just imagine…💗🙏☝

  33. Thank You God for giving us a champion Son, Athlete, Husband, Father, Friend, and Role model:💜💛💜💛💜💛2/24/2020

  34. Absolutely disgusting. Over 2,400 members of our armed service members have been killed fighting in the Middle East since 9/11. Yet, instead of promoting the bravery, fortitude, and courage of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard our very way of life, we create this spectacle to honor a rapist whose only life skill was bouncing and tossing a ball. Shame on you all!

  35. RIP. Kobe Bryant AND YOUR TALENTED BEAUTIFUL 13 YR.OLD GIRL Gianna Bryant also the other well loved friends family members and mentors on board that tragic day! We l9st sp many good peole in one chopper almost seems not real.Im glad you and Gianna just took the bread in the Catholic Church and that right in my readings in my mind brought my heart such joy cause see tje lord did intervine and i know that all abourd that chopper shot right up to heaven cause God grabbed them .Im still sad but yet at peace knowing where they went and now i do feel much better im just saying my feelings and God bless you and the families and people sad and depressed bout that horrific Chopper crash it held all 9 mentors and a Legend who owned thst because he was a man you couldn't stop he stepped out of that zone it was so much bigger!

  36. Beyonce is singing Halo, I.AM.SOBBING 😭😭😭🤒🤒 Gonna hide in the bathroom at work why did I watch right now!!🤒😭😭 #MambaForever 💛💜💛💜

  37. Great event so sad but happy time as well butt
    I RESPECT STEPHAN A SMITH SOOOO MUCH MORE FOR BRINGING THIS UP BECAUSE I WAS TELLING A FRIEND THAT THAT WAS THE ONLY THING I DIDN'T LIKE was parents wasn't mentioned or spoke. They could have taking Christina Aguilera out in place of the parents for it seemed they didn't know what to do after that it was a few mins of awkward silence….smh… she was great but just saying. A PARENT SHOULD ALWAYS SPEAK ON THERE CHILD in this case. Even if they didn't want too… SHOULD HAVE BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED!

  38. What is happening to Beyonce's face? I hope not surgeries…she is way to beautiful to mess with that crap!! Something is different though.

  39. I honestly think Kobe and Gigi r definitely loving every tribute and is with vanessa throughout the entire celebration ceremony. RIP Kobe and Gigi we love u forever and always in our hearts 😚🙏🥰💘

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