Kolhapur Deaf Association’s Grand Celebrations

Can you see this? More than 500 people have gathered here in Kolhapur. The Mook-Karna Badhir Association has done a great job and have completed 25 years! Isn’t that amazing! Come lets have a look at the programme. Everyone is so excited! These are the lucky draw coupons. People are excitedly buying, hoping to be the lucky ones. This time there are no gift. They are giving cash! Amazing! This is Kolhapur’s cultural dance. Have a look! There is not only drama but dance and mimes as well. So excited to see all this. They have competitions as well! Sunil Sahasrabudhe is giving a presentation and creating awareness which is very important for people to learn. Amol Pagare is giving a presentation on YADI – sign name – and it’s affiliation with WFDYS. He is explaining how the affiliation took place and its process. Also he has his own Deaf Bikers Association that goes on various trips. His presentation is about this and I am very interested to watch. A sports board is giving a presentation on how they affiliate with various sports associations. After all the presentations, everyone is eagerly awaiting the lucky draw! Winners will then collect their cash prize! There are so many prizes! He is the President of the Mook-Karna Badhir Association (MBA) of Kolhapur. His name is Uddhav Panhalkar. Who founded this association and when was it? It was founded in 1993 by Sachin Mandlik. After he passed away, I became the President in 1995 and its been 25 years now! For the last 25 years they have worked hard and have not given up. Cheers to you! I have two questions. What are your duties as President? When Deaf people have any problems, we help to solve it. We help to solve governemnt related problems and many others. Great! They help to find marriage partners, employment and solve many other issues. Cheers to you! He is the General Secretary of the MBA. His name Amey Gawali – sign name. My question is, you have organised such a grand celebration for the 25th anniversary. Can you introspect and tell us your your views? In the last one year my team felt very motivated by looking at the large audience. The Board, volunteers and team will work hard and hopes to make the 30th anniversary more grand. Stay strong and continue working! Thank you!

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