korean spicy rice cake and cheese hotdog / Fantastic Dinner Eating show MUKBANG/ 엽기 떡볶이 / 가족 먹방

hi,everyone today, the food we will eat is cheese hotdog and the most spicy rice cake in korea thank you for today’s food It is delicious if you eat hot dogs on tteokbokki sauce let’s eat with cheese i will try it myself Spicy sauce should be bountiful. Come cheese to me Come cheese to me Is not it spicy for you? not spicy al all great It is really delicious. hotdog is delicious, too it’s mine i will try it Have a bite of my hot dogs. it is so delicous, You too? very delicious now from on , let’s eat rice cake try fish cake Why do you eat at a time.?? I told you to enjoy a small amount. this is chinese glass noodles What is the name of this? more cheese Hot dogs and cheese is very well. daddy Look at my face. Wipe my face. please she eat so well. korea noodles is so spicy it is chinese noodles big sister, do you want water too? no i want to eat with cheese The harmony of spicy tteokbokki and sweet hot dog is wonderful mother also has blood type a, and I have type a, so let ‘s have hot dogs together. dad has a blood type b, but have a bite hot dog. have a bite so delicious sister, I wash the sausage in water and eat it, it is really delicious. I’m thirsty is it spicy? It’s not like it’s never spicy, it’s just thirsty big sister, are you? rice cake is so spicy bacon I am sweating now. because you do not have water. give me my water Drink water mom, you too You are, handed out to you by having the same blood type with me. so spicy Bacon is so delicious, I want to give it to you. try it It’s really good right? bacon is so delicious Washed in water, I’ve got delicious what is it? fish cake it is so spicy It soak up the sauce, more spicy than rice cake. sausage is very delicious do you want more bacon? gve me more You sweat and I give you water. I am so sweaty, you are not spicy? not at all great i think rice cake is so spicy only rice cake? why not washed in water, eat rice cake? rice cake in water, it doesn’t taste good.. but, I was still delicious. This total of five levels of spicy menu We ordered for children level 1. our children was originally they ate level 1 very well. However, i think delivery is wrong today. Level 3 is like. so spicy not spicy at all which level? i think it is level 3

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