Kravis Leadership Institute – 25th Anniversary

[Music]>>We’re living in a world now where we really
need everyone to be a responsible leader. We need leaders at all levels.>>Leaders who understand the
people, the constituencies that they’re dealing with and care about them.>>To be a good leader, you’ve
got to be ethical,>>The most important quality in tomorrow’s
leaders is how good are they at working across all kinds of different perspectives.>>The mission of Kravis Leadership
Institute is to define what is leadership, and how we can bring out those qualities, and
provide tools and resources to our students for their leadership capacities to grow.>>Leadership is so interwoven into the mission
of Claremont McKenna College, and so it made sense to have an institute that was devoted to the
development of leadership and our students.>>Henry was originally interested
in entrepreneurship. I felt entrepreneurship was a little too
narrow, and we decided on being leadership, which entrepreneurship could be a part of. So that’s how Kravis Leadership
Institute was born. [ Music ]>>It was a little bit of the wild west where
we’re looking at everything in leadership from Churchill to Phil Jackson
at the Chicago Bulls. We were all over the map.>>I came to Kravis Leadership
Institute and it was its second year, and we were pretty much a startup. We had a minor in Leadership
Studies what we call a sequence. There’s foundational course, senior
level, deep dive course in ethics. And then the experiential environment very
often is satisfied through a summer internship. [ Music ]>>With some leadership and pushing,
all of a sudden ideas started to emanate in a lot of different places within KLI.>>Henry encouraged us to narrowing our
focus and chose social innovation as an area that seemed undermined, important,
and something that was in tune with CMC’s mission as a college.>>Kravis Prize was an evolution
of that distinction, and Henry thought that there’s really
nothing that focused on leadership per se, who’s really driving social innovation? I remember talking to my wife, Mary
Jose one night at dinner and I said, I’m thinking of setting up this prize. What do you think about it?>>I said I’d be happy to lead this effort>>And she ran with it.>>We extended it to the world. We took recommendations and applications
and we identified those social enterprises that really were making an impact. To this day CMC continues
to have close relationships with each one of the prize winners. And 18% of graduates enter
the not for profit world.>>Of course the Kravis’ don’t stop there because every great Institute needs
an amazing transformative facility. Then the Kravis Center is
an architectural marvel that really has set the campus
on a completely different arc.>>The idea of the building was
one of the supporting excellence. It’s also one of openness. It’s very accessible.>>At CMC a lot of my life
revolves around the Kravis Center. If it’s going to class in one of the Kravis
Center rooms or studying in the cube, it’s really nice to kind of have a
building on campus that’s devoted to all facets of the studies here.>>It also set a new architectural
standard for the campus, which, in many ways has inspired our
whole public art initiative now with masterful pieces on our campus. [ Music ]>>The community is made up of lots of different
kinds of people from all socio economic, gender, race, backgrounds, and that’s why this
scholarship program is so important. [ Music ]>>We did the Kravis leadership prize
for 10 years, and having done that we felt that perhaps we could take it
may be closer to the students. And therefore the social innovation
lab was an idea that flowed from that.>>Through Kravis lab for social impact I worked
with an organization that deals with women who are pregnant and they use drugs, so
they help them to heal through that process. Just having that opportunity to actually
work with organizations who are doing the job that I would potentially do,
it’s a growth moment for me.>>I was five years into learning Spanish,
and I really, really wanted to travel. I found this institute that
focuses on cultural immersion within the city of Bilbao in northern Spain. And that’s where I started working with the
school to get funding, and they’re just more than generous to send me out there.>>Music Vibe.>>All they need is somebody to reach
out and give them a helping hand. That’s what the Kravis Opportunity
Fund is all about. Some students who receive financial aid receive financial aid strictly for their studies and we felt that we should supplement that and provide the students with the opportunity to do internships and to have access to, really, the life of every student.>>I actually intend to start my own
organization My leadership that has been
honed here will help me.>>Over the last 25 years the
world around us has changed, and the way leaders have to perform has changed.>>So now is our opportunity to take
this foundation and really build upon it.>>What I’m excited about
is what I see CMC doing in their focus now on science and technology.>>We live in a world in which
new technologies are going to have an enormous impact on our civilization. And by providing a strong integrated
foundation in science and computation we believe that we can take that next
step to prepare this generation to be their own great generation
to meet the world’s challenges.>>Music Vibe. [Music]

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