Kristen Bell on the Bold Promise for Hello Bello’s One-Year Anniversary

We’re back with Kristen Bell. And first of all, this is
the one year anniversary of Hello Bello. And it’s doing so well. It usually takes a
company a long time to establish and do well. And this is doing so well. Congratulations. Thank you. We’ve been so, so lucky. And it’s the
one-year anniversary. Well, first of all,
it’s been so awesome. Because when we
started this, we were very honest with the people
that we collaborated with. And we were like, we don’t
need another paycheck, just to be blunt. We want to make a
for-profit company that does really good things
in the world, that has accessibility, and makes
sure that parents can not choose between their
baby or their budget, and create a community. And luckily, we’ve been able–
we’ve given away over a million diapers in our
first year alone– [APPLAUSE] –to 70 different organizations. And we installed a
first-responders discount last year. So all first
responders, military. [APPLAUSE] So good. And then we are giving new and
expectant parents a free week’s worth of diapers on us. Everyone in North America
who is newly expecting. And you just pay $1 in shipping. And we’ll send
you a week’s worth of diapers, not a sample
pack, to just tell you we hope we can lift a little
bit of the burden of having a child. Wow, that’s fantastic, Kristen. That’s great. You do the series Momsplaining,
which, you’re fantastic. And there’s something
that I don’t know much about having a child. But when you breastfeed, I
guess you have to be aware all the time of everything. And I don’t know
if you saw this. A woman was just– she
had self tanning on. And then she was breastfeeding. And look at the baby’s face. This is after she realized– [LAUGHTER] Oh, yeah, wow. That checks out. That checks out. What a shock when you’re
like, what’s wrong with your– And then, now, that baby’s
got a 5 o’clock shadow. Right. Yes. Like a hobo. It looks like a hobo. It does look like a hobo baby. Going to get on a
train in a minute. And then you just wrote
your first children’s book, which is called– The World Needs
More Purple People. Great name. I’ll let you deduce
what the title means. But my friend Ben
Hart and I, who– Ben Hart also works
on Hello Bello. He drew all these little icons. He’s very talented. It occurred to us that
our children were even subconsciously absorbing
all these conversations about divisiveness
and differences, and that we weren’t
really talking about the things
that make us similar, which is, newsflash, literally
everything other than a couple opinions. So we wrote a book that serves
as kind of a manual to kids, and I think, should be
required reading for adults, about the things
that make us similar, like loving laughing,
and hard work, and just to remind us all that
we’re just one group of people. Because red and
blue makes purple. Bingo. I like it. It’s good. It’s good. More with Kristin after this.

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  1. Their intent is fabulous – I just really really wish they hadn't had to do this with Walmart. Walmart is problematic for SO many reasons that are the antithesis of what Kristen and Dax are about. I don't know – maybe it was the lesser of evils?

  2. I absolutely love Kristen & Dax! I love how she said they weren’t looking to get a second paycheck & I LOVE how they haven given back so much!! ❤️

  3. Hi elllen I got my school to help me donate to a women’s shelter and I already was gonna donate using my birthday money but I got my school to help and we have already done so much but I love u so much and u inspired me to love myself and to always be myself muah from Cali corona ❤️🌈

  4. " The world Needs More Purple People "
    I came up with those Words longtime a go. By the way I'm one of the Purple People. 🤗🕵️‍♀️💜

  5. First time watching Kristin last Friday in the movie 'Couples Retreat' and obv…she's so fine, but I like that she's doing something positive with that diapers thing as well as the book. Good Stuff Kristin

  6. Love all the products! I wish the diapers would have worked for us but my little heavy wetter would soak through a diaper in 30 min. But the wipes and skin care products are great for her super sensitive skin!

  7. When Ellen said “because red and blue make purple” what was she talking about? Obviously I know that red and blue make purple, but what’s the significance in the book of those two colors mixing? Am I missing something? Lol

  8. I've never heard a celebrity say, "We don't need another paycheck". I'm always so in awe of her! More purple people & more loving & generous people like Kristen!

  9. I love how Kristen dresses like Elsa in a purple gown and I love how the book's name is "The World Needs More Purple People"

    how iconic.. hmmm?

  10. Hello bello diapers are THE softest I've ever got. And I've pretty much tried them all… pampers, huggies, honest, 7th gen, target, walmart….so many!!

  11. They're both amazing for doing this, I don't have kids or plan to but I hear a lot about how hard it is raising kids because of the costs, they're doing a huge thing for families here. I think they're also sincere in the products being healthier unlike some of the controversy around the Honest brand by Jessica Alba.

  12. I've loved Kristen since I saw her in Gracie's Choice, and she was such a character in Veronica Mars. I didn't know that in real life she's so much more until some years back. She just grows on me.

  13. I highly recommend the Hello Bello melatonin gummies. They taste amazing and more importantly, they work. I didn’t even know that was her company.

  14. Good god how dark was that woman’s tan?! Kristen Bell never ceases to amaze me. Putting families before profit is something I wish we saw more of from people. I get business is business, but you can see how much companies like Hello Bello mean to people. I don’t have children myself but if I do at any point I will absolutely check them out (unless it’s US only of course)

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