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Everyone everyone looks so beautiful tonight Let me just start off by saying this week’s been really good I mean Tahoe has been amazing and it really gave me a lot of clarity I always say I’m hopeful But more than that this week’s given me that feeling of excitement because I know love is here With that let’s begin I’m sorry, would you mind if I just had a quick moment of your time? Yeah What What could she possibly be talking to him about she doesn’t really care about what anyone else thinks her field So I’m hoping Ari is starting to catch on to that as well Chris was pulling the quick moves right now, and I don’t know that it’s in her favor after this week to be doing that a Little nervous, okay. Oh Lord have mercy Everybody would have liked to have talked to him and know what you’re the illumina to get to talk to him I thought it was very disrespectful of Krystal tonight to pull him aside when he made it very clear He knew what he wanted to do She could be wanting to go home now in security she does not want to go home right Amy She look at it clear. He did not want To talk the silver. This move is disrespectful to Ari’s decision He wanted to dive right into the rose ceremony and it’s obvious that she’s just trying to save herself and I hope that whatever Crystal is saying to him right now has no impact on what is already being made up in his mind I just want you to know that like I’m here to play games that I’m here for you And I feel that I need to let my respect your decision. I Think the consensus of the group is that crystal should go home If someone goes home that is actually here Ferrari over her it would be really sad All right, Lauren we accept this rose Kendall Kendall we accept this rose Ashley Ashley, we accept this rose Back ok. All right, little sweaty, right? Yeah Becca. We accept this rose Chelsea Chelsea wakes up this rose China Jenna, will you accept this rose? Yes Jacqueline Jacqueline wakes up with rose. Yeah Mike Murray, will you accept this rose? Yeah Ladies barri his final rose tonight when you’re ready Thanks. I Mean obviously would be frustrating if I went home and crystals stayed But crystals not his wife if he wants to be conned into something and think that crystal is the one for him She is playing him like a fiddle man My relationship with our he’s very strong again this and how I’m a woman it was a lot to offer I don’t think so Krystal krystal, we accept this rose Subscribe to our channel for of the drama and romance from across The Bachelor World!

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  1. I honestly think they played her into being the villain… she wasn't really. After watching paradise she becomes more herself and less competitive.

  2. This why you don't talk shit about your former competiton. Krystal came into paradise, and of course, tia and the other girls were already hating, but at the end of the day, Krystal found love, and the ones who wanted her to do bad, didn't. Shook

  3. I have NEVER seen the Bachelor but when the camera hit the woman with the short hair…..STUNNING!

    The woman at 0:26 makes the other women look basic… Divine Beauty

  4. Sorry I did NOT see the season only the end, can someone tell me why he did not pick Tia but I did see the ending where Tia was in the final 4.
    Can someone explain?

  5. Why do we blame Krystal alone? Arie took her home and showed her all his childhood pic and l am sure that's why she called him 'N..*****k" So she has some confidence.

  6. Anyone notice how she asks "would you mind if I could have a quick moment of your time" and Arie says "yeah" lol (he should've said no)

  7. They wanted to act shocked that Krystal was planing the game . Wether y’all wanna admit that or not ,the bachelor is a game to its core

  8. I love how dude comes in at the end and says: "Alright, this is the last rose."

    It's like dude we can count to 1, the roses are sitting right there in front of us

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