Kyle Hunt of The Black Angels | Jazzmaster 60th Anniversary | Fender

[MUSIC] Just swimming around like a tremolo. [MUSIC] That was it like, okay, I can stop looking for other guitars. [MUSIC] I got my first guitar, it was like a Hondo Stratocaster. Think the amp was a bass amplifier,
a little tiny just one. It didn’t have any distortion or
overdrive. Not even a push button. I asked my dad, I said, dad,
I need a distortion pedal. He said no you don’t, distortion’s bad. I said, no, the distortions,
that’s what I want. So finally a friend of his,
he was a musician and gave me an old distortion pedal. And the second I plugged it in- [SOUND]>>Yes, that’s the sound,
that’s rock and roll. [MUSIC] Modern player wise,
the first person that I saw live play with the Jazzmaster was Thurston Moore’s
solo on a side stage at Lollapalooza. The guitar wasn’t in any
particular standard tuning, and he had piece of metal or something. Singing and
playing this just making tons of noise. And that was like probably the first
time I saw someone play one live. Record was my Buddy Valentine,
like the thick wall of sound. Fuzz stuff with the arm in there and
the subtle modulation. Like that was on record
probably my favorite use of it. And then, obviously, Dinosaur Jr.,
watching them live too, like it’s another Jazzmaster,
master, Jazzmaster. [MUSIC] This specific guitar, it’s a 65. Early on in our touring days, I’d come home from tour and
I lived right by Austin Vintage Guitars. When we were leaving for tour, I remember
begging the owner to take some of my money and hide it while I was gone,
so I could buy it when I got back. And sure enough, yeah, it’s been mine for
at least six years, I think. [MUSIC] Fenders have a bright voice to them,
and that’s what I love about them. Christian’s Rickenbacker, he uses
the neck pickup, and it’s pretty dark. And Jake’s a humbucker guy. If I was going to stick out, sonically
within a song, it’s either based around a pedal or it’s based around
an instrument, and to me, the single coil Fenders, specifically the Jazzmaster and
the Jaguar, they fit right in for me. Right where I would want the sound to be. [MUSIC] Before this, I was a Tele guy,
and Teles are awesome, because you can roll back the volume and
not lose the high end. But I wanted something
that was bigger sounding. The tremolo was something
that I yearned from my days of learning on the Stratocaster. For me, the Jazzmaster tremolo was just
more responsive to fluid movements and fast stuff. It’s a weird guitar, at first it can be intimidating,
because your like, okay, cool. There’s two pickups, there’s a three-way
selector, and then you’re like, what is this whole thing? Basically when you flip up here, you’ve
got a separate volume and a separate tone. So if you just kill the volume, [MUSIC] You engage the bottom
select pickup selector. [MUSIC]
See that’s not really a conventional use of, I mean, technically it’s a Jazzmaster, but I don’t play jazz on it. [MUSIC]

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  1. MBV will never have enough respect imo and their 2013 album will never get the appreciation it deserves

  2. Why every video on Jazzmaster has to always talk about top switch and knobs, isn't that like common knowledge by now.

  3. Just bought my first Fender and now I'm wondering how I played and lived without one… Seriously, this will be my next

  4. Rock that Mt. Rushmore t shirt dude! My son came for a short visit, I let him play the Nocaster but didn't tell him about my new Am Pro Jazzmaster with Lollar Relics. I feel terrible about that by the way.

  5. I saw The Black Angels live at The Levitation Festival last month in Austin and they blew me away ! I already loved them on record but live, they are unbelievable !

  6. No entiendo mucho el inglés pero me parece que los subtitulos en español están malos y lo raro es que no están en automático.

  7. The Killswitch setup is also what I do with a Jazzmaster. It's the reason I won't own a modern player, they can't do that. Neither can an American Professional. Total rubbish for their price points.

  8. I use the rythmn circuit as a Killswitch setup as well, I love it for stutter stuff or just using it to quiet the hum in-between songs. Jazzmasters are the best

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