KYLIE JENNER KYSHADOW PALETTE & Birthday Collection: First Impressions

what’s up everyone welcome back to my
Channel today we’re doing a first impressions on the new Kylie Cosmetics
Kyhadows “the bronze palette” and the birthday collection this is a heavy bag
full of delicious makeup out like most Kylie products this was really hard to
get at the last second i snagged one from the website i’m like yes girl you better
lark when I first saw this I was like okay girl like I shadows ok now
obviously I had one little bad experience with this brand does that
mean I have to hate every product and talk shit that’s not my style there are so many opinions on me judging
other brands because i have my own and my perfect fuck no i’m not i think ive
been buying makeup and a consumer for about 15 years now so I think I’m
allowed to judge and can people judge me yes they can so moving forward I’m
excited to try a bunch of her new stuff now the shadow palette i love the
packaging you guys know when the packaging or I love the eyes on the
front and of course it did come with this card that everybody’s talking about
and if everybody’s talking about it that’s a good thing because you know you
made a mark so it has that famous postcard that winks at you i think it is
a really cute with a little message on the back now this palette comes in this
unit carton now it looks something like this now of course I think with every palate
that outside drips matches and what’s on the inside now the shade names are on
the back and then the birthday collection so this is a limited edition
bundle item all the items in here are limited and the cool thing about this is
they all come in gold packaging i love and brands changed their packaging color
this gold is really gorgeous i think the packaging looks expensive so if you want to see me get into all
this goodness and get some damn makeup then keep on watching I’m trying to
smoke some fucking weed and they can’t believe me a lighter about to run to
make it stick because the fire alright so obviously
you guys can see I have my full foundation on contour highlight in the
brows so this is Kylie’s first ever eyeshadow palette is called the bronze
palette now when i first saw this packaging i really loved it i think it’s
different dope i love the drawing of the eyes on the front very cute and I’m sure
as more eyeshadow palettes roll out there will be different color so of
course this one is bronze now from seeing so many people review this so far
i gotta say one thing people were kind of being shady about the colors a lot of
people are trying to compare them to other brands but do you ever see Kylie
not just wear these colors like I’ve maybe for photoshoots once in awhile but
this skew is pretty much her like this sums up her style i think just from a
viewer you know she doesn’t wear hot pinks and blues and yellows so I feel
like she shouldn’t put out something right off the bat with those colors
because it’s just not authentic now obviously have not dragged into the
shadows yet but if you want to see swatches of all these this thing the
video for that so if you want to see what your swatches checkout Manny’s or
laura lee’s i will link their review down below this is just going to be a
first impressions on using them on my face so when I first first saw this I
was like wait a minute this kind of looks like this guy I’m not being Shady I’m just keeping it
really real I was like wait a minute kinda looks like the many palette not
the colors i’m just saying the layout is very similar and I know a lot of people
are being cunty because there’s no mirror on this you know for the price .
i definitely think there should be a mere $42 I’m like doing girl damn damn damn girl do I think the
mirror is like a necessity i don’t think so i personally get ready with
everything light when I’m not filming like it’s just that I’m going out I
don’t hold up a palette and do my eyes but I know a lot of people do when they
travel or they’re in the car so I don’t know I feel like if your makeup lever
you are your own 20 million pallets anyway so stop whining let’s get into
the colors now for today’s little smoky wayne died i’m going to be using some
scotch tape to cut that motherfucker out and i’m just going to follow my natural
lash line and see what happens I just try to have all these and pray to
Jesus that they line up perfectly of course it’s not always going to be
perfect you can always touch it up when you remove it later now I’m gonna be
taking this light shade called Jasper and I’m gonna be taking that all over my
entire kind of like I area so kind of from brow too late i’m gonna put this
down there alright so first impressions is or brush
this is brutal dude now I love a good white bone color for under the brow this
is very china white and we love it right now we’re going to take a little
blending brush and dip into citroen this gorgeous orange transition color i just
i just love to transition color and we’re just going to put this right in
our crease and I’m kind of going to create a little little extra bowl will
cut late in there okay this one is a very cute ok girl i love this one so
far now it definitely has a lot of fallout
but once it’s on the brush and it hits your skin it’s like Barry Barry Barry
I’m gonna bring it into my kind of my little brow bone nose area and i’m going
to drag this out we are getting draggy and bitchy today and we’re going to take
this and go all the way on the side of that tape or dragging her out all right now I’m going to be dipping
into the cream shadow this is shade copper and i have never used this before as you can see but let’s give it a whirl
I’m just going to kind of cut out where that white shadow is I’m going to place
this in there and let’s see what happens oh you’ll see that I’m like oh my why
this shit looks yummy yummy ok so I’m just gonna take that and kind
of like cut out on my lid and just kinda create a moment the consistency of this
is really creamy it is really easy to blend I’m like who this is this is
really nice and I was taking his brush and we are just cutting into our laid i
love how metallic this is like this copper one is everything now also in her
birthday collection there was another shade called a rose gold so i’ll
definitely have to use this in a future tutorial now i’m going to jump into this
shade called hematite is like a chocolate reddish tone around and i’m
just going to use a little mac blending brush and I’m just gonna go right in
that crease and start too dark in that area so right where that gold copper
shadow stops we are just adding in some color and i’m also going to be dipping
into Ron’s I and I’m gonna go pull back and forth and kind of mix the colors now
these shadows this these ones as well blend just like that transition color so
i think that that’s are extremely pigmented and they
are blending great i know everyone has had different experiences but so far the
mats are really nice i’m going to go back into that transition color citroen and we’re just going to just
kinda defuse that dark crease a little more i am going to be adding a wing
later so this will all make sense shortly and now i’m going to take this
little detail brush this is the morphe five of seven and i’m just gonna barely
touch obsidian this is the black color and I am just gonna kind of carve out a
little bit more of my lid and notice how I’m right now just barely dragging it so
when we do it with you know a liquid wing I it’s going to you know just go
with the flow now I think it’s time to remove the
scotch tape and pray that their keep and I just like take little tweezers and who
my god Pam huh oh now if there is a little bit of
scotch tape a little mark on my face i’ma fix that in a second let’s see this
side here i love how this looks on my god like really like really even yes
ma’am now I definitely want to do a really sharp winged liner so I’m gonna
be using the arden see in bunker black liquid liner this has a sharp as buck
tip look at that whoo and i love this guy it is easy to draw
on and since this isn’t a Kylie product i’m just going to do my winged liner off
camera I’ll be right back now that the wing is for rochas I think
I definitely need to smoke out the bottom lashline a tiny bit so i’m going
to go back and with that little morphy detail brush i think i’m going to dip
into a tiger eye which is this beautiful kind of campbell brown color and let’s start off with that guy so we’re
just going to be really saw Jenna I’m going to connect that with the wing man
just kind of blend it right under it and instead of going all the way in I’m gonna take the point of this brush
and really we go in there so I’m not gonna go all
the way into my inner corner of it’s going to kind of stop it a hair and
leave a little bit of negative space and then we’re going to drag out and add a
little bit more in there and I just use a little nervous kabuki brush to just
soften and make sure there is no fallout and I’m gonna take a tiny bit of bronze
I and I’m barely touching the pan and on the outer edges of under the eye i’m
just going to drag this brush slightly just what kind of darkens and gives it a
little bit more dimension alright i am I think we are officially
done with this palette for now now I of course I did not try the to
shimmer shades which a lot of people have been reading to filth so I’m just
going to touch them right now on camera but they look creamy let’s do both of
these real quickly alright so that is the pigment is what’s
with the look on my head I know that finger swatches are not always the best
but I’m gonna give it a whirl ok very pigmented who now I heard a lot
of people had a tough time blending these out on the lid of course i am not
going to stay that’s correct or not until I try alright I am going to quickly add in
some I think liner in my waterline i think i really want to make this look
pop and go to the next level so I’m gonna be taking my favorite color pop
gel liner and this isn’t shade honey dude now this is a new designer i love
this with a warm tongue look it just makes the eyes really pop of course I
gotta do some lashes so before I do the falsies we’re going to use my favorite
benefit roller lash mascara now I heard that they’re coming out with a around
version of this i can’t wait i think the bottom mascara really made this pop now
I definitely don’t want to do crazy huge lashes to hide all this beautiful work
so i’m going to be going with that violet vox faux lashes I don’t know the
style name you guys a were on my desk from a previous encounter and whatever
the style name but I’m gonna pop these on really quick and i’ll be right back
all right these lashes are cute and they really
finish off the look so now what time is it I think it’s definitely time that we
dive into the birthday collection in this cute little bag you get of course
the classic mouth and then this little zipper has a que on it really cute i was
surprised on how much product was in this there is a really good amount so
I’m just going to pull it out like a magic at this is that kylie-ky liner now
this was in dark bronze I didn’t use it for the look i really wanted that smoky
and then black sharp winged liner so I didn’t get to use this but i definitely
will have to try it you get a gel liner in here and you also get a brush which I
thought was cute little liner brush and then you also get a pencil so i will
definitely have to use this sometime soon now the lip stuff that’s what I’m
excited about now this is a new shade called Leo by the way I have a shade
called Leo coming out in October because that’s Nathan’s zodiac sign so I was
like damn it but hey some brands have someone named
they really don’t matter but this is a lip kit so you get the lip liner and the
liquid lip which I love the gold packaging by the way it looks are really
cute now this color is like a kind of
Burgundy let’s watch it on the hand real quick
i’m just going to do my understanding my hand is no the statues crazy crazy so let’s
see what this looks like whoa and of course it has the classic
liquid lips smile that she has and then the liner which I love the formula of
their aligners they are really creamy and the payoff is nice and yes this
matches all the other ones should reduce with this look let me see let me see
what else is in here and then we’re going to decide we have a birthday
edition and gloss and a metallic Calypso the metallic lip is called Lord oh this
is like gold gold and then what is this one this is the gloss and it’s called
poppin so these are both gold tones this one the gloss is a little more brighter
i’m just going to swatches on my hand as well who that is pretty you guys you see
that shine this would be cool by itself I’m gonna have to try that later over
like a little lip liner hmm and then what do we have here this
is the metallic liquid lip is going to go right above that wow that is a really nice coverage it’s
a little dark for my taste I wish it was a little bit a little less yellow tone
but its full coverage and as mentioned earlier there is one more cream shadow
this is in shade a rose gold who and I was gonna do a little stool fingers
watch who I love that color yes me who that is really pretty this is the same formula as that color
on my lid so I cannot wait to put this on my eye so and then we have of course
duh how could i forget about the little baby
miniature matte liquid lipstick now love this golden unicorn or really really
it’s just really fetch yes Gretchen ok so this has six colors and they are we
having here girl exposed doujin k koke okay kandi kay and Kristen better work
Kristen I just think that this packaging is really really gorgeous i’m obsessed
with gold you guys so I mean come on I got golden teeth gold contact lenses and gold pussy ok so what am I
gonna put on my lips you guys I really don’t know I’m like freaking out here
like I really want to put on the goals but my eyes are so copper and very gold
so i think i’m gonna go in with this leo liquid lip and liner let’s give it a
whirl you guys so I’m gonna do the liner first and let’s just dive in these lip
liners are so creamy I really love this formula alright now that we left and lined let’s
go in with the matching a liquid lip now quick little opinion the lip liner is a
little more dark burgundy than this I know they’re kind of supposed to match
but this one is a lot more like a red tone did not that I mind I think it
looks great but just a little thought now the liquid lip it was a tiny bit
streaky I think that putting the lip liner under it definitely helped and it
makes it look very flawless this is a very fall look and think are
getting in the fall because i can’t wait to coat my entire existence in black and
purple eyeshadow and get into some dark lips but I’m wow I really like this look
you guys so what are my final thoughts i forgot setting spray like whoever screws
don’t answer that ok let’s set this mother effing face and
today we’re going to using a little taste and fix from Makeup Forever we are
set for the gods now I’m kind of thinking about doing a little maybe a
little dark hair for this looks so I’m going to finish the bowl and I’ll be
right back alright guys this is the final look I
really love the I love how this look turned out i think the eyes are vicious
definitely need to start using some more scotch tape because that shit was easy
now final thoughts on the palate all right
so is this jeffree star approved this palette is jeffree star approved now I
know there are a lot of mixed reviews all over the internet i think that a lot
of people are just really feeding into negativity and just wanting to hate something because of maybe who is made
by or past experiences I don’t know back in the day and eye shadow palette is not
a shadow palette you’re paying for the name you’re paying for the brand and at
the end of the day the shadows work is this worthy of the price i think it
could be a little cheaper but then again you are paying for the name exactly like
if you’re buying a high information you know you’re getting into so is this a
must-have you are gonna die without it pallet definitely not if you have
morphine shadows or makeup get you can definitely find oops i cannot wait to
see what kylie comes out with next I mean come on guys were all makeup
addicts and I know she got some good shade under her sleeve so thank you guys
so much for watching this video and for just letting me be me i will see you on
the next one ma better work bitch we’re creating a moment right here right
now I’m looking at the monitor like whoa delayed ships are you doing do just that

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