Kylie Jenner Surprises Fan with Visit to Kylie Cosmetics Headquarters

Hey Ellen, it’s Kylie. I heard one of my biggest fans
was up the street right now at a hotel. Her name’s Ashley. She’s 22. She’s been going through a lot. So I’m going to head over
there right now, pick her up. I have a lot of
surprises for her today. So come and join me. (WHISPERING) Let’s go! [KNOCKING] Room service! Hi. No way! No way! Surprise! I brought a lot of people here. How are you? It’s so nice to meet you. Oh my god! I read your story. I heard so much about you. Oh, don’t cry! How are you? I can’t believe it! OK, put your shoes on. We’re going to spend
the day together. We’re going to see my office. I’m coming right out right now. I’ll wait for you. I can’t wait to spend
the day together. She is– she is– OK, I’m ready. Whoa, that was fast! [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, so this is the
front of my office. In real life, it’s so
much more beautiful. Really? I love it. I love it! Thank you. Are you a fan of
Kylie Cosmetics? Yes. Honestly, you’re
like my inspiration. I really want to have my own
business, be a boss girl. Amazing. Yes, female
entrepreneur, of course! Right, exactly. I kind of resonated
with your story because of how much
you love your mom. And I’m obsessed with my mom. Like, I would do
anything for my mom. So I really– I
love that about you. My mom, she’s just a
single parent, you know? She’s a first-grade teacher. She works in a low-fund school. She’s always making sure
that her students are first and giving out-of-pocket for
them, making sure they excel. You went to college? Yes. And you dropped out of
school to help your mom? Yes. I dropped out because
I saw the need. I saw her tears. I saw all of that. So I stepped up and I just
took my job and was like, let me go full time. Let me, you know? You’re an amazing
person for that. Thank you. Thank you. That is amazing. I was like, let me just,
you know, help her! I want to see her OK. I would do anything
to make sure she’s OK. You’re going to make me cry. Now that we’re all crying,
let’s put some makeup on. [MUSIC – TAYLOR SWIFT “STYLE”] (SINGING) You go that James
Dean day dream look in your eye. And I got that
red-lipped classic– I love it. I love it. So pretty. Oh, my god. (SINGING) And when
we go crashing down, we come back every time. Shift your body this way. This way? Yep. Shoulders turned at me. There you go. OK, oh I like that back to back. Cute. That’s perfect. Surprise! Oh! We got our makeup done. We got our hair done. I showed her the office. We talked about how
much she loves you. Hey, guys! Oh! My mom! Did you have a very amazing day. Amazing! It’s so much fun! Were you surprised? Kylie has been so great
and has been so excited about surprising you guys. So I learned a lot about
your daughter today. She talked to me a
lot about the school. How long have you
been with this– Almost 20 years. This school is in
the South Bronx. We service children that
are come from shelters, from homeless situations. And we are like
a family in PS35. We don’t only teach
them academically. We also embrace them. We encourage them. We help the parents
too if they’re going through a difficult situation. And most of the money
comes from our pockets, because we don’t get
enough funding for us. I have some people that
want to say hello, actually. Oh, what happened here? Oh, my god! Hi! Hi! Hi, everybody! Oh, my god! When I heard about you guys,
that really touched me. So I want to give
$50,000 to the school. Oh, my god! There’s a check here. [CHEERING] Yeah! Oh, my god. Thank you, Kylie. Thank you so much. Thank you! I do want to give you
both one last surprise. Oh, my god. No, you’re kidding me. No. Yes. This from me. And of course,
Ellen helped a lot. Oh, my God! Oh, [INAUDIBLE]. There is a god in heaven. Thank you. This is amazing. I want you to be able to
pay off your student loan. Thank you. I want you to be able
to go back to college. For sure. For sure! I told you, never lose hope. There’s always an
angel out there. Thank you for hearing my voice. I love you guys. Thank you. We love you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye, everybody. Bye, Ellen. We love you! Bye! Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
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also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. Ya! Oh [BEEP]! God [BEEP]!

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