La Dolce Anita (60th Anniversary Special)

You already played the part of a
dancing girl, of a princess, of a queen. Is that the kind of parts you want to
play, haven’t you other ambitions than historical parts? Yes of course, of course. I don’t choose
historical parts. I much prefer to have a modern story, very dramatic, and I’m really looking forward for one. I have a chance in Federico
Fellini. He’s making a picture in February, and the part that I’m supposed to play, or
that I might be playing, is modern and it’s dramatic and it’s a step forward to what
I want to reach. Marcello, come here! The fountain they say now it’s my fountain,
and I agree, it’s my fountain. It wasn’t created for me but it’s become mine. When we did the film it was end of January and the beginning of February, and in the water was ice cold. It was freezing. I had fun doing it, I enjoyed it very much, I enjoyed very much to work with Federico. He let me… do what I wanted, you know? Say what I wanted and I could move the way I wanted. So, I rather liked it. I still like it. I’m proud of it!

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