La Verdad – Despedida de Soltera Viral – Cancela Boda Novio – 2017 – Video Viral – Lady Despedida

a video of a girl became viral having sex in a meeting with a stripper apparently the boyfriend saw the video and called off the wedding which of course gave him much more virality This is the news of the moment I have received many messages asking about the reality of this story although many media give it as certain This is so? with the news the video is shown And a photo of the young woman with her alleged ex-partner There has been much debate around this virality, That the woman is guilty, that men are worse, that it is the fault of the person who shared the video. We will focus here to see the truth of this story. Indeed, was this so? In different portals And even in a video of Facebook with more than 2 million views The information is scarce It is said that in the bachelor party, the girl lost control then by the recent viralization of the video The husband canceled the wedding, It happens that no matter how much is investigated no further information. No names No places, no dates, There are no more photos or videos Only the video in question and this photo When researching we discovered a video more But then … Is it the same girl? Many say no because of the different eyeglasses Because they perceive certain differences in the nose Because their teeth are different Let’s see what we can investigate. We found another video more. Apparently, of minutes before of the viralized video On it you can clearly see his face The confusion comes out that they both wear glasses She has her hair collected so we can not see what it really is. She even looks makeup What makes it more complicated to realize, as would be without this In case there is still any doubt, we continue investigating We found a folder with both files The video and the photo. If we go to information, we can see that the photo has a recent date Possibly has been resubmitted But if we go to the video we see that the date is old The video is from over a year ago They even say that the video has up to three or four years let’s recap. There is absolutely no information. No names Dates, places, nothing. There is no source of information. There is only the video and the photo. It is clear that they are not the same person conclusion, this story is false The same thing happened forever. The video of the event with the stripper it had already become viral. some means, trying to get more visibility created this false story as it often happens. simply got a photo of a girl like that. He gave “I like” his bachelor party And that the boyfriend left her. One more false news that abound on the internet. although this apparently does not hurt anyone. Actually this is not so. It is discrediting these two people that appear in the photo It is ruining her image Share the video so the truth is known Let’s fight the disinformation If you liked the video leave a “like” and subscribe We upload videos every day This was, “You are here” Science, curiosities, analysis and news spreading the truth and fighting disinformation I remind you that we have a Whatsapp group The link is in the description and in the comments join up

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