L’Actu des Parcs Disneyland® Paris : Légendes de la Force, Célébration de La Reine des Neiges, ZAP

Hi boys and girls. As you know, life is full of “Do this, do that, this and that, this and that…” I’ll admit it. There aren’t many things
we actually want to do. That’s why I’m here, to brief you
on not-to-be-missed events, exclusive info and everything you absolutely must do when coming to Disneyland Paris. And, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to the channel. Up next, the latest news on the new season dedicated to
Star Wars : Legends of the Force. We’ll also take a look backstage
at the new show Frozen : a musical invitation. Then, we’ll go to the Frozen Celebration and we’ll finish with the zapping of course : the best moments chosen by you,
visitors of the park. Don’t click away, it’s time for
the park news. DISNEY PARK NEWS A brand-new interactive adventure just started at Walt Disney Studios Park. Art of Animation is now
Animation Celebration and takes you to the heart of
the Arendelle kingdom. If, like me, you are convinced
that reindeer are better than people and you want to walk down the ice castle
staircase comfortably, Frozen: a musical invitation is a must-do. Let’s chat with Claire to find out more. THE INTERVIEW TRUE? FALSE? FROZEN :
A MUSICAL INVITATION, WHAT IS IT ? It’s an adventure. It’s an immersion at the heart
of the first Frozen movie through which visitors will travel. TRUE? FALSE ? I KNOW THE MUSIC
AT HOME ON MY SOFA? No, that would be a shame. We took iconic themes like « Let it go » and
« Love is an open door » and re-recorded them specially
for the show. Come enjoy it. TRUE? FALSE? WE’LL LEARN
HOW TO BUILD A SNOWMAN ? Well, that’s false.
You won’t learn to build a snowman. However, you will learn Queen Elsa’s
magic moves. TRUE? FALSE? SVEN EATS
5KG OF CARROTS PER SHOW? Not true. In fact, he eats more than that. He eats 12kg of carrots. RUE? FALSE? 3 ROOMS,
3 ATMOSPHERES, LIKE AT THE MACUMBA ? Well, no, actually.
There are 2 rooms and 2 atmospheres. You have the first room with
Sven’s lodge and the chimney and the second room where
you have the ice castle in the North mountain. The best place to spend winter and avoid post-holiday blues is here at Disneyland Paris. Since January 11th, park news
has been following 2 must-see movie events: Frozen 2 and Star Wars: episode IX,
The Rise of Skywalker. If you’re on team « Into the Unknown », the Frozen Celebration is made for you. It’s available from
January 11th to May 3rd. Elsa and Ana take over both parks with a new show Frozen: a musical invitation. An interactive experience at
Walt Disney Studios. You can rediscover
the world of the second film by watching Frozen 2:
an enchanted journey. A parade with a 6-meter high float, right here in Central Plaza. And, as if I hadn’t said the word “Frozen” enough, note that Frozen will be in stores throughout the parks with exclusive
Frozen merchandise. For several seasons, park visitors have had the opportunity to immerse
themselves in the Star Wars universe this year until March 15th 2020,
both Disneyland Paris parks invite you to rediscover
Legends of the Force. Jedi, stormtroopers, wookies, droids, everything you need to celebrate
the galaxy far, far away, the most famous
in the universe. This season’s must-do, “Star Tours :
the adventure continues “, has a new original
intergalactic destination : the oceanic moon Kef Bir,
from the latest episode of the series. It’s in 3D. It’s interactive. Forget Google Maps, guys. You’ll need the force. Next, hurry and see “Star Wars :
the galactic celebration” at Production Courtyard. When night falls, Walt Disney Studios bring you an impressive show with sound,
light and mapping with iconic characters on stage Rey, Chewbacca and C3PO. You got it, there are as many
surprises and events as there are stars in
this legendary galaxy. Yes, I know,
I have great punch lines… May the force of the Fast Pass
be with you ! So yes, the holidays are over
but that’s doesn’t mean we can’t give you a present. Don’t worry, it’s not a
starting kit for scrapbooking. It’s a new segment just for you, made by you. These are your best moments
in Disneyland Paris. Here’s the zapping. And bippity, boppity, boo. Park news is over but for more videos,
click here. To subscribe to Disneyland
Paris’ YouTube channel, click there. Comments are down below and don’t
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  1. Sérieux super les événements pour l’hiver ( bonne idée pour faire vivre le parc en période hivernale surtout en Attente des expansions)

  2. J'aime beaucoup le concept 😍 surtout le zap a la fin 😂 mais je préfère la saison pirate et princesse à la saison reine des neiges j'espère qu'ils reviendront l'année prochaine 🤞🏼

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