Lady Gaga hosts a private A-list party as everyone hits on Emma Watson

Everyone pay attention. We’ve found the ultimate
celeb magnet. It’s Lady Gaga. She of sparkly outfits and jaunty hats, held a fancy party
at Annabel’s in London and a vast crowd of celebs turned up to hear some of her new music.
Ranging from musicians to supermodels to.. oh that’s Bradley Cooper’s new girlfriend. Meanwhile inside, despite the Gaga love, it
looked like everyone only had eyes for Emma Watson who was drowning in a sea of hot men.
It’s not easy being Hermione. As well as fun, the evening was part of Gaga’s
campaigning to raise awareness for Global Funds, which tackles HIV in Africa. It’s a very important fight to join, and I…
think it’s wonderful that Belvedere and Annabel’s had this evening, and that the message about
saving lives and spreading more information about how to promote safe sex and get contraception
to parts of the world where they don’t have it, as well as spreading even more statistical
information about where people have it in the world and how they get it and what’s transmitted
in different ways. I mean, the more that we can educate people, the more that we can control
it, and I think that it’s really wonderful that they’re involved and I think every major
corporation should be involved in these sorts of things.

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