LAS VEGAS Bachelor Party – That Cousin Show Podcast Episode #45

You are an idiot! You are an idiot! Do not
show your face in there again. Okay. I think that, I think we went to McDonald’s
right after. You did the same thing, you broke their counter grabbing for the burger. It’s like a
granite countertop. It’s marble. Welcome to another episode of That Cousin Show. You
guys should subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’re watching there, but if
not, fine just watch for fun. It’s all fun and exciting times. Speaking of fun times, my
bachelor party is coming up this weekend and guess where we’re going? It’s so
cliche, guys. It’s so cliche. Take a wild guess. We’re going to the North Carolina! Paris! Utah! Well there is Paris in Vegas but we’re not staying
there. We’re saying at the Cosmopolitan because that’s where Cody decided. Cody’s
the decider. Oh yeah. I feel like right before we go on we need to reference the
new camera angles. Oh yeah, well you have new camera we just thought you know we’d
switch it up a little bit so we’re just gonna be… you’re going to look at us from
this side now? For the YouTube viewers! Yeah if you’re not watching on YouTube, you
probably should because it’s a lot more exciting to watch. And fo the VHS viewers. Available
at all fine Blockbusters everywhere. We recorded this
on Betamax. So Joel’s out this week. He was busy but we’re going to see him next
week when we are in Vegas partying it up for a bachelor party weekend. Now, I think
ever since the Hangover came out, it’s like a cliche thing that you’re just
gonna get all crazy drunk now and it’s all just crazy shenanigans
happening but I think because now we’re in our mid-30s, we’re doing the tame
version of Vegas this time. It’s not gonna be too wild and crazy,’ plus we’re
all, well not Josh, but all of us are taken. Speak for yourself, Dillon! know
he’s in Vegas got some plans that’s what party isn’t for you is for
everyone else and mine there might be true I didn’t I
didn’t even know if you were going until right now you don’t cheat you don’t
cheat bro you don’t do that cody has no idea we’re filming this no I think Vegas
has been the Vegas experience along before the hangover came out he’s
probably right that’s for sure you’re probably right and I didn’t know that we
were bran doing the tame version what’s your definition of tamed well we were in
our early 20s it’s we stay out all night you go to different clubs you’re just
we’re drinking non-stop but we there’s no physical way that we can sustain it
at this level anymore I mean we will definitely have quite a few drinks and
we will stay up late and have a good time but I will be shocked if we are up
past like 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning speak for yourself grandpa well what
happened last time oh that’s time well what happens is that we peak early we
drink during the day and then like we crash it at o’clock okay which which and
I think we’re all in alignment on this I would I’m happy with that I have on with
it I have much more fun day drinking in Vegas than anything at night sure we’re
not we’re not really club people though yeah yeah that’s the breath and that’s
what we’re not Club people like yeah that’s that’s 90% of yeah Vegas life
mm-hmm okay we’re gonna try something new this time we’re gonna do top golf
you know that’s a we we just figured if you go to Vegas the dilemma we have is
that if you go there you you made this trip out there to have this amazing time
and I agree that there’s an energy difference in Vegas the atmosphere is a
little bit different but if you find yourself at a bar just drinking it might
as well just have been at home I don’t know what the difference was again I
told the admit that there is a yeah the atmosphere is a little bit different but
we were like all right we don’t want to go to a club and we want to drink a
bunch so if we’re gonna go to Vegas we need that like add an extra element to
this so I don’t know if anybody out there has done table golf it’s not just
in Vegas there’s like Ross the u.s. they have it all of it you guys before you I
have not I all of my friends talk about I love to golf
I’ve golfed a lot but I’ve never been a golf no it’s amazing I wonder if
anybody’s gonna ask us we wanna go to strip clubs yeah but that’s the thing
that annoys me more than yeah I get I I unlike you guys mer the
one time I snapped that one guy I was just so fed up as we had been asked I
think 30 times Ellen that with Minnie oh yeah you gave in Emma stuck Josh for one
of those guys yeah because you said we’re on our way stop asking and you got
a job there and you did very well there’s been articles written it was a
great time they wanted you back I got a raise
John was on stage when you were like an annual review that’s funny the idea of
strippers having annual performance review look it looks here like your
peers have rated you a four on the communication competency communication
four things I’m sure those are things that the strippers think about like
every time you know work on your email etiquette yeah you’re representing the
Rhino what I didn’t realize because I’m super naive when it comes to how the
stripper life is but I think you pointed to that one time but you went to Vegas
with a buddy of yours you’re on a flight and you said you noticed that there was
some girls that just totally they had to be strippers yeah they just they have a
the look and allure but I didn’t realize how common it was for girls to just let
me fly out to Vegas for a weekend just do that and go back to whatever they’re
doing and I was like I was like that’s probably the few people do that here and
there but I’d realize how much people are doing it like that’s just like
thousands and thousands of thousands of girls yes
and if you consider how much money there is to be made at the right place by the
right girl it makes sense like I’ll never remember
my friend going up to the Rhino in Vegas telling me about all of the cars that he
saw these girls arrived in because there’s a line outside that he was
standing in Honda Civics everywhere yeah yeah but I mean just they just had been
washed all the nicest cars yeah yeah they weren’t brand-new or anything no um
yeah I was there no and but you’re so you’re standing outside and you see
Israel’s arrived and like they’re all arriving in exotic cars like they’re all
riving in Lamborghinis and Ferraris and it just tells you like how much money
there is to be made like you don’t make that in in little town USA strip club
but again the right place the right whatever like it’s just pretty crazy how
much money they earn anywho I’m in the wrong career yeah I told you doing yeah
I got connections well you work on them glute you you used to say this all the
time Josh back when we first started going to Vegas quite frequently is you
say Vegas is an adult playground because the streets are just paved with porn
yeah but it sounds like a joke but you walk around and and for everyone who’s
been there know of the stupid you quit II call those things like like baseball
cards for strippers yeah or escorts and and you know it you have like a
middle-aged Hispanic woman in a hoodie trying to hand you it and and I’m like I
don’t know I don’t know about you this but a lot of them just end up on the
ground and and you find yourself literally walking from place to place on
pornography which is Jay and the fact that one people are handing those out in
this place like it’s normal and in number two the fact that there’s not
been some kind of ordinance by the city to be like hey we need to get this off
the ground right is the testament to the fact that like that’s just the what that
place is and that’s the environment and it will never cease to cease to amaze me
that the people who bring a family there like I know I know that there are shows
that are like family oriented but unless unless you’re like Michael Jackson’s
kids and like you just put like a mask and a blanket over their head and rush
them from the the back alley of the Bellagio into like a
dark Escalade that has blacked-out windows and go straight there like how
do you handle because even walking through the lobby yeah there’s like
girls dancing or just like the cocktail waitress yeah
well just the environment in general I mean there’s a reason they call it Sin
City there’s just so much the battery going on in that place and what we
always talk about it’s a it’s not necessarily a smell that like you enjoy
the aroma of is the connection to it is when you walk into a casino all the
casinos have the same exact smell it’s a smell of cigarettes and just scraps
oxygen yeah just yeah I think it’s a me I think it’s 50/50 mix of the smell and
the sound yeah the second you open the door and you hear this slots like and
there’s something to be said it’s it’s a there’s probably it would be interesting
to see like an actual like like scientific test of the effect of
everyone being on the same page like consciously because if you go to a bar
in Ventura and you want to like party and get crazy there might be a few other
people there like taking shots at the bar but everyone else is just having
some drinks and they go home before the place closes
but in Vegas like everyone is pretty much on the same page everyone near the
party is to get is to get really drunk or to just gamble like crazy everyone’s
going to bed really late and and but that that has a date I think a bigger
effect than you think which is like everyone around me is once the same
thing I do right now yeah well you could have you’ve talked about that before is
when we I forget when we were trying to decide what we wanted to do for my
bachelor party biz of course the Vegas was already on the table but we were
trying to see if there was someplace else we could go like we were thinking
maybe LA was the runner-up because it’s close to us and it’s like I would want
to drive went to Vegas and do it’s more expensive but we were like the energy is
just simply unmatched and when it comes to Vegas it’s something else about that
and yeah you would agree right yeah you can’t beat it we’re done thank you yeah no I
we were talking earlier about how I can we’re not really Club people but I I
think it’s just because we’ve always done it wrong because the one time
we don’t go inside yeah yeah exactly we’re always in the fire escape no no
drinks this is the weirdest guys where’s your pants yeah I’m always like three
blocks away from the strip yeah Chevron gasps slot machine pumping gas no
because the one time that we went and actually got like bottle service mm-hmm
at atop the Rio yeah yeah like that was the one time we ever did that and we all
had a really good time yeah as a blast and so that’s the thing is is if you go
to a club and and we’re and there’s probably someone listening being like
yeah no duh like don’t go to a club unless you’re gonna do that because do
you all you’re doing is gonna get in line and be in line at the bar to get
another drink it’s all you do the whole time and and
but if you go and you get bottle service and you have a cool place and you have
like a room to whatever move around like to I would be a club person but then
again it’s also very expensive well that’s the thing is the catch is
that we’ve been to other clubs before but I don’t remember that one time it
was the one at Caesars it’s called something else now I think it was called
it was like called pure or something like that back in the day here but we
went to that one and I forget it was like 20 bucks to get in and the line was
like an hour long but we finally got in there and it was the most crowded place
I think yeah and you fought yeah are you you literally pushing people out of a
bar and you’re screaming for a Jack and Coke and they’re like yeah gave it to
you and it was you know half a mortgage to pay for it yeah and then you finally
got it and we did it as you came back and said let’s go yes no because I don’t
I don’t and like every if there’s a really
good-looking chick you’re like all right like here’s like the one reason the guy
would go to this place is is this girl the way she looks the way she’s dressed
and she just reeks like Bo probably at some level I’m unaware of like talk
about talk about a place that is just geared towards just like sexist
tendencies cuz yeah like like to the ultimate well you don’t you won’t you
ever hear a complain about from a dude but it is a totally different experience
for girls yes totally different however is it
but I feel like that’s the one place where they go where they’re like they
and they indulge in that because it is that the one thing that all the first
thing you that catches my eye whether I like it or not that always just amazes
me is is if you go again downtown Ventura and there’s girls out like half
of them again are gonna be like wearing hoodies and like sweatpants you those
same girls are going to Vegas and they’re just with themselves there’s no
guys around like their group and all of them are dressed in a way that like you
would never believe they would be okay with like it’s they they look like
strippers their dads would not be okay with the problem yeah
their pastor would not be okay with because all of them have pastors I
always ask yeah it’s just crazy that like they all indulge that’s the one
place where girls are like on the same level as guys I feel like in a certain
sense I have seen openly I mean don’t get me wrong I am sure women are just
abused left and right in that town but I have seen very openly you guys get like
sexually assaulted and harassed by women and by that I mean like get your butts
pinched you know like then walking by and like surprised or just like girls
openly flirty or just being way too handsy with us and you go hold on like
where was the like the social norm here of you know that you’re not supposed to
do that but I guess like if was if I was doing that I’d be in handcuffs right now
surely or this can be like have me on the ground but it’s like somehow this is
okay now like this is just a and it’s not like I heard the time when we were
single were like we’re okay with this but ya know it’s very weird girls girls
abandoned whatever standards they have I feel like money then thank God for it
yeah that’s why there’s always this trepidation when we say we’re gonna go
to Vegas josh always gets this look of just no and I said it once and I’ll say
it again is it no I it’s online I’ve seen this thing of like a vamp of dogs
getting the zoomies you guys ever see that it’s like oh you get a zoom he’s
like when a dog starts to freak out and it’s all excited and just like just laps
around alone or whatever yeah it’s like oh it’s got the zoo music he go on
reddit and there’s like oh there’s like a bunch of subreddits they’re like
something zoomies like i get the in Vegas well I can’t help you SIL I
can’t help myself all right when I get Vegas I just all the lights and all the
things and all the the shorts ADHD man yeah talk about the guys yeah no I just
I can’t I can’t handle it and I just get too excited there’s too many memories in
Vegas but one of my favorite memories or some of the best memories are usually
after a night when we’ve gone out and it’s time to call tonight head back to
the hotel like we got to get some food and most comments about me with it is
Panda Express and Cody has one of the funniest experiences getting Panda
Express back I’m assuming you know what we’re talking about so when you got
Panda Express we I think we had silverware or we had the little plastic
where they give you him yeah yeah and all the thing is it wasn’t my Panda
Express it wasn’t what I ordered it was someone else’s food I think it was yours
I think it was yeah and what were you doing I was on the bed but I didn’t have
silverware so I use my hands and I was grabbing into the orange chicken and
counting day I’m shoveling with my eyes glazed over and you know the space that
small space between the wall in the bed and then the bed my feet were smashed up
against it while I was eating and like a discombobulated contortionist everything
in Vegas I think it’s very very unnatural yes a lot of times we go what
yeah what was that all about there was there was one time this wasn’t
money you get with you guys but I went with some other buddies and we we
obviously drinkin all night long and it was that time a night we’re like okay
man everyone’s hungry we went to it we’re going to McDonald’s in like
Caesars Palace or something like that and we ate and I was like out of it I
was so out of it that I I need to be like escorted back to the room like one
of our friends was just like yo government
I’m gonna walk you back to the room and not five minutes from that McDonald’s
not five minutes I turn I turn to my friend I’m just like no kiddies right
now oh my god McDonald’s he’s like dude we literally
just left like that and you just yeah that’s when you know it’s time to call
it in that yeah I wasn’t there to see it but I was there
but I didn’t see it happen but apparently we went to this place I don’t
know if it’s there still it was at Mandalay Bay it’s called the pub and you
know it was a pretty cool atmosphere like they had a ping-pong table yeah
like a shuffleboard that’s a fun night oh yeah look you you broke something
oh yeah no that was not with you guys either that was I think that was a same
trip no because I’m pretty sure I remember seeing you I think I’ve ever
seen you because you guys told me about it I didn’t see it but it might have
been it might have been a mix it might have been yeah no there’s only having
one I made sure I had one yeah no it was so this it was a huge bar obviously
Vegas bar they had like all kinds of beer pong tables set up we’ll table
everything and the beer pong tables that they had were like the cheapest folding
beer pong table but were they they seemed like they were made carpet by
hand from one piece of wood yeah no it was those things like we were playing
beer pong and playing beer pong and somebody tried to for those of you that
don’t know beer pong rules you try and bounce it in and man you have every
right to slap that ball out of the way and someone tried to bounce it in and in
my in my enthusiasm enthusiasm I went to slap this ball out of the way and I just
took a full-on swab swan dive just into the middle of this and a swab
– swan dive into the middle of this table and just buckled it it just
buckled right in the middle beer beer everything everything just collapse
right in the middle and I one of one of my buddies I don’t know who was it just
like literally grabbed me and was like we’re leaving yeah we are leaving now
and like we just right we just like basically ran away and it was one of
those things I was like oh we have to like I had to go back and apologize and
pay for this thing there’s like dude you know you are an idiot yeah you are an
idiot do not show your face in there again I think that I think we went to
McDonald’s right did the same thing you broke their counter grab for the burger
right like a granite countertop marble I I think that same trip you know those
those really like high-end like memorabilia shops that they have as like
signed photos everything oddly expensive yeah one time I went into one of those
with my friend and we were so like we we just went in there pretended like we
were super super rich and like we were just like looking at the most expensive
items like I think I was looking at something that like boxing gloves that
were signed by Muhammad Ali or something like that they were like you know I
don’t know a hundred thousand dollars or something I was like can you come down
on that price little bit like for a half an hour I was trying to like haggle this
guy down eventually we’re just like all right boxing gloves guys that guy’s hatred is
not subsided for you yeah you probably yeah I probably know yeah I don’t think
we were that time what I thought you were talking about is breaking a
ping-pong table I thought that that was the story I’ve never broken people yeah
the night is young no but we’ve gone to that pub back up
and I always remember having a good time there and the other story that we’ve all
had taken away from that place also involves Cody yes and absolutely it’s
one of the most I don’t know if it’s amazing or you talking about dancing yes
I you’re talking about that night quite frequently and I because I recall a lot
of dates I remember dancing but not for as long
as I make it out to me maybe it wasn’t that long but what I do know for sure is
that there was a circle of people none of which we knew they that you we were
dancing in the middle of it’s pretty impressive when you can create that
dance yes in Vegas in Vegas Club well it wasn’t the club is like a big pub bar
and like so it wasn’t like a bunch of people were dancing anything but there’s
Lala’s there was very loud news and there was no dance for ya know if there
was you weren’t on it like it was there was really loud music and I don’t know
what it was but you started in again like this dancing isn’t something that
like you do like it’s not like oh do it like it’s not like oh Cody’s a dancer he
took dance or he has a background and dance like it’s just something that
you’ll do occasionally when drinking every great once in a while and you you
you got in that you were in the mood for whatever reason at this bar and you
started dancing and this big group of people formed a circle and I don’t know
how long it was but but it was long enough for it to change my life that’s
what it was all of us were like looking each other like I don’t I don’t know
what to think about what’s happening right now
we’ve had plenty of experiences where Cody just goes off but most of us just
kind of hang out and say stupid things to each other but Cody always has his
own routine he does when he gets really drunk he kind of wanders off the one
time we went to City Walk he he doesn’t smoke but he found a pack
of cigarettes right like what you do when you found a pack of cigarettes in
the ground that was like full and like pretty much brand-new I think one was
taken out and I just went around the establishment and handed them out to
random people including the bartender well well we have no idea where where
you were and when we when we discovered where you were and what you were doing
you were at this table of all black girls like big black girls and and like
there’s no better juxtaposition then then you beside a bunch of been having a
marshmallow and the chocolate no but and we could tell that you were
talking like they were all laughing and and we could see that you were like
giving him sickly you got one of their numbers
I don’t remember maybe does not recall you blocked this off and I’ve walked out
dancing and numbers we’ve been there a number of time that was saddle ranch
wasn’t it set ranch isn’t there anymore it’s completely gone it’s just
demolished gone and I think that was the night for good reason yeah my place is
kind of dirty no that night of crazy fight broke out right in front of me I’m
improves it was pretty intense like this this is on the TV no no is this bouncer
just had enough of this guy acting tough and distant and was like really calm and
then out of nowhere just decided to absolutely deck him and ruin him and it
was like they almost fell on my feet it was it was pretty crazy but I think that
was the night I left my card there and I had I had a drive back to city wok the
next morning from Ventura from Ventura having worse and and I just remember
like good night before we all had a really good time and it was like a
saddle ranch at City Walk at the time like it was packed like you it was like
a Vegas nightclub basically and yeah and the atmosphere was pretty fun and then
going back the next morning as it opened and just it just you just smell the
shame and regret and and I think it was actually before I
was going into work I was working in Woodland Hills the time and I just
remember like I was like dressed for work and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
and just thinking like what am i doing it’s our ranch and said he walked right
now and you know what I went to the bar got a Jack and Coke yeah Oh Mike I drove
all this way and this place is depressing me so I’m gonna go ahead and
do it I’ve had some good times at City Walk but they have some diminishing
returns every time I go every time it’s a little less fun a little less fun
little less fun and after a while you like a tree this isn’t she’s just
there’s plenty of other places we could go but anyway back to Vegas the one the
one reason that it was the selling point of why we want to go to Vegas is outside
of theirs again we’re not club people we don’t tend to gamble that much so what
is left you know we don’t you know there were strip clubs right guys so it’s like
what is left to do in Vegas outside that you couldn’t just do somewhere else and
why I make the trip the main thing that I wanted out of the bachelor party is I
just wanted to be in a pool where I could get a drink now you think there’s
plenty of places you could have done that that were outside of Vegas and this
is goes this goes back to the atmosphere and the energy level there’s just
something about it that’s a little bit different it’s like everybody is having
a great time yeah you don’t want you don’t want a pool you want like a part a
pool party yeah yeah that’s exactly what you want yeah and you want it everyone I
want everybody else to be having a good time that is around us because you know
you’re not gonna get the pool to yourself and besides why would I don’t
know if I just would be like hey yeah cousins come over hang out in the pool
with your ranch you have the loop sold condo all these kids are playing yeah
yeah that’s like the main thing that we want to do so we booked a little like a
little bed an actual bed that we’re gonna take some I believe it’s a twin
I’m just gonna throw it out there on the pool it’s all sloshing around wet sheets
and everything yeah we’re gonna do we just we just purchased a rollaway bed
and we throw it in the pool I’m actually blowing it up on the side half an hour
straight the problem with that though is that I mean I love day drinking and I’m
super looking forward to it is that it is so hard to rally
forget evening after it’s it becomes we’ve talked about
support it becomes a chore to go out it’s a okay yeah I’m gonna have a good
time yeah man all I want to do is sleep right
yep that’s all I want to do well especially the next morning that’s the
only time that partying becomes something that you like to have to do
not you want to do like it turns into fun but but it’s the only time that you
have to set your alarm like try oh man it’s yeah I got a crack at beer it’s
yeah yeah and there’s been a few times where we haven’t the one with the Joel’s
it was kind of a discombobulated thing word you were struggling because you you
had peaked too early I mean you went to sleep we went to dinner and then the
time we were going back to bed you woke up it said let’s go yep and and you guys
yeah you guys were going to bed and I was like you know I’m just gonna get
some Fuchs like I haven’t I don’t remember last time I ate and and you
guys are done partying it’s like what I’m gonna go do I’m gonna go outside is
gonna go get some food and come back and go to sleep and I went down in my head
like five Jack and cokes that I came like four hours later I ate nothing I
don’t even remember what I did or like what what I was doing who I was drinking
with but I went down and had a full-on party by yourself by your lonesome yeah
when you were at the every time I think it was your brother Matt that mentioned
this he says whenever you ever he goes into a Vegas hotel room
he’s oh I always just wonder like who got killed in here yeah how many drugs
have been done in here how many gnarly things have happened in there and you’re
like yeah this is pretty crazy to think about how many how many crazy things
have happened in that town well I had any given moment in that town there’s
you how many legal things are probably occurring even in that town it’s a
shorter list to name the legal things that are happy it’s just town like no
other it literacy I was I always thought that would be a really cool guest to
have on like a podcast or in some kind of talk show is a like a Vegas hotel
made like like and to really maximize it like the whatever the most high-end
place is and if there are maids that are like designated for like the suites or
something like like those maids and to have them and just to ask them like
alright start from start from the top down like what’s the craziest stuff
you’ve ever seen I want to hear it cuz you know you know if they work there for
any length of time the stuff they have seen and had to deal with because it’s
not like they’re just passers-by and like oh that’s some crazy like they have
to go in and and interact with whatever’s happening yeah you yeah
there’s I mean that those women have to come home with some in if I want to
marry one just so I could just just sit by the door wait for the women to come
home and just like story time let’s do it I want to hear all of it gruesome
details yeah and when I think of people that work there is like their full-time
job I like you must become numb to all the insanity after well so like what’s
your Vegas outside of it yeah what happens yeah does their bar raise or or
or do they become so sick of party yeah that like they’re very vague is’s like
going to like I don’t know well the last time we were in Vegas for well no time
before last when we all were there it was we met these these guys at the pool
that were you know from out of town I forget where they were Israel yeah and
well yeah Australia and one of the guys was like I’m gonna live here in Vegas
cuz I loved the party I want to party all the time and I was like I if you
want a party this is the place to be but don’t you realize that you will probably
die party non-stop like you’re in like after a while like it the party become
you become numb to everything and it’s not it’s no longer a party it’s just I’m
in misery just physically you can’t you physically you can’t do it yeah I think
Joe Rob you mentioned this once he’s like everyone always things like their
luxury vacation is like I’m just going to go on a beach and I’m gonna have like
a margarita everyday and the waiters gonna come by I’ve just got over
margaritas for six months he’s like if you do that for six months you would
literally die to be dead you have to do something else he can’t just be like I’m
gonna party all the time so Vegas eventually it has to become a just
another town to you I’m sure the well I mean now after like 2 or 3 days yeah
Vegas trip gets old yeah I don’t go home thinking that like I can’t imagine
living there you probably would stay I’m sure that
actual Vegas residents just mmm just steer away from the strip yeah for the
most part like maybe on the weekends sometimes well and it’s really annoying
to be around people who are like on vacation and partying and stuff like
when you’re not yeah because just a reminder that it’s like a normal
whatever day to you or the next day or whatever like it’s just not a it’s not
it’s like being around drunk people when you’re sober it’s just not a fun
atmosphere to be room mm-hmm I wouldn’t before it and anything it depends on
what you’re there for but it I imagine that you’re gonna have a few drinks and
do you a bunch of crazy stuff it requires a lot of physical energy no
matter what your activity is you’re doing so people that stay there
sometimes for like a week how do you have the stamina to do that I don’t
understand like again it depends what you’re doing there but that if you’re
going there to have a good time I don’t understand how you can do more than
three days I had a place like that you just you can’t sustain it it’s it’s too
much happy at once we tried three times three days for Joel’s bachelor party and
then on the last day we we we literally called Josh’s brother Matt and said what
do we do yeah what do we do now yeah and he was like I know exactly what you guys
are going to you guys are thinking but we can’t do that again and we all
cracked it was real like that’s exactly right yeah yeah that’s exactly yes yeah
it’s um it’s a place where for whatever reason you’ll party harder your party
harder than you ever have and simultaneously walk farther than you’ve
ever have oh my gosh ever there was a time we went and Joe and I this is
before we were 21 but you guys were so you guys were out drinking him Joe and I
were left to our own devices but we were it’s clever about it I guess but we just
ordered room service so he ordered booze and charged it to your guys the cars
like no one will be the wiser so we found a way to get alcohol but we
couldn’t let go get more drinks so we had to like ration it so him and I just
said let’s just go walk around at least so we ended up the cigs agging the strip
the entire way and I forget there was one time it was you me and it was you
Joel and you know you Cody over there you kind of reference people Matt
bleeding we walked I think from New York New York to was it
is it the Sahara the desert one yeah this is Hara which if you don’t know the
distance at least five miles yeah it and this was in the middle of summer and
this is the desert remind you so it was super hot and it was the longest walk I
think of our lives just what was me and Joel had a book to show because I think
we were seeing Jonathan the Magnificent her semi dead and yeah we were like
gonna walk there and it was the longest walk we were all so pissed
yeah we were mad here’s the thing here’s the thing with walking in Vegas you have
to take advantage of their open liquor laws something in your hands walking
otherwise it’s just tour yeah yeah you have to enjoy it yeah just like
leisurely like oh my God look at all the lights and all the fun stupid people all
the porn on the ground yeah yeah I remember there’s been a couple times
where I’ve literally had like shin splints the next day because because
there are times when like you know you it’s like the Vegas night where you you
get all dressed up so I can a suit and so I’ve been wearing like like nice
dress shoes not something that you’re like supposed to walk long distances in
all right and like when you’re drunk like you just don’t even know how long
you’ve been walking or how fast you’ve been walking cuz you’re trying to get
who knows where and then you have to walk back to wherever you’re coming from
yeah waking up in the morning thinking like dude full-blown transplants which
is probably not as much of an indication of a caliph or I walk to the shoes I was
wearing just how out of shape I well actually the last time we were in Vegas
I don’t really recall too much but there I I probably blacked out slash passed
out because we had been walking around all day we would drink of the pool and I
think I got total heat exhaustion it just hit me like just gave me the
weirdest look okay Cody was there four and Joel was there you guys weren’t
there for this one but yeah I just totally hit the ground I think I was
like laughing about something and I literally do not remember what happened
and I next thing I know I woke up and my knee was like in the worst pain it’s
like I I think it was just on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d probably call it it would be
an 11 it was bad what like what I thought someone like
stepped on my knee or something I what happened and my knee hasn’t been the
same dance many surgeries no I’m not serious but it’s just was something
where you go like what yeah this I don’t remember the last time I even passed out
from drinking maybe when I was like 21 drinking his something but I hear I’m a
30 year old just well well well I think it was maybe the last time no time
before last I don’t know we’re getting out of the pool and I don’t know how it
happened but I cut my toe really bad and it was bleeding a lot and somehow one of
the lifeguards or whoever saw that that was the case it was while the pole the
the pool was about to close or something and everyone was walking out so I was in
middle of a bunch of people and somehow they spotted it they’re like hey like
what happened and I didn’t know what they’re talking about so I didn’t know I
was bleeding and reported in the crotch for five minutes
no and and they were trying they’re like okay what come here and I was like they
were treating it very seriously I didn’t know why and and they’re like well like
but how did it happen I was like I honestly don’t know and I kept making
jokes goodbye this time I’ve been to pool all day and it was very whatever
and I think it was a girl lifeguard that was cute and so I was
just trying to like make jokes and whatever and she was like dude if
there’s glass in the pool or something we’re gonna have to shut it down for two
days like what happened and that and I was like oh oh I get it I’m like this is
not you’re not just being nice this is like something that’s like a big
deal to you so I was like I honestly have no idea but I do not believe I
stepped on anything in the pool that’s what you’re asking
so talk about it like an impossible decision to make you’re like well if I
say yes yes then everyone’s pissed at you going I’ll come on well including me
because I want to come back here tomorrow morning isn’t gonna be a great
time well we’ll see what happens this match their trip hopefully we behave
ourselves I hope you don’t in fact we don’t and so what we’ll do is on the
podcast after we’ll have to report on how it all went yeah if if if we can or
if I’m a lot of above ground it’ll be a good time really
good for shadowing staying the cosmopolitan everybody you can come find
us there oh they can’t handle that many people billing off yeah anyway I think
that does it for this episode but if you guys are listening watching and want to
hear more about our biggest trips later you should subscribe the YouTube channel
follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and on soundcloud on iTunes
and we will see you guys next week for more exciting stuff okay

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