Laser Tag, Perfect location for your next birthday party

We have several different game modes. Capture the flag, for example. Where each team is trying to find their flag on the field. You are trying to protect, of course, the enemy flag. Trying to keep the enemy from getting it. Also trying to get your own flag back to base. We have a bomb scenario. Where the attacking team tries to bomb a location on the map. The defending team tries to keep them from doing that. This a domination cube. It starts off green, that means that it is neutral. Try and find the cube somewhere on the map. Once you find the cube you push the button for your team. You will notice that it starts two timers. The timers will continue until it hits 1500 points. Once it does that the box will light up and tell you the game is over. Those are just a few of the games we have here at Battle House. We are always working on new ones.

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  1. Battle House Tactical Laser Tag, coming to Wilmington NC summer 2015.  We offer a 10,000sf indoor gaming arena where you can schedule your next birthday party, team building activity, corporate event or fund raising event.  If you are visiting Wilmington NC for the week come check us out this is a fun family activity that your teenagers will enjoy.

    Planned location is at the Wilmington Airport, and we will serve the entire surrounding area including Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Hampstead, Leland and Jacksonville areas.

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