“Last stage cancer cure possible through hope , faith and trust”. Know this story.

My name is Savita.
I am from Meerut. My wife had the problem of
diabetes five six years back. Normally everybody takes it lightly, and the treatment goes on. During the treatment, suddenly my
wife Savita Sharma had loose motions and
abdomen problem. Later on, doctor said that she has colitis. I started losing weight suddenly. I used to fall asleep the
moment I laid down. I was felling a lot of weakness. So we started taking the medicines
that were prescribed to her. But the problem of colitis or
whatever it was, was not cured. and it was continued for
three to four years. We changed a couple of doctors, but almost everyone’s
prescription was diabetes-based. When we consulted a doctor,
he advised for a complete check-up. He had also asked for an ultrasound. And the ultrasound was happening,
we found out that that there was a tumour on my pancreas. So, for one month I was in a fix,
whether I should get a CECT done, because what if it is a cancer? The next day we were in Delhi From there I went to AIIMS. In AIMS, I showed all those
reports to the doctors. And they did some tests,
and FNAC was done. And after that CA tests,
cancer tests were done. It was confirmed in those tests. My husband got very disturbed at that time. He started getting loose motions,
he became very afraid. He consulted various doctors… He showed my reports to many doctors. He consulted with them a lot. So the doctor told me that
she would like to tell me that her life expectancy is
just three months. When… …this situation came… …I realized that… how important is her life. And my body was so weak that… I could not even think of a surgery I did not believe that my
body could endure a surgery. So, on seeing her mental situation, we decided not to take up
allopathy treatment for her. We decided to check elsewhere. So during this, when I was
searching on the net, and I used to watch programs on television. And I had seen the show of
Cancer Healer a couple of times, Dr. Tarang Krishna’s. So I searched for it, and I thought that, we should try from treatment there. So I contacted the number that
was given for Cancer Healer, for doctor. And after contacting Cancer Healer, I was called to meet the next day. When Savita Sharma came
to Cancer Healer Centre, she was diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer basis her reports. Doctors had predicted her
with a very limited life, They had told her she would
be alive for three months, approximately three months. Nothing could be done about it. Radiation and chemotherapy
were recommended, but because her condition was so advanced, it could deteriorate further even
after radiation and chemotherapy. Ideally, when she had come to Cancer
Healer Centre, she had lost complete hope. It was a challenge for us. She started the treatment. After starting treatment, in just
20-25 days, she had started getting relief. She started gaining appetite,
her energy levels increased. After two or two and a half
months, she got tests done. She got liver function test, CA markers,
and CA 19.9 done. When she got those reports, she saw gradual improvement
in those reports. As the treatment of Cancer Healer
continued, day by day her condition improved. Meaning the medicines
performed such a miracle, that the fear we had in our minds
in that case due to the doctor, nothing like that happened. Savita was given a faith, she was made to believe that she could get a quality of life
in Cancer Healer Center. She started her treatment with that trust. And today Savita’s reports are normal. So if there is faith in the treatment, and if the treatment is right, then there is no patient who cannot get quality
of life even at advanced stages. I would feel assured
when I saw the doctor. I used to ask doctor if I would get fine. He responded saying “Yes, why not?” He was never pessimistic. “Why not? You would be completely fine.” Doctor’s way of dealing with the patients
and their attendants, it turns the patient into a fighter, and he is mentally enabled
to fight the cancer. And once the patient is determined
that he will win against cancer, then he wins the fight. The rest of the work is
done by the medicines. Cancer Healer Center works
on the basis of immunotherapy. Immunotherapy means it increases
the immune power of the body so much, that normal cells fight
against cancer cells. Even the patients of last stage
cancer who come, as long as they live,
they live with quality of life. No patient of Cancer Healer Center
who gets cured is called a survivor, he is not a survivor,
he is a fighter. He fights, wins the fight,
and emerges as a fighter in the end. Doctor, thank you very much. You have performed a miracle, because due to your treatment, thousands of people will continue
to be cured because of you.

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  1. Sir my grandfather is suffering from non small cell carcinoma lung cancer and he is in now advanced stage. Doctor had told that there is no more treatment for him due to his old age. So plz kindly help me sir.

  2. Sir my grandfather is suffering from non small cell carcinoma lung cancer and he is in now advanced stage. Doctor had told that there is no more treatment for him due to his old age. So plz kindly help me sir.

  3. Sir my close relative having a cancer in the spinal cord or we can called it bone cancer sir doctor said to a us that she only live for 2 to 3 month because this is an 4th stage .Sir please suggest me..

  4. high dose aur low dose medicine dya gaya mujhe apke center se…5 days high then 5 days low……Kya aise thik ho Sakti hai….pls rply..

  5. Hi, My mother is suffering from Metastatic Liver cancer stage 4. and I wentt to your Kolkata centre. but Now my mother is hospitalised from 5 days.as she has ascites so wo nikalna para. and they are not allowed cancer healer centre's medicines.Can I talk to Dr. Tarang Krishna once via skype?

  6. Sir mere friend ko Hodgkin lymphoma second stage h. Kya vo immunotherapy se thik jaenge. Kitna time lgega and what is cost of immunothreapy?

  7. Hi sir my dad is diagnosed with last stage of cancer doctors just loss the hope and said there is no treatment for it plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me rply me can you help me sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzz😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  8. Good to see such good doctors who give hopes to the last stage cancer patients in India. In Pakistan my aunt's hope had been brutally killed by the doctor. Allah knows when we will see good doctors here.

  9. Hello jee i am from pakistan how can i cottact you and if i come there for treatment where is your healing centre in india please reply thankyou.

  10. Sir meri maa ko last stage caner hai.lung cancer.hum to faith chhod chuke hain.ap bataye hum kya kare.apko kaise contact kare.please sir help me.please .

  11. doctor meri maa ko v bola h 3 months hi rahegi meri v Help Karo koi Mera bhai h chota o sunte hi gir. gaya koi doctor admit hi nahi Le raha h koi Help nahi Kar raha h koi to bachalo mere maa ko

  12. Hi sir,,,i am from Bangladesh… My Mother is suffering lung cancer,,, our Bangladeshi doctors said she is in last stage,, cancer spread whole body. Now she is admitted in Hospital..can you please tell me, now what can i do for my mother….and how to i contact with you?

  13. Sir mere pitaji ko pancreatic me cancer bataya hai our doctors ne unki ann nalika ko bypass karke badi att me jod diya hai our unki cancer gatt ko vaise hi rakha hai doctors ne kaha ki ab unko jitane jite hai utane jine do six months ya one year kuch samaj me nahi aa raha kay kare sir kuch upay honge to batao please

  14. Sir meri maa ki umar 65 h .unka gal bladder ka operation hua tha lekin Cancer fel gaya …or Doctor ne kaha ki sirf 3-4 mahine ki hi life bachi h ….can you help me

  15. Sir what is the costing of therapy.
    My father is also suffering from cancer.
    We want to get your treatment.
    Please help us

  16. Hello sir, my grandmother had a tumor in her nose and now we came to know it's cancer at last stage. She has become extremely weak and unable to eat anything. Can you please do something?

  17. Sir mere uncle ko mouth cancer hai.last stages ka hai aur doctor ne bola sab jagah spread ho chuka hai.unke bones mai bhi spread ho chuka hai.

  18. Sir… 2 stage h uterus cancer ka aap hame guide kijiye plzz…. Dr. Toh radiotherapy aur chemotherapy k lye bol rhe h…. Aap plzz hame details dijiye

  19. Sir my father suffering from mouth cancer and doctor said his life is only 4 months ,sir ap hme advice kre ki hm kya kre

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  22. Can a tumor get removed or die using this therapy? Does this therapy work for CA and Autoimmune disorder? As usually in Autoimmune disorder the allopathic Doctors usually use suppression of the immune system to control the disease..would Immunotherapy clash in this case?

  23. Sir please need help mere father ko multiple myeloma h pichle 5saal se dr. Ne kha h sb medicine lg chuki h to ab aajae

  24. Sir please need help mere father ko multiple myeloma h pichle 5saal se dr. Ne kha h sb medicine lg chuki h to ab aajae

  25. Sir Meri maa ko gall bladder me 6cm ki tumor hai Jo liver me touch Kar gya doctor ne surgery mna Kar Diya aur gall bladder cancer stage 4 bataye plzz sir Meri help lijiye mere papa bhi 2006 me death Kar Gaye the mai bahut pareshan hu sir mai govt job ki preparation karta hu

  26. My mom is suffering from stage 3 Stomach cancer… Can anyone tell me what treatment to do and whether cure is possible or not?

  27. Hello sir,
    One of my relatives suffering from brain cancer 4th stage, so it is possible to, he can over came frm these problems? U cn do any treatment which can make him perfect?

  28. Sir my mother in law diagnosis with glioblastoma… Please tell me what should we do……Doctors suggest surgery but she is very weak. 72 yrs old

  29. Sir my mother also suffering from metastatic adinocarcinoma in the epigastric lump ..before5 years she opraited gall bladder Stone and remove it but now in usg metastatic adinocarsinoma seen …is this possible to cure sir pls reply

  30. Sir mere neighborhood Ko bladder cancer hai maine aapke baare me bataya to wo puch Rahi hai ki wo aapka fee or medicine ka karch kar payegi to pls medicine ka karch kya aayega jayada costly hai kya pls share me sir.aapke reply se kisi ki Jaan Bach Sakti hai.pls

  31. Dr krishna is this medicine or treatment what If some one need your help out of india is it possible please explain I need your help my wife have cancer if we don't do chemotherapy or anything can she take your medicine its gonna work or not I'm from south Africa durban

  32. Sir mere dad ko throat cancer hai and ab wo tounge par bhi aagya hai can you do something tell me please

  33. Is it possible to cure non small lung cancer stage 4 with brain mets with immunotherapy if yes please contact me on 9726576667

  34. my father is suffering from colon cancer stage 4 please all of us pray for my father.

  35. Sir mere papa ko pancreatic carcinoma hai.. Stage 4.. Unka ilaaz regency m chal ra hai or kanpur me Dr n 6 months k time dia h.. Pls help me.. Mere papa k treatment curable h ya ni plsss tell me

  36. Hi sir.mere father ko cancer diagnose Hua hai. Metastatic hai liver bone marrow liver lymphoma sab jagah ho Gaya hai 2 months life bataya hain.Kya ilaaj possible hai. Aapka clinic kahan hai. Plz ans

  37. Sir mujhe thymoma advance stage hua tha me surgury or radiation therapy karwa lia .surguon ne chemo ka bhi kaha hai or kuch dr mana kr re hai kya karna chayie.fir se recurrence na ho imunothwrapy karwa sakte hai kya

  38. Bhai tarang Krishna paise bnata hai.for logo ko bewKufh bna ta hai. Inke treatment ke Karan Mene Apne papa ko kho diya.kamine hai ye

  39. This is Taram from Pakistan I need your guide regarding my mother's health as she is an last stage cancer patient (metastatic Brest cancer ) she has gone through chemotherapy and she is on oral medications the doctors have told my mother that maximum the survival chance is 4 years almost one year is passed now….can you just help me out that is the further more treatment is possible or not ?..

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  41. Sir may Assam se boll rahahu sir Mary Mather Kove heart may cencer hay aur doctor bollraha hay ke ab usko bachana samvhav nahi hai ,please sir help us ,please sir applogoka contect number do please sir

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