Late Night’s Guide for Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

In 1992,
Congress passed legislation making the month of May Asian Pacific American
Heritage Month. And here to help you celebrate
this month properly is one of our writers —
Karen Chee, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] -Hi, everybody. Seth is right. Asian Pacific American
Heritage Month was established 27 years ago, but people still don’t quite
know how to celebrate it. So if you’re a white person
trying to join in on the fun, I’ve got some do’s and don’ts
for you. Number one, don’t ask me
where I’m really from. Because when I say I’m from
a suburb of San Francisco, I can tell you’re disappointed. Asian-American people are descendants
of many different countries, which is just a polite way
of saying, number two,
don’t say “Ni hao” to me. Just because I’m Asian
doesn’t mean I speak Chinese. I don’t walk up to every white
person I see and assume that they know where
the nearest Williams-Sonoma is. I mean, they do every time… but I don’t just assume. Number three, do bow to me. [ Cheers and applause ] But it’s not because I’m Asian. It’s just because
I’m cool as hell. [ Cheers and applause ] Number four, don’t ask me
what my real name is. It’s Karen. I don’t have
a secret Asian language name. And even if I did,
I wouldn’t tell you. Because it’s a secret. Number five, don’t ask me
what your tattoo says. I can’t tell you what it says. But I can tell you
what it means — you make bad choices. [ Cheers and applause ] And finally, do buy me a drink. It’s just a stereotype that Asian people
can’t drink alcohol, but we drink all the time! Hell, I’m drunk right now! Anyway, so, back to you, Seth. Or as we say in my country,
“Back to you, Seth.” -Give it up for Karen Chee,

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  1. 1:41 – I actually do know what that character means – it's "long" meaning "dragon." And its the ONLY character I know hahaha (and I DON'T speak chinese)

  2. I am white. I love white jokes. we deserve to be roasted on a looot of stuff lol. but this seemed like a perfect opportunity to educate ANY non-APIs about how to be more conscious.. I'm not saying 'not all white people', more 'not only white people'.

    Anyways, Karen seems awesome! hope to see more of her 🙂

  3. There is no Chinese language, there is 297 languages in China…
    You meant Mandarin which is also called the Mandarin common tongue.

  4. Hi, Karen. Hope we see you more.
    I'm guilty of a couple of those things, but I worry that we all are losing our identities.
    I have no idea what my origins are, what health predilections I need to be aware of, et cetera.

  5. At least the tattoo says "dragon," I've seen a lot worse… Also, a lot of Chinese don't have the enzyme that digests alcohol so if they drink alcohol then they get drunk super fast & sick – that's not a stereotype, it's just statistics. Like my brother-in-law of Chinese heritage can't have milk or alcohol. Of course you can drink it & milk, you'd just have to be okay with getting sick… And there are many who are okay, so asking is polite.

  6. I’m white and I have to google who/what William Sonoma is; am I off the hook for one racial slur now?

  7. When we have Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for everyone, what is the result?
    The result, over time, is fewer and fewer White children. Is this some accident?
    Under international law, imposing conditions on a race leading to its destruction over time is genocide. Forcing us to share our living space with more and more non-Whites is doing just that.
    They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  8. Future late night show host! We need more female late night show host and more Asian representation on TV.

  9. It's amazing how much her English has improved. Prove once again that Rosetta Stones does work. I love her name Karen; it means warrior of the North Gods in a long lost Asian language of some kind or rather. I bow to her!

  10. SHARING THIS. I can't believe how many people in this day and age still ask me where I'm "from" and actually say "ni hao". This whole list is great 😂

  11. DO buy me a drink!
    It's just a stereotype that Asians can't drink alcohol, we drink all the time……

    Hell I'm drunk right now!

    Me: almost CHOKED to death laughing at that joke!

    She's hilariously funny!
    Hope to see a lot more of her on future shows

  12. What happened to the latina and the black one from last season ? Not sure when they disappeared but I know they're no longer on camera.

  13. That was great. It could have been so awful, and it was HYSTERICAL. Please bring this person, as well as other
    "Chinese" (Pausing For Laughter) people of talent to the show. To whatever extent that being a minority is not always super-advantageous, unwhite talent seems to regularly be especially capable.
    I notice Karen is very specifically NOT neon orange and wow, that is such a great look. And I am totally not commenting about that just because she's a woman.

  14. The female writers on this show absolutely crush it! It's awesome to see that a diverse group isn't just being hired but also featured and seen!

  15. Wow this is so true and at the same time so hilarious. Also, this is why I love America. They know how to embrace diversity which is the very its own existence. Ah, until two and a half years ago.

  16. No idea why being asked about your heritage is offensive. They are curious about you. The alternative is not caring about you at all. Take a chill pill. It’s a conversation starter.

  17. Seth is the coolest boss! I don't think I've ever seen anyone in any industry promote their subordinates like Seth has done. Seth needs some kind of award!

  18. our favorite Korean-American Late Night writer is back! and btw I can attest that Koreans drink the most out of anyone not just Asians lol

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