Latisha and Kimmi Accuse Melody of Acting Bougie | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

-I don’t know what happened. -We used to get together, we just used to have a good time, just you know, relax, let our hair down, have dinner at the house, watching movies with the kids. We went to Mexico, that was your first time going out of the country. -Yup. -Y’alls didn’t have to, it wasn’t a wedding it was like, a celebration of an anniversary. And I think that trip I noticed that you was changing a little bit. I don’t know, like I think that was a turning point for you. -What was the change you felt like? -I felt like, you know, we was taking pictures and you were yelling ‘Tisha, tell them you don’t wanna do it.’ -Say what now? -The girls pictures, when we was taking the group pictures. -Outside on the dock. -I didn’t want to take the pictures? But I brought the swimsuit for the pictures that you said we were taking. -It was hot and she had us posing like fifty-million ways, and you didn’t wanna take the picture, and I said, ‘Mel, this is not about you, this is for Tisha.’ -Really? Okay. -Them pictures was waring the hell out of you. -I don’t remember feeling like that. -That was the turning point, in our relationship. -So that was how many years ago? Like oh my gosh! -So let me get it clear, you being told that I was complaining on your ten year vow renewal about pictures… -Mhmm. -Something you never brought to me, and said to me, or asked me about, and you allowed that to be a turning point in our friendship? That’s sucky. -No, I’m saying I think that’s when you started changing. I noticed a change the change in you then. -Okay so what was the other change? -What did we do in 2017? -Nothing. -We don’t have any memories in 2017. -We just stopped hanging. -Really? -Yeah. -You elevated yourself to here, and you’re just elevated. This Mel is different from the Mel that we met initially. -I can’t help that I am moving in my career and– -And that’s okay. But don’t hate on me when I say that it’s different. -The problem is when you’re bougie about it. MUSIC -Bougie? I’m really offended. To me bougie is someone who holds their head up looks down on others and that’s not who I am. Okay, so that’s what I want to hear. I cannot understand your point if you don’t tell me how I’m bougie. Or how I’m not down to earth. Do you recall when you wanted
us to go to one of the galas around Christmastime
and my response was, I don’t feel like being bougie. I want to be with my family. Like, I don’t want to
spend all my time– Oh, why I gotta be
concerned bougie because you don’t want to go to galas? Just so we’re clear–
[INTERPOSING VOICES] But this is what I’m saying! You ask for examples,
and when you get them– You’re getting it.
I hear you. –you don’t want them. No, I hear you. Now, I’m not going
to change anything about it, because, like you
say all the time, hey, Kimmy. With Kimmy, what you
see is what you get. I am who I am.
– And it is. And that’s exactly correct. And that’s the
same thing with me! The difference is I own it.
[INTERPOSING VOICES] Well I’m not finna
only say I’m bougie. I’m sorry.
– There’s the difference. I own it. I don’t know why,
because you are. What makes a person bougie? Uh, look in the mirror.

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  1. Mel works a lot to afford her lifestyle and they are jealous and insecure. She is the youngest being only 32 but she looks stressed out and older so clearly there are sacrifices made to "elevate" and if tisha and kimmy were her real friends they would support her with love and not attacks/jabs

  2. Clearly the women low key don't like Melody and haven't for awhile. Latisha is basically cosigning based off hearsay which makes her the fakest.

  3. Sounds like you ladies are being jealous that's all and being very aggressive with it also have you going to tell me about myself in a friendly way don't gang up on me

  4. Being Bougie is not holding your head up and looking down on others, it holding yourself up to higher class period. Nice things, trending things, latest things you're there! With other elite folks! Not saying old friends are not just saying they don't want to go and you want to go to be seen.

  5. Bougie just means you like nice things and going to nice places. I.E restaurants, events…. stuck up and bougie are two different things

  6. This is exactly why I dont have girlfriends, all this explaining like they in a damn intimate relationship…this is silly

  7. They are just insecure about themselves. The worse part is…
    One of them is in a marriage with a man that doesn't want her to advance herself. I bet if she was "allowed" to work and make money she would feel better about herself and not even think about calling her friend bougie.

  8. Its called "growth" you two nit-wits!! When you are growing and your "friends" are not, you are called anything bit a child of God…smh

  9. Don't you get it they are trying to engage in "Real Housewives" type of scenarios for ratings what else have we not seen before cheating, manipulation, pulling each other to the carpet, stirring up beef. Can we see a positive show that is consistent for once but I guess that wouldn't get ratings right?

  10. Kimmie just because you say someone is bougie does not indicate that they are bougie; also your jealousy does not make Mel bougie…. #owntv I mean Kimmie is a bully so I would rather be bougie than a bully.. and Latisha people are supposed to change; not stay behind like you…

  11. Real friends would be happy when you become more succesful and advanced in your career. These women are not her friends. Better to walk away gracefully than stay around their toxicity messing up Melody's good aura energy.

  12. How are you going to be confrontational during one of the most relaxing activities. Come on ladies get it together.

  13. Mel's not bougie…she has veneer on…a protective coat…she acts better than Tisha and Kimmi but that's only ACTING. Kimmi should understand that younger people validate their succes outwardly. (The thought of celebrating New Year's at a gala now makes me feel I'll miss the essence of the moment). Mel comes off as seeming out-of-place or wanting to be seen–the blonde weave may very well represent this angst.. Is that because of her trying to live the life in her head or feeling uncomfortable because she's not feeling Martel? Likely the latter. Martel comes off as his behavior is always justified, so everyone should accept life on his terms–Mel is NOT/no longer in that headspace…she's maturing. This rearranges their dynamics.

  14. I think Melody has outgrown Latisha and Kimmi. Some people are only meant to be in our lives for a season and/or a reason.

  15. Wow! I never knew that a woman helping other women to elevate is called bougie ! Mel please separate yourself from young minded people. They will always hate on your success instead of them reading the “ Blueprint”.

  16. Experiences and knowledge change people. I don't expect anyone to remain exactly the same after 5 – 10 years. If the friend is not belittling others while living their best life, I can embrace that. If Kimmi stopped competing with Mel, she would see that Mel is just maturing and refining.

  17. Uh Tisha seems clueless, I’m not sure why she brought that up.. she flip flops between who she is friends with more.. the other lady seems low key jealous, there is nothing wrong with going to a gala.. nothing. Walk away Mel.. these people are not on your level

  18. The reason why I don't like having female friends. This sucks!

    I'm 31 and married. I've moved to Europe when I was 19. I have absolutely changed. I am not the same. I have evolved spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

  19. The hate so real all bcuz she's hella beautiful & fly they can't stand that, so now she's considered bougie.. Get the hell on 😒

  20. I think Melody needs to focus more on listening to people more so talking. Melody has to have the last word in ALL conversation. Yes improve yourself but always increase your listening skills too because other people do matter.

  21. Mel is the jealous one here. People are so jaded by her front of being so strong so happy so independent. She wants a husband who puts her on a pedestal and he does not, instead he respects his mistress. She is a train wreck. Stay tuned.

  22. Saying “look in the mirror” does not define bougie. What I hear is insecurity and possibly jealousy coming from Kimmi and Tisha.

  23. Haters! Point blank period! I love me some 'Mel'….keep showing them heifers how it's DONE! Lol, I am the 'Mel' in my circle/group. A bunch of haters! Black women (horrible) sometimes!

  24. Watched show once….One thing is clear. Latisha…whatever her name is a whining insecure back-biter that tries to come off like she's so innocent and just trying to get clarity on every situation and detail.

    The girl blows and adopts wherever the opinion of the day takes her; running from woman to woman trying to figure out what she should think next…she's annoying as hell.

    Instead of investing so much time ans energy in trying to check Mel, she may want to find her backbone and check her own azzhole husband.

    He treats her like a child and property because she acts accordingly.

  25. The ladies giving the massages don't want to hear that bs and this looks like how black women think white women hang out. They are all so phony. Lmmfao!!!

  26. Money changes relationship and how you relate to others.
    I feel like the Holts have the most money out of all three couples.
    Naturally when you have more expendable income, you do use it to go to more fabulous events. Those who can’t do that will say you acting funny

  27. projection! melody called them out and then they started to backtrack
    melody is emotionally intelligent but unfortunately she needs to change some more and drop all these energy vampires who are dragging her down

  28. Melody those women are not your friends you need to turn you need to turn them loose and do you they are the ones who are bougie

  29. Melody is my least favorite her attitude suck she need therapy so she can stop putting her negative energy on every one else all cause HER HUSBAND THAT COMMITTED TO HER CHEATED she seems very Frustrated all the time 🙄

  30. Yeah it’s clear they are jealous of Mel. I’d react the way Mel did as well. They’re taking personal shots at her from their own insecurities.

  31. This is what happens when your friends aren't growing with you….. There is nothing wrong with elevation. Melody is growing for the better, why is it boujee???

  32. Mel was TOO composed for someone who invited 2 haterz for a spa TREATMENT d e m heifers would've met the door so fast in yeah their treatment is canceled mame

  33. Mel may not be bougie…but her husband is…he does think Mel is the best woman out of the 3. But this sounded like she was being attacked for who she is…I felt that was wrong…but I'm team Kimmie…she owns her opinions no matter what

  34. The massage is suppose to be relax time not stressful crazy talk time! The massage ladies lookin like they wish they could say somethin! Lol.😩

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