Latisha Lays Down the Law for the Bachelor Party | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

You know what
happens– you know what happens at bachelor parties?
– No, I don’t know. What?
– Nothing. So it’s just kind of,
like, hella unexciting. OK. Well, we’re going to lay
down the laws right now– OK. –so we don’t have to
revisit this later on. – OK.
– OK. No smacking on booty. No booty all in your face. – No, no.
– No [BLEEP] all in your face. Why would you have that? No buying shots for people. Well, you can buy shots. No, you’re not
buying shots for girls. You know what? There shouldn’t even
be any chicks there. OK, look, here’s the thing. Let me see your
phone, by the way. But– my battery’s dead. Hollering chicks
and buying drinks are two different things.
– OK. I’m just saying
it’s not OK with me. What if a guy tries
to buy you a drink? I’m going to accept
it and say thank you. So you accept a
drink from a guy that’s trying to holler at you? [INAUDIBLE] Man. We should have talked
about this 12 years ago. We should have. Well, now you know. We determined that
we have this thing called respectful cheating. No, no! OK, OK. No, no, no, no, no.
You know I’m joking. It’s not funny.

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  1. I really don't know how Tisha does it, cos Marsau is the absolute worst with these "caveman rules." You can accept drinks from females, and shots etc, but she can't from a next man? Double standards I tell ya….

  2. Marsau is very condescending and treats Tisha like a naive child. She goes along with everything he says and wonders why she is in the predicament she is in????

  3. He controls her so bad….he probably is "respectfully cheating" while her naive behind is laughing it off! He doesn't want her to work or leave the house because he knows she can't find out about his dirt in the streets if she never leaves the house. I wonder if he told her before marriage that he wanted a "pregnant and barefoot wife" or is this indeed a surprise to her?

  4. I like them…oan: Tisha is definitely going to be the bone carrier in this bunch. She's in others relationship and that's because she's bored and by doing this it gives her, her daily kicks…lol

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