LaTisha Opens Up About Speech Therapy | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

What else you got going on? So you know how I’ve
always talked about, like, improving speech and
improving my communication skills, because that’s,
like, one of those things I’ve always had an issue with. So I really need to
fix that problem. So some of the issues that
I’m having when it comes to communication is the
pronunciation of certain words, and sounds, and syllables,
and also vowel sounds. Growing up, with
my great auntie, being around Grandma
all the time– you know, Grandma didn’t
have a high education. Then yes, I mean, you
had me when you were 16. So it wasn’t like
education was a main topic to talk about in our family. My mom, she wanted
us to succeed. She wanted us to
have a good life. But she didn’t
know how to do it. I mean, I’m not
going to fault anybody. I mean, it is what it is. I grew up the way I grew up. Once I got into middle
school, honestly, that’s when I noticed
the difference. And when me and my group
of friends would hang out, I’ll say something. They’ll laugh. And then they’ll correct me. So it shut me down, having
this little voice in the back of my mind, like, no. Don’t speak up.
Don’t speak up. Keep quiet. Don’t raise your head. Stay in the back. Don’t let them see you. You know? Because you was embarrassed
of the way that you spoke in and the way that you
would speak things out. You was embarrassed of it. I didn’t even really
speak well until I was, like, 7, 8 years old. So that’s when a
speech therapist coming in at [INAUDIBLE]. You went to a
speech therapist, when you was in
elementary school? All the way up till
I got to middle school. Oh, I didn’t know that. Yeah. You’re trying to get to the
stage where I never got to. It’s interesting
talking to my mom and learning that
she actually needed a speech pathologist in school. I just didn’t know how
serious it was for her. And I know that they may see
us experience the same problem. I don’t want the cycle to keep
going, and going, and going. I want it to stop.

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  1. But she’s a successful commercial real estate agent. God can give you the words and everything else you need on your path. So beautiful and brilliant Latisha!

  2. ✨❤️✨YOU are so incredibly powerful even if you sometimes feel like the smallest spec in the world. If you’re living like the person you want to be/ life you want to live…. it’s not too late to take small steps to ask the universe for what you strongly desire. The universe will feel your emotions and get in motion to the person/ life you want to be/ live.

  3. Wow, LaTisha is so inspiring….my goodness. And you disgusting self hating fat ugly roaches keep coming at her speech, at least she has degrees and is trying to do something about it. And look despite her speaking like that she married into wealth to a good looking man. I just admire LaTisha so much. I don't watch this show anymore because of the fanbase.

  4. Why her mom look like her sister. That baby face on the mother is ridiculous. Nevertheless, I am so happy I dont watch this show anymore, fanbase is disgusting.

  5. I thought I was imagining things when I listened to her and could hear her struggle to pronounce things correctly. The poor dear is just country. She speaks like a fair amount of people in my family. Unfortunately, people place the stigma of a lack of education on it, when that's not necessarily the case. We learn how to communicate with and from the people we're around.

  6. I admire Tisha for being up front and honest about her struggles- this is a big insecurity for a lot of people, and to see her being open about it will certainly motivate others to confront their issues and try to improve their lives. Bravo Tisha and OWN for showing this part of her life.

  7. I am super proud of Latisha. We all suffer with something, and most of us suffer in silence. When people put it all out there, it makes the rest of us feel less alone. Thank you Latisha for your bravery.

  8. But babae when she find out ol boy been cheating on her, all that proper talk is going out the window. She's going cuss him out tongue tied fashion!😜

  9. Self improvement. That's what up. If she believes she needs it, then go get what you need to build your confidence. Good for her.

  10. Speech impediment and an accent are two different things. You can have an accent and speak well; many people do. You can literally compare her to Kimmie and Mel’s deep southern accents, but they both speak well. Tisha just has a speech problem.

    Speech impediment does not = Dumb

  11. People in the comments keep commenting on her accent and it’s not her damn accent! Plenty of southern people have a draw or accent, which is completely different then speech and pronunciation. She doesn’t speak proper and struggles to pronounce words…having an accent certainly makes it even more difficult, but she could benefit from speech therapy.

  12. I don't have an accent, but I often use incorrect language and lingo. Who cares. Look at your wallet that is the true measure of communication and I speak money. There are a lot of people who speak well and they are broke and then there are those less fortunate who have charisma. I understand because I feel that way sometimes. I feel that I'm stupid and can't learn. I suffered from dyslexia and a reading comprehension disability where I read and do not picture often. I can read things sometimes with no image in my mind. So I have to reread several times because some people visualize. I don't I can understand better if I see a visual representation but if you start blabbering my eyes cross and I spit green vomit like the excersis. Seriously, it takes so long to stuff things in my noodle that it causes anxiety and I give up and have to take a break. My parents knew it and got me some help but then it wasn't followed up on. This is my first time speaking on it and iy makes me sad, but I think people should know you are noy alone or different if this is you. I often ask myself where that comes from. My solution is using factual evidence. I know that it takes 10k hours to master something so I put on a timer and track my time studying the subject or matter. This has really allowed me to not judge myself and then reassure my mind that I know what I know. I am also looking for a program or a teacher to help so any suggestions are accepted. Thanks

  13. Glad she is getting help with this. Have no idea why she did not do it sooner. I must admit I have a hard time listening to her. Good for her.

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  15. I have pronunciation issues and talk fast sometimes to where ppl can't understand due to being raised in a home where my mom had a Liberian accent, I slow down to pronounce my words correctly.

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