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  1. I am not offended by Mark and certainly not the uploader and I agree with what is being said about the seriousness of it and the problems it causes, but I think that it is pointless and counterproductive to try to make people feel bad or ashamed about watching porn or saying "just stop it". I used to be hooked on it to the point that that I would use porn all day or all night and constantly be fantasizing about perversion. Most people that are hooked on porn are already deeply ashamed and many loathe themselves. Do you know what such a man does when he is ashamed? Numbs it with porn.

    I had to come to a decision to reject any shame that came into my mind so that I could overcome/repent. If you(the reader of this comment) have any problems that you are ashamed of, I challenge you to ask yourself if shaming yourself has ever led to a positive change of heart or even your actions. Even if we were obligated to feel ashamed, I think it would still be better to shirk shame so that we could change our ways. I think that shame is a tool and conspiracy of the devil or of the addicted subconscious mind to temp us into watching more porn and not seeking help. Whether you believe in a devil or not, we have a tempter within us conspiring against us, using cunning tricks to keep us addicted. Basically, don't be decieved into following strategies that have only failed you in the past(praying helps but you need to act wisely too).

    To stop watching porn, you need practical wisdom and resources. I recommend www.feedtherightwolf.org for practical strategies and Fight the New Drug for educational stuff about why porn is harmful to yourself and the people in the industry.

  2. to everyone who commented below, ya need to invest more in the bible, prayer, and a good bible teaching church if you find fault in anything he is saying. Marriage is to be between one MAN and one WOMAN, no outsiders, real or fantasy and sex should be shared with the same two not self-giving pleasure,

  3. To the point he made around the 7:50 mark there is another reason why men are having trouble. It's not just men it's happening to all the male regardless of their maturity. They are introducing RBST growth hormones into our milk and certain steroids to boys and they are getting gynecomastia. Look at any water park see how many kids keep their t-shirts on and be understanding of why. If you don't wash your grapes and especially your stone fruits that are imported from other countries you are also feeding them poisons that damage their endocrine system. The Airborne sector of the geoengineering are spraying barium, strontium and aluminum among many other things. One thing I know for sure to be confirmed is lithium. Ever wonder how everyone got so fat so fast, aside from the diet products they tried to feed us to keep us fat and diabetic? There is a problem with the population some people think. They are once again trying to control mind and body. The porno, the overstimulation, the persuasiveness of more and more risque television. Children are exposed to things a lot earlier and a lot of it. Love your children well and your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren. I have 12 grandkids six boys and six girls. I am seriously concerned with a lot of things regarding what has been going on. This guy is right on. Happy Halloween

  4. Would he agree that masturbating–with only fantasies (not porn) or 'subdued' versions of 'porn'–very infrequently and only when one does not have a partner (or whose partner is long distance) is an acceptable solution?

  5. Incredible – You are making sense and people should listen to you, regrettably I see only 89 k views on the contrary any uploaded p*** video will have millions of views. Society is becoming sick. Great work bud.

  6. Deliberate and well informed to those who will heed…..Excellent…. great presentation. Keep going…regardless….Shalom

  7. I always wondered how Solomon, a king with hundreds of concubines, could write the Song of Solomon about exclusivity with one woman. No doubt that situation was not God's ideal by any means and caused great consternation in Solomon.

  8. What do you say about a man who masturbates because his wife doesn't think sex is important in marriage and flirting is only for new couples.? I get duty sex about once every four months and it's done as fast as she can possibly get it finished. When I masturbate, I do fantasize. My fantasies are always about how I'd like to be passionately engaged with my wife. I am infatuated with her completely and only have eyes for her. I've been told by her that she knows couples that don't have sex and have a perfect marriage so I shouldn't be complaining.

  9. Yes, orgasm & ejaculation are not the same thing. Orgasm is an emotional buildup and release. Ejaculation is a physical release. I have found that most people don't realize that they are not the same thing.

  10. He makes a great point about a lot of things, but he fails to touch other things such as the effect of age on marriage. Then the relationship changes. I totally agree on the exclusivity theme. I cannot look at a girl the same way if she plays me dirty. I will never have the same respect for her.

  11. 23:30 Just to give you an hint about maintaining a man's erection; vision. Good you acknowledge that whatever men see in front of them will keep the erection going. Women, did you get that? Some of these women will always look like a sack of potatoes on the bed and expect a men to keep an erection going? There are so many factors that come into play. First thing you should talk about is why married men will go for porn. This would justify, perhaps, the retribution on the use of porn in marriages. It is hard work for some women to keep a normal man interested in them

  12. I'am GLAD he spoke on masturbation…I want to deal with the reality and not fantasizing…Lord i want to be patient for the man of God you have for me!

  13. The way he expresses this is awesome. So many people need to hear this and learn. It's explicit in some areas but it's true.

  14. So at the outset, the speaker said this was not going to be a man bashing conference. And arguably it could be said he is not bashing men, but porn.

    Yet so far he has not addressed the very real, far more common issue that women seek to break relationship because they want more. More money, more control, a "Better man".

    At no point has he mentioned that perhaps it is not porn that lures men away, but that women shame and belittle men until the man walks away metaphorically, and then she discards him.

    Perhaps the equation is missing some key points.

    Because he has made some good points i will continue to watch. Though I am unsure if he will address the far more uncomfortable truth in society.


  16. There's nothing wrong with masterbation and fantasizing when a couple grew old and the wife began leaning more and more toward her lesbianism and abandoning the husband….

  17. You need to reverse the roles and ask the men if they would be turned on if their wife viewed porn and then wanted sex with them if they would still be turned on.

  18. He starts these videos with jokes and makes little comments about wives training their husbands. He eventually comes out and actually tells wives to use sex to train their husbands. He tells them in later videos to withhold sex until they (the wives) get what they want. After watching all 9 segments, I can honestly say that this guy is not teaching what is in the Bible. No where in the Bible does it instruct wives to train their husbands. The Bible says "Do not with hold sex from your spouse." So, when he tell wives to withhold sex, he is contradicting the Bible.

  19. Nice series, hilarious and educational. Well done.
    I would point out that Solomon is a bad example when talking about exclusivity , don't you think ?

  20. You know how I can tell his Family Feud story was bullshit? Because they ask regular people. There is no way that with 100 people being asked and asking for the top 4 to 10 answers that with 6 tries, not one answer give was correct. Either that or 100 mormons were asked.

  21. This is why I'm still single and a virgin… not only have men traded us in for porno fantasy sluts… but women keep giving it up for free to men who don't commit…. leaving the men to dump that woman and think sex should be free.

  22. You can super tell this is for Christians fml. No sex before marriage, don't masturbate. Apart from that, pretty decent points

  23. honestly, i am old, haven't heard any one like this, God is with you pastor, require more people like this, no hypocrites, trust me even God will be having a good laugh, and the devil will be wondering, ha ha ha you confused the devil

  24. God bless you Pastor. Masturbation is addictive. And that's why they can't get over it. God can deliver you if you're living this. Repent and ask for God's help. It's a sin. You need deliverance. Masturbation involve your mind picturing sexual fantasy. It's a sin. Repent and be delivered.

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