Laura Bretan at David Foster Foundation Anniversary Miracle Gala & Concert 2017 [Recap Video]

good evening ladies and gentlemen and
welcome to the 30th anniversary of the David Foster miracle gallon and this
will be a night to remember for a very long time hello it’s a very great cause
I think we need to become aware of the fact that if we become organ donors we
can help save up to 8 lives just one person can make such a big difference in
the lives of others so I’m excited to be here and really happy to be here I am
very proud to be supporting such an incredible event I’m just gonna spend
all night hunting for Oprah that’s what my nights gonna be so if you see me like
sneaking in somebody drops out becoming a Telugu jokes and people sing
a few songs first event in this area 30 years ago we’ve been friends for I guess
what 1516 years and that’s a big team behind me and that’s my name out front
but like hundreds if not thousands of people helping me it’s very special
because one donor can save up to 8 lives so yeah I think that’s pretty incredible
I’m really excited I mean I’m so thrilled to be here and it’s such a
great cause and I’m so glad that David tonight’s importance is about raising
awareness and raising money for for people that need the organ transplants
and the families I mean it’s all culminated with many many months what
you hope to accomplish in the next 30 years with the foundation oh boy I hope
I’m around for the next 30 years to do all this but David’s program for every
donor or eight families are affected yeah I think the most important thing is
than any not-for-profit is you need to have a cause that people can clearly
relate to it means the world to be able to support David Foster and the
foundation not only on the david has been such a great leader for all of us
and we’ve known him for many many years we have a strong connection with David
over like decades he’s we’ve helped each other with our foundations and we both
have sort of Conway was pretty special obviously really excited to be able to perform
with that hit man so he’s just such an incredible person and I’m just so lucky
and honored to be here tonight and be part of this amazing organization so
yeah you I feel like you’re the guy who can make
me a star cuz I’ve done it all I’ve done oh my jim Treliving stood up and said
we’re gonna match Jimmy and Walter for a million dollars as well unbelievable 140
150 160 170 thousand factor ladies fail David Foster seiyya like nothing happened thirty seventy
years old three days after a 100 mile an hour crash I was back on stage like that
last Thursday yeah point two million

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  1. I have never seen Laura have so much fun performing. It was a joy to behold. We in Canada are very proud of David Foster. Anyone who David pulls under his wing, has a very bright future. David truly is the star maker. God Bless you Laura. You have no where to go but up, and up, and up.

  2. Did you see the look on David fosters face when Laura bretan sang the finale of nessun dorma, the piano has only 88 keys, to small for the best soprano ever!!! Bravo Laura.!!!!

  3. Laura să îți păstrezi inocenta prin a fi mereu un copil al Domnului în suflet și în gând.Vei avea mult de câștigat prin inocenta , dăruire vei fi foarte fericita.Domnul să te binecuvânteze.Pacea Lui să fie în inima ta si a fraților și părinților tăi.Amin.

  4. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to get on the world stage. And it’s very easy to get a singer off the world stage. It is very easy for everyone to enter a religious sect and sing on that stage. And it is very difficult to get out of a religious sect and leave their stage. There is no separate religious and secular music.
    There is only good music or bad music. A real artist has a message for people. Only on the world stage can the artist send a lasting message to the people.
    Laura was invited to the world stage. No problem if Laura's message is: Jesus Christ. Laura must take advantage of such a unique opportunity.
    It is just my personal opinion.

  5. Talentul,inocenta și modestia te ridica la valoarea celui mai scump diamant💎, draga Laura! Domnul sa te ocrotească!😇💐Te prețuim și iubim felul tau de a fi!🌹

  6. Fantastic in rehearsals, an absolute knockout on stage. I still consider this one of Laura’s best performances ever. Her body language was so right for the moment, communicating her own sense of wonder at what God’s gifts can produce in her. All that and just 15 years old!!

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